Love Me…Harder

Love Me Harder – by Ariana Grande

Tell me something, I need to know

Then take my breath and never let it go

If you just let me invade your space

I’ll take the pleasure, take it with the pain

And if in the moment I bite my lip

Baby, in that moment, you’ll know this

Is something bigger than us and beyond bliss

Give me a reason to believe it

‘Cause if you want to keep me, you gotta gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder

And if you really need me, you gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder

(Gotta love me harder)


As you have me bending over the bed, receiving my good girl spanking, the implements caressing, stinging and popping in slow, increasing pressure, you ask if I want it harder.  

“Yes, please, harder Sir.”

You pull my gathered hair, bringing my head back to look me in the eyes.  I moan as you do so.  You ask if I like when you pull my hair harder.  

“Yes, I love it Sir.”

Pushing me down to my knees and thrusting your hard cock into my mouth I play with it, caress it and suck it until it is even harder.

Tossing me on the bed and taking me because neither of us can wait any longer, I holler out breathlessly, “Harder, take me harder!” 

Once we are exhausted from our play and you turn to me and say, “Love you my Kitten.” Then I say, “Love me harder Daddy.” 

And we smile, snuggling into the happy place that is our love.

This Is My Fight Song

I have felt for the last few years I was trying to find myself again and understand where I am supposed to be and do in this life.   Having fought to be the person I am today, and continue to do so.  Finding I have a lot of “fight left in me” to get to where I should be. 

As Rachel Platten’s Fight Song says: 

This is my fight song

Take back my life song

Prove I’m alright song

My power’s turned on

Starting right now I’ll be strong

I’ll play my fight song

And I don’t really care if nobody else believes

‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me


Like how a single word

Can make a heart open

I might only have one match

But I can make an explosion


I just want my family and friends to know I am getting stronger every day and believing in myself and the things I can do and accomplish.  I am not that innocent naive girl I once was. 

Because of this, I cannot fear life.  I must take it by the horns and ride it my way.  I have to conquer my demons, insecurities and comfort zones.  Making my boundaries known and showing the strength I now have in me to move ahead in life.  I cannot be afraid to step forward into the unknown. 

We are given one life to live and I plan on living it to the fullest.  I know my strengths and weaknesses and I am learning to work them to the maximum potential for myself.  I possibly am not right all the time (actually I am pretty sure I am wrong most times) but I am learning and not afraid to make the mistakes to move towards making me a better person in all ways.  

With the anxiety and thoughts in my head at times, I may not always feel I can do it.  I might think I am foolish to believe.  I even might think I am biting off so much more than I can chew and conquer in this world.  But if I don’t charge through and try, how will I know?  Why regret something instead of knowing I tried.  If I fail, I will have learned at least.  I will know I tried my best.   

It is amazing how one thing, one occurrence or one person can show you that you are stronger than you think.  You can do more than you realize and you have the potential to do greater things than you ever thought possible. 

When you have the full support of people you love and trust pushing you on.  To have the courage to fight for what you want, and believe you are in this world to do and be something more, it’s eye opening what you can do.  

So yes, I am taking back my life, proving I am alright, that I’ll be strong and believe I have a fight left in me to carry on.  It only takes a single word of support and love to open a person’s heart.  Only one match, one small light to start the fire and make an explosion in the world.  Just have the belief and strength to push through and do all that you can to make a difference in your life and those around you.  

I believe I can, don’t you?

The Song that is my Muse:


After Dinner Plans

Petticoat Diva Jo 

Image originally published on Instagram and used with permission.


Here I thought my writing was going to take off again and I went directly into another down/blank/no-words length of time.  🙁

It’s like my life around me just zapped it all right out of me.  I have been researching, reading and listening to other things so much it was as if all my own words had left me for a bit. 

So, we start back with short stories and go from there!


He walks in on her as she is finishing getting dressed in the leather outfit she bought to wear for him.  Short black flared skirt, black corset to match, leather jacket, stockings with suspenders and heals, and she turns around pulling up the skirt to show her black thongs.

“You like, Daddy?” She asks as she twirls around for the skirt to swirl out for him. 

“You look completely edible baby girl,” he says with a smile, lust brimming in his eyes and a bulge building in his trousers. He walks slowly over to her, reaches around and grabs her hair in one swift move and says, “And do you know what I want to do to you now?”

She swallows hard as he holds her head back by her hair, and cuts her eyes over to his.

“No, Daddy, what do you want to do?”

“Daddy wants to throw his baby girl over the side of the bed, ass up in the air and give her a good girl spanking to begin with.  Using all her favorite implements to get her all hot, wet and red.” Leading her slowly over to the bed as he says this and continues to hold her in the same position.  

“Then Daddy wants to rip off those flimsy thongs and enjoy his kitten’s pussy and the delectable taste of her.  Bringing her to the edge and stopping.” He says this while running his other hand over her mound.  Pulling a whimper from her with his fondling.

“I want to take you with my cock from behind and fuck your beautiful cunt until you beg to come.” Running his hand from her mound, around her hip to her backside. He grabs a hand full, one cheek then the other, squeezing and slapping each one.

“Having you on the edge again, move to your ass and pound you there with a toy in your pussy to make you full, and fuck you until we both come.”  He says, with a growl in her ear and she moans.  “And do it again.  Until we are exhausted and can’t any more.  Not wanting to even move from where we are connected still.” 

He turns her to face him and slowly releases her hair, brushing it out with his fingers.    

“Even though Daddy is rock hard for you, we are going to dinner, so it has to wait.  We don’t want to be late meeting our friends.  Once we are back, you better believe I will play out each thing I said to you.”

She lets out a long breath, “Oh yes, please!”

He takes something from his pocket and hands it to her.  “Go slide this in your perfect ass, Kitten.  I want to see you squirm a bit while we are at dinner.  And I know how wet it makes you.”

She giggles and takes the butt plug as she moves to the bathroom to do as he says.  He swats her bottom as she passes.  “Quickly.  We mustn’t keep our friends waiting.”

Here is my Why of Blogging

For F4TFriday, Floss asks the following:

*What I want to know is why? Why do we let the words fall out of us? 

*Would we write regardless of having a blog? 

*If so what is it that draws us into blogging?

*What is it that compels you to write?

*Have those reasons varied over time?


With these questions above, I started thinking about when and why I first really started writing anything.  Like many posts for this F4TFriday, poetry was my main start to writing.  There was always that… and my diaries.  Writing short little entries of my feelings, boys I liked or “loved”, things I liked or enjoyed, when I was upset and basically things that happened each day of my life. No real story teller at the beginning of those diary entries, but as I got older, around high school age, I was more into the story telling of what was going on in my life.  Reading back through those diaries I realize how naive and unknowing I really was.  Boy how life would change!

But getting back to writing and my blog…

Why do we let the words fall out of us?

The “why of the words falling out of me” was to release what I felt was needing to spill out of my mind.  Not knowing what else to do I let them tumble out, initially in poetry and lyrics, followed by stories, then eventually my blog.  

I saw how others were sharing their thoughts, lives and stories in what was called blogging.  Going through so much at the time and learning things I wanted to know more about (D/s and BDSM), I thought it would be so great to try it.  Why not?
So, I came up with a cute kinky name and started my blog.  That was March of 2018.  

Starting out I just wanted to participate in all that had to do with kink, D/s and BDSM.  I wanted to immerse myself in all of it and be a part of it.  At the same time I was going through a lot, trying to get through it, and understand the person I was and was becoming.  Not only did I play my part in the kink interest, but I wrote stories and told the things that spilled out about what was going on in my real life.  

It was good therapy for me to get it all out of my head.  Once I started letting those thoughts flow through my fingertips onto the screen the more they poured out.

Would we write regardless of having a blog?  

If I had not started blogging, I know for a fact I would have been writing it all down in a journal or in my pages and saving it all.  But with blogging, and I’m so glad I found it, I have people that have been there, are going through it too, or are starting to experience what I have.  I saw it was good to share.  All that I read from some others helped me in what I was going through.  Not only did I feel I was not alone, but I was able to sometimes discuss with that person some similarities and ask how they dealt with it.  Then what I was going through was helping someone else.  Like I was giving to another person what I was given.  I felt I had found this fountain of giving, receiving and sharing that was a continuing flow.  

What is it that compels you to write?

So, all this is what compelled me to write initially.  Finding a  common ground in so many others that write.  Sharing what is coming from my heart and what I feel is worth writing about.  Finding a community to share in, get support from and give back to.  Even though I had written a book a few years prior, I had found my love for writing even more so in this place. Not only that, but I have found and made some really great friends in the blogging community and here on twitter.  Being able to meet a few already, I am really hoping to meet some others soon, as well as spend some quality time with those I feel connected to.  

And so it continues

I will continue in my journey of writing.  Both on my blog and otherwise, with sexy stories, real life issues and hopefully a lot more.  I have had a lot happening in my life.  Being a sensitive and emotional person, I have come to understand that it is a good thing and not something to be ashamed of or think negatively about.  Sharing and getting feedback from others has helped.  It has helped me to learn that writing things down and getting the thoughts out of my mind helps tremendously where anxiety, depression and negative thoughts are concerned.  I thank each and every person that has been there and supported me through the craziness that is me and my life.  Having taken in so much from every person I come in contact with, if not by talking, then by the things they share and stories they tell.  

I look forward to what is coming next and know with the support from my friends and some family members, this is going to be a great ride! 

My Words To Live By – Right Now

I began my blogging adventure right at two years ago.  It was during a tumultuous time and I was trying to find my footing in my life and in this world of blogging and sharing.  

Like so many of us, I began my blog as just a place to go and share things I was going through and to explore a world I was interested in with BDSM and D/s.  

After a couple of months I started following those that shared their stories and had interests similar to mine.  I found people who not only had similar interest in BDSM and D/s but also loved writing as I do.  I found several that I admired and that had memes and prompts they ran for people to participate in and share their stories.  I was so excited and wanted to join in.  

I wanted to be just like these wonderful people and do what they do and write like they write.  

Well, recently I came to the realization, lightbulb moment, that I am not like them and I don’t write like them.  I am my own person, write my own way and in my own style.  I will never be like another person because I am who I am, not them.  Makes sense, right?

One of my favorite quotes by a very wonderful writer, Brené Brown, is, “Being ourselves means sometimes having to find the courage to stand alone.” 

To me, this doesn’t mean you will actually be standing alone, but doing things you alone are interested in or have a passion for that others around you do not.  Or, they have a passion for something else even though they may love what you do.  So, have the courage to step out of the crowd and follow your passion and what you are interested in.  If you are, then there is a very large chance someone else is too and can benefit from what you do or write about.  

I am alone a lot right now and have a lot of time to read and listen to podcasts.  In doing this, I am finding things that I believe is the way forward for me.  This is in both my writing and possible future work. 

I am doing research and testing some things to verify this fact, but I am pretty sure I am on the right track and am so excited about it!!

I have had some people, mainly family, that have decided that what I write about and share is bad, not me, and that I am lost.  This is not true.  What I write about are things that I not only am curious about but that are helping me actually find who I truly am.  It is not bad and I am definitely not lost.  I am at a stage in my life where I had to make a change.  And it was a big change, HUGE! But I am getting through it.  Carrying the anxiety, stress and emotions that go along with it.  

Thank goodness I have several friends and family that love and support me.  Along with my friends in this blogging community that have come to be very dear to me.  This gets me through.  

I am always switching out quotes or “words to live by” with each new circumstance I go through.  So who knows what my next one(s) will be.  😉



Voyeuristic Indulgence

Woman and window depicting story

*Pic from Pixabay

I have been struggling of late in my writing.  I miss it but it is as if the words will not flow.  I start typing and then nothing.  Nothing comes out right.  Nothing makes sense.  Nothing has the flow.  Ugh!

So I am trying this once again….

Hold on tight cause here we go!


My apartment is so hot.  Because of this, I lay on top of my sheets, naked.  Have the window open and the fan going above me, blowing cool air on my sweat-covered body.  Tossing and turning trying to get cool and sleepy.  I have a busy day tomorrow and need to get to sleep but it eludes me.  

I listen to the night sounds of the apartment complex and it’s surroundings.  A dog barking in the distance, a fox or some other animal digging in one of the bins, a cat meowing to get in to its home.  But, wait, what is that other sound I hear?  Far away moaning?  Surely not outside, right where anyone from the building can see and hear them.   It sure sounds like it though.

Sliding off the bed I walk to the window to see if I can find the body this moaning comes from.  I look around the ground, about 12 feet below my window, but nothing to be seen.  Now it sounds to be on the same level as where I stand.  There are several other windows open in our building.  So now to determine where this sexy sound is coming from.  

My neighbors next door are away on holiday for the week, so not them.  The good looking guy just across the way went to bed early after I saw him strip down, climb in bed and turn off the lights.  Jess, my friend that lives two doors down to the left of him, is out with her boyfriend and most likely staying with him for the night.  

Then I spot movement in the apartment two down on the right from good looking guy.  Hearing more moaning, I look intently at the window and see two figures moving around near the window.  Pulling clothes off each other and groping one another.  Tall, dark muscular guy pulls the dress over the gal’s head and quickly removes the bra.  Shorter, nicely shaped blonde gal already has stripped his shirt and trousers off.  It’s like watching my own personal sex movie.  He turns her around in one move and throws his body against hers, pushing her to the window.  Biting her neck and earlobes, he reaches around kneading her breast in one hand as the other hand slides down to her mound.  She holds on to the window frame leaning back into him.

I catch my breath, knowing I should move away from the window and give them privacy, yet I am spell bound, watching and listening.  Reaching slowly down with my own hand, I slide my fingers to my folds, feeling the building wetness as my body reacts to what I see and hear.  

Piercing her with his cock he is now pounding her against the window as they both moan and groan with their pleasure.  They are so lost in one another they don’t think to worry about anyone seeing or hearing them.  Or even care that someone might.  Their lust for one another has taken them to a place they need to be fulfilled.  

I feel the pleasure of my own making rising.  Moaning, I quickly look to see if they hear or see me.  No, they are too lost in their moment.  

The intensity now escalating, their moans getting louder and she squeals as she releases.  He reaches around and plays with her clit, bringing her back up quickly, as they reach their climax together.  I turn my head into the room and moan as my orgasm hits me at the same time. 

Catching my breath, I look back their way to see if they are still there.  She has turned around, and they are kissing as he pulls her into the room away from the window.  I take another deep breath and giggle at myself for that bit of voyeuristic indulgence.   Looking around, I try to see if anyone else possibly saw me or them. 

As I pass over good looking guy’s window, I see a movement and he steps forward.  Naked, slim, muscular body, hand around his cock, smile on his face and he blows me a kiss.  We smile a conspiratorial smile and retreat back into our rooms for the night.  




#SoSS on Podcasts

*Picture from Pixabay

My #SoSS for this week is Podcast finds!

I listen through Apple Podcasts but there are many other podcast hosts you can go to and find these podcasts.

I have been following Loving BDSM for the last couple of years and love Kayla and John! They have hit their 4 year mark this month of August and I am so thrilled for them! The topic for this past week is Taking Care of Each other When You’re Apart.  Boy do I understand (especially where the LDR is concerned!) and I had so much going through my head while listening.  So, take a listen and you can catch up on all their episodes if you want as well! 🙂

I really enjoy listening to Floss and Bakji on Proud To Be Kinky.  They are a lot of fun and share good information.  Their podcast this past week is on Dynamics in BDSM.  A very good listen, and take a listen to the rest of their episodes when you can!

I just recently started listening to Kink Craft Podcast.  A wonderful couple I really enjoy listening to.  They not only talk about Kink but other current events going on in our crazy world! This last episode on De-platforming – A discussion with Sluts and Scholars, introduced me to another new podcast (Sluts and Scholars) that I will be listening to when they get back from their meet and greet! 

I was just recently introduced to Sexpots podcast when on twitter! Love these gals (G of Girl on the Net, Bitsy Von Muffling and Katy)! They talk about four topics and have a saying right in the middle (Wikipervia – (spelling?)) that they guess what it means or tell you what they know about it and then read what it actually is.  They have fun and pull you in and have you laughing along with them! Then at the end of the podcast they give you a position to try out with your (or a) partner.  

Another new podcast I found and started listening to was from twitter as well.  It is Smut.  These girls (Lisa and Michelle) are funny and a blast to listen to.  The last one is on Oral Sex, BDSM Test, Sex Laws and Dirty Photos!  They have a lot of fun drinking and eating while sharing their topics picked out for the podcast.  

Franki Cookney is a great writer and journalist and I was so excited to learn she has a podcast as well! The Second Circle is the name of it, and she has her husband on there with her.  Great topics, interviews and information.  Check her out!

Guys We F****d is a podcast run by two comedians, Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson.  They talk about so many different topics (both funny and serious) and they are so funny.  The last episode is with Kathy Griffin and it was so great listening to them all feed off of each other through the whole interview with Kathy! It’s called DOES KRIS JENNER KNOW WHEN EACH OF US WILL DIE? Check it out!

So that is my #SoSS for the week.  Not my norm for sharing but wanted to give a shout out to these great podcasts and I know there are more out there! I will most likely do another one soon with more for you to check out.  But until then, I will go back to sharing posts on blogs next week.

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully I have introduced you to a podcast you will love!

2 Souls On Fire


My song I am sharing is 2 Souls On Fire by Bebe Rexha

Any time I hear this song (in one of my song lists) I just want to hear it again.  It’s fun and gets your mind in places, good places. 😉


My daydream as I listen to the song:

On our walk there are storm clouds overhead.  We pick up our pace to get to our cabin before we are caught in the downpour.  

The wind picks up and rumbling starts. We see our shelter just ahead and as we move faster, the rain starts.  Not just light, but big drops as if being pelted with water rocks.  We run as we get drenched in the last few feet before our cover.  

Once inside, we quickly remove our soaked clothes and grab towels to dry each other off.  Rubbing your skin and working my way down, to your feet and back up.  Stopping as I get to your cock that is now excited and hard for me.  I cannot help myself and I kiss the tip, sliding my tongue around it, pulling it into my mouth.  Lightening brightens the room, thunder makes our surroundings shake.  You groan and lean over, pulling me to my feet.  

You cover me with the towel you are holding.  Drying my chill-bumped skin slowly and sensually.  Stopping at my breasts, kissing and sucking each nipple.  I moan with pleasure.  

Dropping the towels we cling to each other as we kiss and quickly  stumble together to the bed, falling over onto it.  Thunder rolls over us again.  

Our desires over-take us and like two souls on fire we can’t get enough.  Touching, caressing, completely devouring one another.  We are lost, breathing heavily, bodies hot and covered in sweat from the need and thirst for skin on skin, heart to heart, soul to soul. Moving together and within the other till we are one.  

And as we come down from our reveling in each other, we lay there, arm in arm, listening to the thunder and the rain as the lightening lights up our surroundings.  

It’s not long, with the heat building up between us, as if the thunder and lightening is within us, that we are lost again as two souls on fire.


Just a little daydreaming with a song is always great! Gets you in the mood for something really good later. 😉


Shibari – Kinbaku


I was listening to the podcast Sexpots last night (Episode 7/June 23) and in that episode the word they had to answer in the middle of their four topics was what Shibari is. (They may not know what the word means, but they give a good guess and then get the answer.)  GOTN normally knows a LOT of them and of course knew what Shibari was.

So, hearing this, of course, got me thinking about Shibari again.

I have always loved to see photos of Shibari, otherwise also known as Kinbaku.  To me it is beautiful and from what I understand stress releasing to both parties.  It is art from the one doing the work, and their creative side is being brought out; and release of control for a while from the one it is being done to.  There is a web site for Shibari – Hikari Kesho that has beautiful descriptions and pictures I came across today that you might like to take a peak at.

*The definition (from Wikipedia) is:

“Kinbaku (緊縛) means “tight binding,” while Kinbaku-bi (緊縛美) literally means “the beauty of tight binding.” Kinbaku is a Japanese style of bondage or BDSMwhich involves tying a person up using simple yet visually intricate patterns, usually with several pieces of thin rope (often jute, hemp or linen and generally around 6 mm in diameter, but sometimes as small as 4 mm, and between 7–8 m long). In Japanese, this natural-fibre rope is known as asanawa (麻縄); the Japanese vocabulary does not make a distinction between hemp and jute. The allusion is to the use of hemp rope for restraining prisoners, as a symbol of power, in the same way that stocks or manacles are used in a Western BDSM context.[1] The word shibari came into common use in the West at some point in the 1990s to describe the bondage art Kinbaku. Shibari (縛り) is a Japanese word that literally means “to tie decoratively”.

I myself have had a small amount of shibari done on me.  On my wrists, tying them together; and on my arms and legs (together).  It was an experience I really enjoyed and loved to see the markings the rope made on my skin once it was removed.

I would love to see and experience more one day.  Until then, I will continue to look at beautiful pictures, read about experiences and write about it in some of my stories and hope I get it right! 😉

So, check out the girls on Sexpots! You will get a good giggle at their antics and enjoy their banter and topics.  And check out the website I suggested above if you would like to know a little more. Or take a look yourself on Google or any of the other search engine you might use.


K ~ xx

Away From The World


Take me to a space away from the world.  Let me escape into a zone of bliss and ecstasy given by your hands.  Blindfold me and bind me so all I can do is give in to your control and hand mine over to you.  Spank me with your paddles of wood and leather.  Pop me with your crop and leather strap.  Then caress my skin with your flogger.  Running the tassels lightly over my body, working up to heavy, taking me completely away from this space and time.  Then pleasure my body, and yours with mine, till we can’t catch our breath.  Not wanting to let go of these moments.  Losing ourselves in each other.  To that space away from the world.