Take Me As You See Me

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I have taken a really long break from here and writing (other than the Smut Marathon and the occasional short story).  I will be starting back up in the next week as well as working on a couple of new projects.

In the mean time:


Take me as you see me

Take me as I am

I have no other form to give

Nor will make a new demand

I have given so much of myself

And tried to understand

That no matter what we do in life

We must hold each other’s hand

So do your best in all you do

Love and make amends

To all the troubles and downs in life

And make a stronger stand

Cause all we have each day we are given

Thankful to be in this land

So blessed to be among you all

As kind, supportive and absolutely grande!


K ~ xx

My Ventures in the Smut Marathon


I didn’t make it through to the next round (Round 7) of the Smut Marathon.  I’m not disappointed because I know I have gotten better the more I have written.  Having received good feedback (in both critique and enjoyment) regarding my writings, I feel I have learned a lot.  There are some great writers I hated to see leaving with me.  Although many great writers are still in it, so definitely continue to enjoy! 

Thank you to Brigit Delaney for picking my last story as her top three initially and in her top ten by the time she was finished in her decisions!!  That meant so much (especially since I followed some of her feedback from before! 🙂 )

Thank you Marie for giving us the opportunity to experience this fun writing competition.  I truly have learned so much about my own writing as well as what a lot of readers look for.  Also, I have realized we must be true to ourselves and not try to follow others and how they write.  We are all our own person and have our own style and when we perfect our writing is when we get the readers that follow and love our work.  

So, to show how I have changed just over the six rounds I participated in, I am now going to share with you my stories from Rounds One through Six.  


Round 1:

Eyes Connect (47 Words)

Their eyes connect as he walks in the room.  Together their souls intertwine, bright as the stars and moon.  Heart beats rooted as one and bodies combine. The fire within meets as they embrace in time.  Quenching the thirst as they release the ecstasy in their minds. 

Round 2:

Do You Dare? (121 Words)

They greet one another and he orders a drink for himself.  He smells of sandalwood and cloves, pulling her in.  Sensing her hidden desire, he wants more.  

“Meeting a friend?” he asked.

“No, you?” she responds.

“Yes.  A few actually,” he says “Want to join us?”

“Oh, no, thank you.” She moves to leave the bar.

“I didn’t mean to chase you away.”

She smiles. “You didn’t. I’m going to the bathroom. Care to join me?” 

Seeing the dare in her eyes, he says, “Sure.”

Closing the door behind them; their mouths, tongues, hands exploring.  Needing, wanting, primal actions leaving them breathless. 

“Damn, you’re good, baby.  We need to do this again.”
“I thought you might like that little scene, darlin’.”

Round 3:

On The Edge (198 Words)

She was so excited about the planned sexting rendezvous.  It had been a while since they had had the chance to have time to talk and enjoy each other.  

“Hello, Kitten.  Are you all right?”

“Hi, Daddy! Yes, I’m good.  Are you?”

“Yes, darling.  Are you in bed now?”

“Yes, Sir, I just sat down on the bed.”

“Great! What are you wearing?”

“My cotton night time knickers and my PJ top.”

“Take off the top, baby girl.  I want you to touch your breasts and pinch your nipples.”

“Yes, Daddy.  Mmm, that feels good.”

“Good girl.  I want you to imagine it is Daddy touching you.  Moving my hand down your body and touching your mound.  Are you doing this, Kitten?”

“Oh, yes Daddy, I love your touch.”

“Good girl. Now, move up and down your cunt slowly and when you get to your clit, circle around it and stimulate that little button.”

“Yes, Sir. Mmmm, that feels so good.”

“Yes, sweet girl, now push two fingers into that wonderful pussy of mine and tell me how she feels.”

“Wet and wanting you Daddy.”

“Good girl.  Now, I want you to stop. And remember, Daddy loves you…”

Round 4

Say What? (247 Words)

Walking out of the bathroom, she hears her roommate talking in the living room.  With towel wrapped around her she tiptoes down the hall. Stops just short of the doorway into the room. 

“Yes, but if we did this to her it would be so much more fun,” her roommate Mike says in his low voice.  

His friend Joe, even lower, says, “I still think this would be way hotter and she would enjoy it more.”

She peeks around the door frame seeing them on the couch, backs to her, leaning over a laptop.  Not able to get a good view on it she leans in a bit more.    

“Oh, wait!” [She jumps.] “What about this? She would totally get off on it.”  

“Damn straight she would. Definitely something your girl here would love.”

Now she lets her imagination run wild.  Were they talking about her? Sexy things? Things to do together? A threesome maybe? She can feel her heart racing. Erotic images pop into her mind.  Her in the middle of these hot guys.  No way.  Couldn’t be that.   

Needing to know, she steps boldly into the room.

“Hi, guys. Whatcha talking about?”

Laptop smacks down as they both jump, turning around.  

They walk over to her.  Towel drops.  Her body tingling.

Walking her over to the massage table, she lays on it face down.

“Joe has some new techniques to show you.” 

She moans. “Oh.” 

And then, hot oil and two pairs of hands. “Ohhhh….!”

Round 5

Enlighten Me (385 Words)

Darkness and cold. Musty smell. And something else.  Ariel awakens with a start, sitting bolt upright, realizing she is laying on a cold floor.  Sundress on, no shoes.  Dizziness hits, head throbbing.  It’s pitch black and she can’t even make out her hand in front of her.  Feeling cautiously around until she touches what feels like fur.  

Remembering vaguely a wolf walking towards her in the woods and then a man carrying her to a small house as her vision comes and goes.   

Something moves near her.  She freezes, listens.  

“Shhh, it’s okay, I will not harm you.  I found you not far from here and you were knocked out and quite cold,” a strange deep voice says.

“I am not afraid,” and she isn’t, surprising herself with this knowledge. “Please, is there any light? Can I see you?”

“Sorry.  There is no light in here.  I will come closer, okay?”

“Yes, please.”

His voice sounds so familiar.  She remembers a dream she had recently; of a man who turns into a wolf as he guards her while she sleeps.  She is extremely attracted to the man.  Tall, brown hair, stubble on square chin and bright hazel eyes.  Cheeks, and body, warm as she remembers the rest of the dream.  

[Their feelings for each other are intense.  They are naked and he takes her in the forest.  The primitive need between them.  Feeding on her pussy and then impaling her with his cock.]  

It is so real and her heart races once again with the vision fresh in her thoughts.

An intake of breath and he says, “Yes, that is me.”

“Excuse me?” She says.

“Your thoughts.  Of the man and wolf.  That is me.” He says softly.

“No.  It is only fantasy and dreams.” She answers, baffled that he knows her thoughts.

“Touch me and see if you feel the same.” He says, moving closer.

She reaches out hesitantly.  The instant she touches him, a symphony of sensations suffuses her nerve endings.  An instant connection to him. Dizziness hits once more and he catches her.  

She remembers looking for her cat and getting lost in the woods. She was attacked but can’t remember by whom or what.  An intense sexual need that hit her then, as it does now. That, she most certainly remembers.

Round 6

Something Borrowed…? (477 words)

She slides into the dress easily. Not sure if she will use it or get a new one, Amy turns left, then right as she looks at herself in the floor-length mirror.  Her auburn hair is pulled up out of her face and she sees her Aunt Maggie in her reflection.  She must have been tall for her time since the dress fits me almost perfectly. 


Suddenly she hears footsteps moving quickly up the stairs.  Bursting into the room are two women looking extremely similar to her grandmother and other aunt, Natalie.

“Come on girl, we are going to be late! You don’t want to leave Samuel waiting at the alter now, do you?” the older woman says. 

Amy’s mouth just gapes open as she stares at the pair dumbfounded. 

“Maggie, say something. Are you ready?”

She looks over to her Aunt Natalie and says, “excuse me?”

“Come on, silly, you look beautiful. Enough staring at yourself. Let’s go.”

They pull her along, out of the room and down the stairs to the great room where people are gathered and sitting in chairs.  There is an aisle in the middle leading to an arch where a very handsome man and a preacher stand looking her way.  

She turns to walk back out from where they came and they turn her around and nudge her toward the men. 


Finding herself in a bedroom alight with candles, she is alone with the sexy, dark haired Samuel.  The dress is being unclasped by his expert hands and he is kissing her deeply.  

Her heart is racing. This is not real. 

Oh, but if feels so real! 

He is sliding his hands down her hips and pulling the skirt of the dress up ever so slowly.  Reaching under as he pulls it up, caressing her mound that is wet and aching for him. 


Breathing in a ragged breath she says, “This is not happening.”

“Oh it is!  This man in front of you, loves you and all day has been keen to pleasure you and make you his.”

A shiver runs down her body as she responds to his touch and sensual words.

He lifts the dress higher and stops at her breasts, kissing and suckling.  She moans.

He then slides the dress completely off of her. 


She is back in the room, in front of the mirror and alone.  

Her sister Angie, all of five feet and long blond hair, flounces into the room. “I found the veil,” she says.

“You know, I think I will not wear Aunt Maggie’s wedding dress after all.  I will look again for my own.” 

She pours herself out of the dress, passes it to her sister as if it were a hot potato and pulls her own dress back on.  

“Well, okay.” Angie says baffled, as Amy moves quickly out the door.  


I hope you enjoyed reading my stories and see the change I went through.  Yes, it was hard at times to get a story in with the short amount of words we were allowed.  To get in characters personalities, conflict, beginning and end AND erotica (I mean it’s not called Smut Marathon for nothing! 😉 ), is no small feat! 

I am proud of the writing I did.  Knowing it is not for everyone, and I am learning still in many many ways.  But I am completely enjoying writing and hope to one day write that great one! 

But, until then, I will continue to learn, write, get great ideas and follow them, etc…

I hope you all stick with me through it! And thank you so much for giving me your precious time to do so! 

Much much love!

Kurvy xx

**If you did not have a chance to read the stories in each round, take some time to enjoy them.  You will find something you like, I guarantee it! Just follow this link: Smut Marathon.  xo

Sensual Feelings


Blindfolded and naked, but for the rope on parts of her body, Kelly moves, feeling the restraints and how tight they are.  Tight enough to not get out of them but loose enough to not hurt, nor cut off circulation.  She is in her own little world as her rope Dom continues with his work.  Lost in the sensual feeling of the rope as it slides over her legs and body.  Every once in a while he will ask if she is okay and if the rope is comfortable in certain places along her body.  She responds and they continue on in this rhythm, flowing to the calming music floating through the speaker system.

Once he is happy with his work, he has her lay on the bed just as she is. 

She then feels the tapping of a crop starting at her feet and working up her legs to her hips and mound.  Tapping in this area for a few beats before moving on to her breasts and the nipples that have formed hard beads for the stimulation that is affecting them.  

Pat, pat, patting each one around the areola and then Pop right on the tip.  Her gasps filling the room.

Shivers run over her skin and down her spine as a prickly wheel moves slowly down her shoulders, moving over the slope of her breasts.  Each nipple sensitive to the touch after the crop’s onslaught.  She moans.  It continues on past her stomach and down to her mound and the lips of her pussy.  Gasping again, her tummy goes in with the exhale of breath and another shiver.  

Another pause and she listens intently to determine what his next move might be. 

Soft suede tassels moving up her legs softly and in a cadence, lulling her to a trance-like state.  Moving up and down her body.  A few moments of pressure changing to a butterfly touch.  Her body almost moving with the flogger as it passes over her.  

Now the softest of touches from his fingers and his lips.  She is lost in their world and responds to every sensitive spot he kisses, bites or licks.  Her senses so heightened that she almost immediately reaches orgasm as his tongue and fingers take her there in an instant.  And then again a few minutes after.  

He slowly loosens the rope and releases her of her bonds, rubbing each area softly.  All but her arms and hands.  He lifts them above her head, tying them to the head of the bed as he crawls over her and takes her.  Their emotions strong and matched.  They explode together, crying out their pleasure.  Tears springing to her eyes with the intensity of it all as he unties her arms and hands, removes the blindfold and just holds her.  They lay there together for a while as their bodies relax into each other and fall into a light sleep.  


K xx

Kink and BDSM Reference


In my normal #SoSS spot this week, I am sharing some information I think is so important for the BDSM/Kinky lifestyle.

I know when I first started to look into the aspects of BDSM, Kink and D/s, I was on the internet a lot, social media, reading books and articles.  I found great podcasts as well.

Whether you are new to this subject or want more information, I have a few references to share from my long-time and recent finds.


I will start first with podcasts.

*My absolute favorite is Loving BDSM with Kayla Lords and John Brownstone.  Their latest one is on Saying “No” In D/s Relationships and they have some great recommendations and input on this subject.

*Another fun and informative podcast is Proud to Be Kinky with Floss and Bakji Ben. Their latest one is Max & Kitty Again! from this past Wednesday. They talk about impact play and implements they use.

*Very informative and with many perspectives (four actually) is the podcast The Ersties Podcast. The last one I caught being The Squirting Masterclass which, I would expect that to catch many people’s attention!

I know there are many others out there, but for now that would be the top three I have listened to for informative information.


Now, there are so many links out there to find for information.  Using any words that you can think of, like Kink, BDSM, Lifestyle, Kinky relationships, etc…

A Beginner’s Guide to Kink is a great source for information for anyone wanting to know more and just getting into the kink/BDSM scene.

Kinky Sex Tips has some kinky sex ideas in spicing up your sex life with your partner.

A great description and write up on BDSM is A Loving Introduction to BDSM on the Psychology Today site. It describes and talks about all the key points in a relationship that is focused on BDSM and all the aspects it includes.


There are so many blogs I started following because they gave such great perspectives of their lives in D/s and BDSM.  They are all wonderful people and most will answer questions if you are not sure about an aspect of the lifestyle.

Here are a few I initially followed for this reason, but not all.

*Kayla Lords and John Brownstone because of Loving BDSM

*Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss

*Marie of Rebel’s Notes

*E.L. Byrne of E.L. Byrne Writer

*Posy Churchgate and her Pillow Talk

*Missy of Submissy

*F. Dot Leonora

And my list has exploded and expanded triple fold! If you want to check them all out, go to my list of ones I follow and you will find those you will benefit from as well.

Happy hunting and researching!!

Kurvy 😉

Post sharing – Re: People-Pleasing

If you find you have been overly people-pleasing.  If you feel you have to please everyone all the time, there is something called “Fawning” that you could be doing to cause this.

“To avoid conflict, negative emotions, and re-traumatization, people who “fawn” when triggered will go out of their way to mirror someone’s opinions and appease them in order to deescalate situations or potential issues.”

@_Masterseye shared this post on twitter.  I shared it as well on there, from her post.  And I hope she doesn’t mind that I share it here.  This touched me. I myself have been through this in a lot of ways. I know so many that deal with this, have dealt with this and are looking for answers.

People-pleasing can be a result of trauma. It’s called ‘fawning’ — here’s how to recognize it.

I hope my sharing this helps at least one more person deal with something they either didn’t realize they had or didn’t know how to deal with it.


Fantasy in Poem


As I searched for something to choose for my fantasy writing, I saw that so many of us women have the same fantasies.  Nice to know we aren’t alone.  But I want to do something different. So…


As I am guided into the room

It feels as dark as a tomb

With a blindfold over my eyes

So I can fully experience my surprise

Pulled over to the edge of a bed

I sense there is another body instead

Of just my lover and mine

And a tingle goes up my spine

I am laid back upon the mattress 

Then feel what seems like a cactus 

Rolling, prickly down my chest and over my nipple

A person moves closer and there is a ripple

In the bed covers and my body

Sensing all the possible naughty

Things we will be doing for this time together

As they have me tethered

In this time and space

I can’t believe I am in this place

Where my fantasies will be given

And all we share driven

By our insatiable desires all night long.

Day 12 – #EveryDamnDayInJune


I come to you willingly

Excited and most thrillingly

To experience what I have never before

And feel everything right to my core

From the lightest of touch, building up

Growing slowly to windup

These feelings deep within

That are bursting out like conjoined twins

Lead me to the ecstasy I have needed

Carrying us on to the point we exceeded

All the emotions and passions deep down

Bring us together and now we are bound


The Scene

*Missy of Focused and Filthy shares this picture originally published as The Paddle and used with permission.

Misty was so new to all the BDSM scene that her Dom, Max, did not want to start her off in a live scene in front of everyone without letting her watch a few and see what she thought about the public room.  He decided to have her watch a couple of scenes before they did a scene themselves.  They agreed that together they would watch until she felt comfortable and then they would do their own.  

Max had her dress in corset, knickers, holdups, and heels and placed a collar on her prior to wrapping her in a light cape.  He himself wore leather trousers and vest with leather boots.  

After meeting the owner of the club, they made their way to the open room and sat on a couple of chairs where they could take in the scenes being played in front of them.  

There were so many going at the same time.  Sub on a spanking bench, tied to it and being spanked and played with.  Another sub on a St. Andrew’s cross, cock cage and gag in mouth as his Domme flogged him.  But the one that held her attention and had her entranced was the sub by the wall.  She had just knelt down, placed a long paddle behind her and was waiting for her Dom to begin with instructions.  They began their scene silently.  Misty did not take her eyes off of them.  The Dom had her stand and place her hands on the wall she had been kneeling by.  Pushing her bum out for him.  He proceeded to pat her cheeks softly and quickly with his hand as he held the paddle in the other hand. Misty was completely mesmerized and felt she was the one getting the peppering on her cheeks.  

Once the sub’s bum was nicely pink and warm her Dom pushed up her knickers to bare her bottom better and began to tap her with the paddle.  Lightly at first, covering her whole derrière.  He built up to the point she was gasping and Misty found herself gasping in unison with the sub.  The sub was becoming wet, as the Dom reached down between her legs and pulled his fingers away glistening.  He had her stand upright from the wall, hooked the cuffs she had around her wrists to the hoop that dangled from the ceiling, had her face the wall again and he continued paddling her bottom.  The longer he paddled, the redder her bum became, and the more she moaned and cried out at each passing blow.  

He then switched the paddle for a couple of floggers and began doing a figure eight type move on her and she groaned and moaned. He put more pressure on the hits as they passed over her, the more she caught her breath with the weight of each blow.  And with each hit Misty realized she mimicked everything the sub did.  Every groan, every moan, every cry out in pleasure and pain.  But why?  It wasn’t her that this was happening to. 

But wait! She opened her eyes she had closed this whole time and realized SHE was the one this was happening to.  SHE was the one experiencing this and reacting to it all.  It was not another sub! It was her and her Dom, Max.  She had put herself out of the scene and was watching herself and Max in this scene.   And oh what a scene! She had wanted to do a public scene like this but had been worried about doing so.  Max had offered her a solution.

Since she wanted to do a public scene but felt shy in doing so, he recommended she close her eyes and envision it was another sub and Dom playing the scene and she was watching it all.  She was surprised at how well it had worked and how lost in the scene she had been that she had totally forgotten they were in a public play room, and had focused completely on the scene and her Dom.  Now she understood what she had read about, being so focused on each other, the rest of the room disappears.  

Max was taking her arms down from the hoop and was rubbing her arms and legs.  He wrapped her in a blanket and pulled her into his arms, lifted her up and carried her to a love seat by the wall.  He gave her water to drink and said lovely things to her, like “good girl” and “I’m so proud of you” and “you did so good.”  She snuggled into his arms and just melted into him.  

They definitely had to do this again!

Day 10 – #EveryDamnDayInJune


I have tried all day to determine something for this day to share for Day 10.  All I could think of is this:

He sits her down upon the bed

All fishnet, cuffs and heels

It’s not so warm yet cool instead

As the air has been down for cold wheels

For they will prickle and tickle her skin

To make her gasp, moan and sigh

Along with the screams of delight and grins

Because she loves the pain and cries

So as he begins his playful scene

With their connection so intense

He carries her and moves her in between

The world of touch, audio and visual sense


#SoSS – Day 9 – #EveryDamnDayInJune

Well, I missed yesterday.  🙁

Hopefully this will make up for it though.  I haven’t done this in a very long time and even though it is Sunday evening instead of Saturday, I am going to share my #SoSS!  And it is not my normal SoSS as well.

I am slowly beginning to write a little more again and participate in the prompts and memes.  I love this community and how we enjoy sharing writing and life happenings.  I am also learning a little more every time I write.  We all have our ways of writing.  Everyone has particular things they look for and really enjoy in what they read.  There are also different understandings in what is being asked of us to write and in what ways.

Each week prior to today, in my SoSS, I would share the stories I would have picked for the prompts and/or memes, as well as those that had been picked for the week.  It is a hard thing to do because there are so many great stories and writers participating each week.


I let what I love to do, my writing, be affected by others.  I let how other people saw me (even though extremely distorted and judgmental) determine how I saw myself and my writing.  That is wrong and I know this.  I am finding my voice and how I want to share it.  I may not be right for some.  And I may not make others happy in knowing what I write about, but this is me.  It is what I am enjoying at this moment.  No, it may not last forever and it may be something completely different in a few years down the road, but this is me right here and right now.

Right now:

So, if you enjoy my writings, my sharing, my ways of doing things, I am so happy!  If this is the first time you have come upon me and see that you like, please continue to come back! (*although, if you are below the age of 18, please do not continue because some of the information and writings are not appropriate*)  If you do not like what I am writing and sharing, I am sorry and I ask that you move on to something you do like and enjoy, and thank you for stopping by.

Most prompts and memes I participate in, I will share my writings or stories for that particular week, if any, and then I will also share the other prompts and memes for you to check out because each one has such great entries! I am not doing that this week due to time, but starting next week I will be back to it!

Thank you to those that give us the prompts and memes to participate in weekly and please continue to do so!! We love you!