My Ventures in the Smut Marathon


I didn’t make it through to the next round (Round 7) of the Smut Marathon.  I’m not disappointed because I know I have gotten better the more I have written.  Having received good feedback (in both critique and enjoyment) regarding my writings, I feel I have learned a lot.  There are some great writers I hated to see leaving with me.  Although many great writers are still in it, so definitely continue to enjoy! 

Thank you to Brigit Delaney for picking my last story as her top three initially and in her top ten by the time she was finished in her decisions!!  That meant so much (especially since I followed some of her feedback from before! 🙂 )

Thank you Marie for giving us the opportunity to experience this fun writing competition.  I truly have learned so much about my own writing as well as what a lot of readers look for.  Also, I have realized we must be true to ourselves and not try to follow others and how they write.  We are all our own person and have our own style and when we perfect our writing is when we get the readers that follow and love our work.  

So, to show how I have changed just over the six rounds I participated in, I am now going to share with you my stories from Rounds One through Six.  


Round 1:

Eyes Connect (47 Words)

Their eyes connect as he walks in the room.  Together their souls intertwine, bright as the stars and moon.  Heart beats rooted as one and bodies combine. The fire within meets as they embrace in time.  Quenching the thirst as they release the ecstasy in their minds. 

Round 2:

Do You Dare? (121 Words)

They greet one another and he orders a drink for himself.  He smells of sandalwood and cloves, pulling her in.  Sensing her hidden desire, he wants more.  

“Meeting a friend?” he asked.

“No, you?” she responds.

“Yes.  A few actually,” he says “Want to join us?”

“Oh, no, thank you.” She moves to leave the bar.

“I didn’t mean to chase you away.”

She smiles. “You didn’t. I’m going to the bathroom. Care to join me?” 

Seeing the dare in her eyes, he says, “Sure.”

Closing the door behind them; their mouths, tongues, hands exploring.  Needing, wanting, primal actions leaving them breathless. 

“Damn, you’re good, baby.  We need to do this again.”
“I thought you might like that little scene, darlin’.”

Round 3:

On The Edge (198 Words)

She was so excited about the planned sexting rendezvous.  It had been a while since they had had the chance to have time to talk and enjoy each other.  

“Hello, Kitten.  Are you all right?”

“Hi, Daddy! Yes, I’m good.  Are you?”

“Yes, darling.  Are you in bed now?”

“Yes, Sir, I just sat down on the bed.”

“Great! What are you wearing?”

“My cotton night time knickers and my PJ top.”

“Take off the top, baby girl.  I want you to touch your breasts and pinch your nipples.”

“Yes, Daddy.  Mmm, that feels good.”

“Good girl.  I want you to imagine it is Daddy touching you.  Moving my hand down your body and touching your mound.  Are you doing this, Kitten?”

“Oh, yes Daddy, I love your touch.”

“Good girl. Now, move up and down your cunt slowly and when you get to your clit, circle around it and stimulate that little button.”

“Yes, Sir. Mmmm, that feels so good.”

“Yes, sweet girl, now push two fingers into that wonderful pussy of mine and tell me how she feels.”

“Wet and wanting you Daddy.”

“Good girl.  Now, I want you to stop. And remember, Daddy loves you…”

Round 4

Say What? (247 Words)

Walking out of the bathroom, she hears her roommate talking in the living room.  With towel wrapped around her she tiptoes down the hall. Stops just short of the doorway into the room. 

“Yes, but if we did this to her it would be so much more fun,” her roommate Mike says in his low voice.  

His friend Joe, even lower, says, “I still think this would be way hotter and she would enjoy it more.”

She peeks around the door frame seeing them on the couch, backs to her, leaning over a laptop.  Not able to get a good view on it she leans in a bit more.    

“Oh, wait!” [She jumps.] “What about this? She would totally get off on it.”  

“Damn straight she would. Definitely something your girl here would love.”

Now she lets her imagination run wild.  Were they talking about her? Sexy things? Things to do together? A threesome maybe? She can feel her heart racing. Erotic images pop into her mind.  Her in the middle of these hot guys.  No way.  Couldn’t be that.   

Needing to know, she steps boldly into the room.

“Hi, guys. Whatcha talking about?”

Laptop smacks down as they both jump, turning around.  

They walk over to her.  Towel drops.  Her body tingling.

Walking her over to the massage table, she lays on it face down.

“Joe has some new techniques to show you.” 

She moans. “Oh.” 

And then, hot oil and two pairs of hands. “Ohhhh….!”

Round 5

Enlighten Me (385 Words)

Darkness and cold. Musty smell. And something else.  Ariel awakens with a start, sitting bolt upright, realizing she is laying on a cold floor.  Sundress on, no shoes.  Dizziness hits, head throbbing.  It’s pitch black and she can’t even make out her hand in front of her.  Feeling cautiously around until she touches what feels like fur.  

Remembering vaguely a wolf walking towards her in the woods and then a man carrying her to a small house as her vision comes and goes.   

Something moves near her.  She freezes, listens.  

“Shhh, it’s okay, I will not harm you.  I found you not far from here and you were knocked out and quite cold,” a strange deep voice says.

“I am not afraid,” and she isn’t, surprising herself with this knowledge. “Please, is there any light? Can I see you?”

“Sorry.  There is no light in here.  I will come closer, okay?”

“Yes, please.”

His voice sounds so familiar.  She remembers a dream she had recently; of a man who turns into a wolf as he guards her while she sleeps.  She is extremely attracted to the man.  Tall, brown hair, stubble on square chin and bright hazel eyes.  Cheeks, and body, warm as she remembers the rest of the dream.  

[Their feelings for each other are intense.  They are naked and he takes her in the forest.  The primitive need between them.  Feeding on her pussy and then impaling her with his cock.]  

It is so real and her heart races once again with the vision fresh in her thoughts.

An intake of breath and he says, “Yes, that is me.”

“Excuse me?” She says.

“Your thoughts.  Of the man and wolf.  That is me.” He says softly.

“No.  It is only fantasy and dreams.” She answers, baffled that he knows her thoughts.

“Touch me and see if you feel the same.” He says, moving closer.

She reaches out hesitantly.  The instant she touches him, a symphony of sensations suffuses her nerve endings.  An instant connection to him. Dizziness hits once more and he catches her.  

She remembers looking for her cat and getting lost in the woods. She was attacked but can’t remember by whom or what.  An intense sexual need that hit her then, as it does now. That, she most certainly remembers.

Round 6

Something Borrowed…? (477 words)

She slides into the dress easily. Not sure if she will use it or get a new one, Amy turns left, then right as she looks at herself in the floor-length mirror.  Her auburn hair is pulled up out of her face and she sees her Aunt Maggie in her reflection.  She must have been tall for her time since the dress fits me almost perfectly. 


Suddenly she hears footsteps moving quickly up the stairs.  Bursting into the room are two women looking extremely similar to her grandmother and other aunt, Natalie.

“Come on girl, we are going to be late! You don’t want to leave Samuel waiting at the alter now, do you?” the older woman says. 

Amy’s mouth just gapes open as she stares at the pair dumbfounded. 

“Maggie, say something. Are you ready?”

She looks over to her Aunt Natalie and says, “excuse me?”

“Come on, silly, you look beautiful. Enough staring at yourself. Let’s go.”

They pull her along, out of the room and down the stairs to the great room where people are gathered and sitting in chairs.  There is an aisle in the middle leading to an arch where a very handsome man and a preacher stand looking her way.  

She turns to walk back out from where they came and they turn her around and nudge her toward the men. 


Finding herself in a bedroom alight with candles, she is alone with the sexy, dark haired Samuel.  The dress is being unclasped by his expert hands and he is kissing her deeply.  

Her heart is racing. This is not real. 

Oh, but if feels so real! 

He is sliding his hands down her hips and pulling the skirt of the dress up ever so slowly.  Reaching under as he pulls it up, caressing her mound that is wet and aching for him. 


Breathing in a ragged breath she says, “This is not happening.”

“Oh it is!  This man in front of you, loves you and all day has been keen to pleasure you and make you his.”

A shiver runs down her body as she responds to his touch and sensual words.

He lifts the dress higher and stops at her breasts, kissing and suckling.  She moans.

He then slides the dress completely off of her. 


She is back in the room, in front of the mirror and alone.  

Her sister Angie, all of five feet and long blond hair, flounces into the room. “I found the veil,” she says.

“You know, I think I will not wear Aunt Maggie’s wedding dress after all.  I will look again for my own.” 

She pours herself out of the dress, passes it to her sister as if it were a hot potato and pulls her own dress back on.  

“Well, okay.” Angie says baffled, as Amy moves quickly out the door.  


I hope you enjoyed reading my stories and see the change I went through.  Yes, it was hard at times to get a story in with the short amount of words we were allowed.  To get in characters personalities, conflict, beginning and end AND erotica (I mean it’s not called Smut Marathon for nothing! 😉 ), is no small feat! 

I am proud of the writing I did.  Knowing it is not for everyone, and I am learning still in many many ways.  But I am completely enjoying writing and hope to one day write that great one! 

But, until then, I will continue to learn, write, get great ideas and follow them, etc…

I hope you all stick with me through it! And thank you so much for giving me your precious time to do so! 

Much much love!

Kurvy xx

**If you did not have a chance to read the stories in each round, take some time to enjoy them.  You will find something you like, I guarantee it! Just follow this link: Smut Marathon.  xo

Always Changing

*Photo from Pixabay

I have changed so much since starting my blog (The one before this and on into this one).  I have learned so much and because of this am different than who I was and where I was when I first started.  

I began my blog to have a place to share my thoughts and feelings, hoping to get some feed back and maybe find others in the same place I was; as well as write and get involved in a community where I can be me.   

Starting out I did this.  I shared my thoughts and feelings of where I was at the time, things I was going through, and tried to do a bit of writing.  In the writing I thought, well, I am creative, I can do this no problem.  Wrong! I didn’t know how or where to start.

Once I realized there were memes and prompts to participate in, I thought it would be so great to tell stories and hopefully others would like them too.  

Well, then I read others’ posts and stories; all personal, real life and fictional.  Still thinking my work was up to par with others, I was disappointed I wasn’t getting many likes or comments, as well as not getting picked as a top three in the weekly choices.  So, I started paying more attention to what others were writing.  I started really taking in how others write and what gets the attention of readers.  There are different reasons, of course and different genres in the sexy stories I read.  I also started commenting along with the liking, because I know how much I appreciate having a comment or two.

I was getting followers left and right and building my follow count pretty well but still would only get a comment or like here and there occasionally.  So, I decided I would continue to participate and change things up a bit.  I love writing fictional stories and fantasies.  So, I started writing more of these recently.  I also decided to jump into the Smut Marathon.  I knew, if nothing else, I would learn and hopefully get better at my writing.  

I have found I am a cliché kinda girl and didn’t realize it.  So, once again, I am trying to change things up.  

Just a day or two ago I came across one of the bloggers posting about feeling that “imposter syndrome”.  It hit me.  I have been feeling that way a lot lately.  That I am a fraud, an imposter, and not good enough to be a part of this writing community and these wonderful writers I participate in writing with. (There goes that anxiety/mind taking over to protect me thing that happens.)

But I want to be so badly and know in my heart that I can because it’s what I love. 

I look up to all these great writers and when I met so many of them recently I felt overwhelmed, excited and fan-girlish (is that a word?) because I want to be like them.  I know, I know….I can’t be like them.  I am my own person.  But, I want to be really good at this writing thing.  I want to move people.  I want them to want more.  I have been told by a few that they really like my stories, which has made me feel excited and happy.  I just want to REALLY touch people, move them in a way I feel when I read other writings.  

I can see a change in a lot of my writing but know I need to do so much more.  I will continue to work on things, pay attention to what makes other stories so great, get feed back and take it in to be used as I can, and to enjoy getting to know the other writers I am so in awe of.  (And which are becoming friends!)

I am a work in progress.  In so many ways.  

Thank you to each and every one of you that take the time to read my blog.  It means so much!


My Own Sexy Ménage à Trios

*Picture is from the beautiful Marie Rebelle of Rebel’s Notes

It’s very quiet over here, like I am home alone. But I’m not…

My roomies are here.  Both in their shorts and t-shirts.  Bo, with brown hair, all six feet, three inches of bronze body and works out to get himself so toned.  Tim on the other hand, plays sports, so, solid six feet, athletic physique and blonde.  All the girls fall for him.  Playing their game, headphones on, being all macho and totally focused on beating one another.  I could be doing anything and they wouldn’t even know.  

Maybe watching a sex video. Getting turned on and playing with my cunt. Getting completely naked right on the couch, playing with my nipples and making them stand at attention, my body needing more.  

Hmmm, sounds fun! Not my norm, but definitely a sexy daring idea.  

But, here I sit with my auburn hair up in a pony tail, work out pants and sports bra on.  I did some yoga this morning before coming in here to read and watch these guys in their quiet war.  I would be a complete klutz trying to get out of these pants easily.

‘There are other ways to enjoy myself,’ I think.  And although this book is really hot, I want visual.  I put down my book and pick up my tablet.  I look back at the guys and they are totally engrossed in their game.  

I find a great threesome video and start watching it.  It’s so real.  No fake noises or acting. I put myself in the girl’s place.  Imagine myself being the one with the two guys.  Being played with and enjoyed by them.  I have dreamed of it so often.  Who wouldn’t, living with two roommates like these guys to be around daily?   

I’m so horny it’s automatic that my hand slides down and into my pants.  Finding my folds. I caress them slowly with my fingers, sliding up and down and finding my clit at the top.  Circling and putting a little pressure on it. Feeling so good, I want more.  

Propping the tablet up on a pillow on the cushion beside me, I now have both hands available.  Glancing over at the guys, they are still playing but have slowed down.  I pause to watch a moment to make sure they are not stopping.  They banter back and forth a few minutes than continue on with their game.  

So I now ramp up my game.  Having both hands, one on my clit and the other finger fucking my pussy.   I’m so lost in my enjoyment and need that I have lost focus on the guys and don’t see that they have noticed me and have stopped playing their game to watch me at mine.  

My eyes closed now, not focused on the scene in front of me on the tablet, I don’t realize until I feel extra hands on the tips of my breasts that I am not alone any more.  My eyes open, startled to see Bo there, looking down at me.  Tim is kneeling beside me where my hands are.  

He looks back at me, blue eyes hot with desire, “Can we help?”

I hesitate.  Even though I have wanted this for so long, I was scared it would ruin our relationship as roomies, so I never pursued it.  

“This is something we have wanted with you, Jesse.  Please say yes,” Bo says, gorgeous brown eyes pleading.  

I nod and in a split second, pants and bra are off and gone.  The guys are naked and I am no longer watching the video, but experiencing my own sexy ménage à trois.

Sleepy Pleasure


Walking into the room and seeing her man laying on the bed, stripped bare and sound asleep, she stops and just soaks the sight of him in.   Laying on his back, left leg straight, right leg bent at the knee with his right foot tucked up beside the left leg.  His left hand resting on his chest and his right arm stretched out beside his body.  She watches as his chest moves slowly with his breathing.  Then her eyes travel down his beautiful body, muscles relaxed and his cock, oh that wonderful cock of his, standing proud.

She licks her lips, walks over to the bed and oh so lightly trails her fingers down his arm, chest, hip and legs; down one side and up the other, stopping at his gorgeous piece of manhood she loves to enjoy.  Her fingers make a circle around his girth and she cannot stop herself now.  She walks to the other side of the bed, slips her dress over her head dropping it to the floor, leaving on her bra and knickers.  Sliding onto the bed beside him and reaching for the object of her desire.

Moving her fingers softly at first up and down the shaft and then around the ridge of the head.  There is a slow moan that escapes from his breathing.  With the sound of his pleasure it pushes her on for more.  She leans in and licks the head, rolling her tongue around the tip.  Leisurely taking in the wonderful taste of him.  Lovingly stroking him with her mouth and hand.  Steadily working up to a pace to slowly wake him to the joys she is giving to him.

As she takes her time to bring it to a slightly faster rhythm, she hears his ragged breathing with his slow waking to the pleasure he feels.  Sliding her mouth up and down his swelling cock, she is getting lost in the sensations in giving him this, and is feeling herself as she realizes her own wetness is seeping out between her thighs.

Feeling his hips beginning to move to her rhythm, she takes him deeper.  His hands slide to her head and dive in to her hair, holding her there and guiding her to what he wants and needs.  She chokes and sputters but does not stop, giving him her all.  He finally gives her what she wants and as his release coats her throat she takes it and swallows, not leaving a drop.  She then slides off of him, looks up to his sleepy lust filled eyes and smiles.



Masturbation Monday

Julie’s First Experience


Seeing the lovely picture above from Marie Rebelle of Rebel’s Notes, started a story in my head.  It was originally for Masturbation Monday but I was not able to finish it on time.  I’m thinking I may take it further.  Here goes:


Julie was so nervous.  She had wanted this for so long and now it was finally happening.

Sami, her best friend, set her up an experience she had been wanting for a very long time.  Ian, one of their friend’s older brothers, who was in management at the club, helped as well.  Ian had taken Sami there in hopes that it would make her run the other way.  But when it only set a fire in her to know more and experience it, he decided to make sure that anyone that partnered with her knew he was her protector.

So, Sami knew exactly what Julie was going through in wanting to know more and experience some of the playtimes and/or scenes offered at the club.  After talking to Ian and seeing if he could help, they decided the safest thing for them to do was to have Ian work with Julie initially.  They didn’t have to trust someone else to do it right.  Ian would take it slow and work her up to a limit she could handle for a beginner.

When Sami told Julie about what she wanted to give her, for her birthday no less, she was both ecstatic and apprehensive.  They were sitting on the couch in their apartment with a glass of wine after an early dinner and Sami, after placing her glass on the coffee table, told Julie her news.  Julie slowly placed her glass on the table beside Sami’s, quickly turned to her, then grabbed her hands and said, “Really? You mean it? Oh my gosh! When? What do I do? Who? Oh my gosh!!” and she started laughing at herself.

Sami laughed with her, knowing how nervous she was.  “It’s okay.  Ian has it all planned out.  Since it is your first time, he will be the one to show you around, explain how things are done there and give you your first scene.  If that’s okay with you,” she hesitated, not wanting to put too much on Julie at once.  She had a feeling Julie had a crush on Ian a while back but nothing ever came of it and she never admitted it.

Julie sat there for a minute staring at Sami.  She, of course didn’t mind at all that it would be Ian; was extremely thrilled it would be, actually.  But she didn’t want her friend to know she had been crushing on Ian for most of their teenage lives, and even now, at twenty-five, had that same feeling whenever she was around him.

“Of course that’s okay.  Since I know Ian, that would make me more comfortable, right?” She concluded out loud.

“Yes, exactly.  And Ian wasn’t sure he wanted to trust anyone else with your first time there,” said Sami watching her friend as a multitude of thoughts crossed her pretty face. “You’ll be fine.  And I am coming with you.”

She stood up and took Julie’s hands, pulling her up with her.  “And, surprise! It’s tonight!”  

“What?!?” Julie screeched.

“Yes!  So go get a shower.  I will help you with makeup and I have a gift for you just for this night.  Now scoot!”

She turned Julie and popped her in the butt to prompt her to move.  Julie hesitated one second then took off to the shower looking over her shoulder at Sami who was smiling from ear to ear back at her.  

Sami had taken her shower before dinner so she quickly went to her room and put on her outfit for the evening and laid out the things she had picked for Julie on her bed.  A leather body harness that was similar to the one she had on, a cover that was more like a light, almost sheer dress, hold ups and black heels.  

Once Julie was out of the shower and had dried her hair, the girls helped each other with makeup.  Sami walked with Julie to her room so she could see her reaction to the things she had gotten her.  

Julie walked slowly to the bed and turned to Sami, “This is for me?”

“Yes silly! Now get dressed.  We have an appointment and Ian would not want us to be late.”  Julie hugged her tight and then turned and was dressed faster than Sami thought she would be, seeing how the outfit was different from anything Julie had worn before.  

Sami turned her to the mirror to see how she looked and they both smiled at each other.  They both looked and felt very sexy.  They were ready for some fun.  Holding hands they walked out of the room, picked up the bags Sami had packed for them (change of clothes, water bottle and snacks in each) and were in the cab on their way in minutes.  

They didn’t say much on the way there.  Once they pulled up, Julie took a deep breath and followed Sami out of the cab and to the door of the club,   her body shaking with apprehension.  

Ian met them as they walked in and gave them both a hug.  “Now Sami, I have set you up with Dan and he is waiting for you.  Julie, are you okay to come with me? I will show you around and get you acquainted with the club and how it works here.  I will then discuss with you what we will be doing and make sure you understand and consent before moving ahead, okay?”

Julie nodded and said softly, “Yes, that’s fine Ian.  Thank you.”

Sami gave her a big hug and said, “Have fun, take it all in and enjoy.  Ian will take care of you.  I will see you on the other side.” She gave her a wink and went off to find Dan.  

Julie turned to Ian, seeing a smoldering look in his eyes.  Could it be he felt the same way for her?  “Are you okay? Ready to take a tour?” he asked.  She nodded and Ian led the way.  

He took her around the main floor, showing her the open play room with all the equipment both on the walls and in the middle of the room.  On this floor were the changing rooms with showers and restrooms.  He then showed her the rooms below.  Each one had a door and a monitor for the rooms.  He showed her there are also cameras in each room for safety purposes and nothing more.  He explained that safety for all guests was the main concern over everything here at the club.  Once she had seen the layout and heard about the rules and knew how protected she was there, she relaxed and enjoyed Ian explaining it all to her.  They then sat in his office on the sofa and discussed what they would be doing and what was expected of both her and Ian while doing a scene.  

He asked if she was okay with all he had said and was she good to move on?  She gave her consent and they walked to the room next door to his office.  He had decided a private room was best for her first time and she agreed wholeheartedly.  

He showed her how to kneel in a known submissive form with knees apart and hands resting on the knees, palms up, with eyes down.  He explained there were many different ways a sub shows she is ready and waiting, and she could find all that out at another time.  

“Now, if you are ready, remove your cover and fold it placing it beside you as well as your shoes.  I want you to stand and get on this cushioned foot stool on your knees.  I will put these cuffs on your wrists and hook them to the chain above. Understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” she said.

“Now, one thing I ask that you say when speaking to me in a scene, Julie.  You call me Sir when responding to me.  So you will say, ‘Yes Sir, I understand.’  Okay?”

“Yes Sir, I understand” she responded with a nervous smile. 

“Good girl.” And just with those two words, she felt herself go wet and tingly in her pussy. 

He picked up a crop from the table close to them, which was covered in all types of implements for punishment.  He walked back over to her, popped his palm with the crop, making her flinch.  

“Now we begin.”



Waking up – FantasySmutFriday


Here’s this week’s prompt:

“Waking up to the feeling of you”

Submitted by Charlton C. Tod


As I lay here feeling the warmth of the covers and the body heat from the one beside me, I think of the times when I was not this blessed.  When I would awake to an empty bed with no one there beside me.  When I would dream of one day being with someone I was lucky enough to know and be with.

I wake now to one leg draped over mine, pulling my leg close.  To a foot sliding up and down my leg in a soft lazy caress.  To arms now pulling me in as a caterpillar to a cocoon,  A nose nuzzling my ear and making me shiver from the breath that flows down my neck.

I love the way we are just here, wrapped in one another.  In the touch, the scent, the emotions, the feel.  I love waking up to the feeling of you.



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Luck of the Draw


Stopping in front of one of those old fortune-teller machines to check it out, he smiles and looks at me.  “Want to see where you rate in love?” He says among the loud noise of the crowd at the fair.

“Not really.” I said.

“Oh come on, I dare you!”

“Okay fine, but these things never work right.  It’s the luck of the draw to what it tells you.”

“Okay, here, try your luck and see what it foretells.”  He hands me a coin.  I place it in the slot and I hold the lever as the light goes up and down and finally stops.

“You are both Naughty but Nice AND Smoldering! What??!?”  He is grinning from ear to ear with laughter in his eyes.

“That’s not supposed to light up but one thing.”

“Well it obviously knows where you are on this meter!” He says as he comes up behind me and wraps me in his arms. “Now let’s go home so that you can show me.”

“And you know I will!” I say as I turn to him and we kiss.  He grabs my bum as I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling me up to clasp my legs around his waist.  We catch our breath, unwind from one another and move to head through the cluster of people to the car.




My #SoSS Of The Week


#SoSS of the week. 

 I’ve been a bit under the weather this week.  I was able to do a few prompts anyway.  And will share those below.

But first…

I am absolutely so freaking excited to join in on the Smut Marathon, brought to you by, that begins 27th of January! I may not be in it long, since I don’t think I am as great a writer as so many that are participating this year, but I am really excited to learn more about my writing and what works so that I can become a better writer than I am.

There are so many great prompts being offered right now to participate in.  Not only the usual weekly prompts but there are some new ones that are being offered now as well and I will list them all.  There are those that have a guest that picks out the top 3 and then there are those that are just fun to participate in and share.

And so let’s begin:

Masturbation Monday:

Marie Rebel was the guest judge this week to choose her top three in the Masturbation Monday prompt.

The three she chose are : 

  1. The Interview by Sarah Helena Hart
  2. I Took It by Kayla Lords
  3. Come To Me by Floss

Wicked Wednesday:

Floss was the guest judge this week to choose her top three in the Wicked Wednesday prompt.

The three she chose are :

  1. Your Loss by Molly Moore
  2. What Greta Did by Posy Churchgate
  3. Doing It By The Book by Ella Scandal

(These are the ones chosen prior to my #SoSS  🙂  )

**Now, the rest of the prompts offered, along with Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday, are as follows and you can join in at any time:

Sinful Sunday – by Molly Moore

TMI Tuesday 

Friday Flash – by F Dot Leonora

Menstruation Matters – by A to Sub Bee

Sex Bloggers for Mental Health – by Sassy Cat

The Erotic Journal Challenge – by Brigit Delaney

The prompts I joined in this week are:

*Masturbation Monday – Sexy Tease

*TMI Tuesday

*The Erotic Journal Challenge – Discovering Your Sexuality

I am exhausted from this last week but was determined to get this in by the end of the weekend.  

Everyone have a happy week!


Secret Door – Wicked Wednesday

doors-1767562__480As Rebel explains:

So, the prompt…

Use a title of a song as your prompt and title of your piece.

It’s as easy as that. You can use any song you want… and your piece can be erotica, something about the song, an image… anything YOU want!

Imagine as you listen to the words.  A romantic insight.  This is where they take me:

There is a secret door in my mind.  One that is open to my Daddy’s words and imagination.  One that when opened and walked through can lead me to a whole new world.

Lights out with blindfold, feeding the words to my mind, freeing my soul and heart to do nothing but feel.  Feeling the pain that he gives and the pleasure that releases that pain.  I don’t need to understand, just need to trust in our connection.  To be lost in his world to find my freedom.  At times filled with tears because the pain and pleasure feel so good.

Flying to the heavens that he opens to me through our experiences.  We are together through the same door, a secret door, joined in our love and connection.  The life we choose is one we love and live through.  Sharing our combined pain and pleasure in trying new things and finding more and more of what we love together.


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Wicked Wednesday – Writing

For years I wrote poems, from the time I was in middle school.  I then tried to write lyrics as well.  The older I got the more I wanted to write a book, but I didn’t know how to do it and what I needed to do to be able to get it published and out into the world.  When I finally wrote my first book a few years ago I ended up selling it as a ebook because I had no idea how to get it published otherwise without spending an obscene amount of money to do so.

I then was going through a really hard time in my life, when everything seemed to be changing and turning my world upside down.  I wanted a way to write it all down and maybe share it and get insight, as well as maybe come in contact with others that knew and understood what I was going through.  So I started my blog here on WordPress eight months ago.  March 24th to be exact.  I started by writing short stories and sharing some things I was going through.

Wanting to reach out to more people, I started participating in some of the weekly prompts.  Not only have I reached more people but I feel a part of a community now.  It’s hard to call myself a writer, even though I love writing and could pretty much write every day about something.  But when I get comments and responses from those I consider “real writers” and “experienced bloggers” I get all excited and gushy like a fan girl.  I feel so honored to have others like my stories and posts.  It makes me all giddy to see when others like my blog posts.

I honestly had no clue what I was doing when I started writing here.  I am not kidding. And still feel clueless! But I am having fun and enjoy being able to put down in writing the thoughts I have and the stories that come flowing out of my fingertips once I start and let my mind go.  I love the way it soothes me and centers me when nothing else will at times.

I know you’re not supposed to, but I can’t help comparing my work to others that I think are amazing writers.  I know I have my own style, as we all do, but it evolves as I continue to learn and try new things.  I love to see where I might go next.

I just hope others get something out of my writing and I can continue to do this for as long as I can. I thank each and every one of you reading this right now.  It means so much that you would take the time to read something I wrote.

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