Take Me As You See Me

Woman with hair flying around face


I have taken a really long break from here and writing (other than the Smut Marathon and the occasional short story).  I will be starting back up in the next week as well as working on a couple of new projects.

In the mean time:


Take me as you see me

Take me as I am

I have no other form to give

Nor will make a new demand

I have given so much of myself

And tried to understand

That no matter what we do in life

We must hold each other’s hand

So do your best in all you do

Love and make amends

To all the troubles and downs in life

And make a stronger stand

Cause all we have each day we are given

Thankful to be in this land

So blessed to be among you all

As kind, supportive and absolutely grande!


K ~ xx

Fantasy in Poem


As I searched for something to choose for my fantasy writing, I saw that so many of us women have the same fantasies.  Nice to know we aren’t alone.  But I want to do something different. So…


As I am guided into the room

It feels as dark as a tomb

With a blindfold over my eyes

So I can fully experience my surprise

Pulled over to the edge of a bed

I sense there is another body instead

Of just my lover and mine

And a tingle goes up my spine

I am laid back upon the mattress 

Then feel what seems like a cactus 

Rolling, prickly down my chest and over my nipple

A person moves closer and there is a ripple

In the bed covers and my body

Sensing all the possible naughty

Things we will be doing for this time together

As they have me tethered

In this time and space

I can’t believe I am in this place

Where my fantasies will be given

And all we share driven

By our insatiable desires all night long.

Day 12 – #EveryDamnDayInJune


I come to you willingly

Excited and most thrillingly

To experience what I have never before

And feel everything right to my core

From the lightest of touch, building up

Growing slowly to windup

These feelings deep within

That are bursting out like conjoined twins

Lead me to the ecstasy I have needed

Carrying us on to the point we exceeded

All the emotions and passions deep down

Bring us together and now we are bound


Day 10 – #EveryDamnDayInJune


I have tried all day to determine something for this day to share for Day 10.  All I could think of is this:

He sits her down upon the bed

All fishnet, cuffs and heels

It’s not so warm yet cool instead

As the air has been down for cold wheels

For they will prickle and tickle her skin

To make her gasp, moan and sigh

Along with the screams of delight and grins

Because she loves the pain and cries

So as he begins his playful scene

With their connection so intense

He carries her and moves her in between

The world of touch, audio and visual sense


Wicked Time


Wicked time why fly as you do?

To leave us grasping, hanging on to now

Like wanting the sky to stay light and blue

Or the words and promises of soft vows

What is the purpose of it going so fast

As if all it can do is go as a blast

Of lightening as it flashes by

To make you wonder and sigh

Longing for the days that have passed

Even though the memories they last

We have had some amazing impressions made together

No matter the season, no matter the weather

So for this I cannot wait, even though it keeps flying by

The times we have ahead to help us clarify

How much we mean to one another

And the connection to take us further



What would you do?

What would you do if you had to stay home

Nothing to do and no where to go

What would you do if you felt all alone

Tired and restless and totally blown

What would you do if you couldn’t reach him

Phone, email, video and media, each of them

What would you do just to feel his touch

Wanting and yearning, needing so much

What would you do if totally happy

Laughing, smiling and oh so sappy

What would you do just to feel alive

Live each day with that wonderful drive

To do all you can to make a difference, in the world or someone else’s life, that’s my dream and goal.

Love you all❤️xx

*Pic by Loui Jover

We come together

IMG_3571We come together with one desire

To hold and know each other through passion’s fire

We find there is more the more we share

In laughter, love, arguments and care

What once was a physical need

Is now a feeling that has freed

Us both from the worlds troubles and feeling of aloneness

To love’s happiness and feelings of oneness


*Pic by Jover



I’m scared.

Scared I will do the wrong thing. 

Scared I will not be what Daddy needs.

Scared I am not the person I think I am.

Scared I will not be strong enough.

Scared I am weaker than I think I am.

Scared others will think I am not true. 

Scared I do not make myself heard the way I need. 

Scared my voice is not being heard.

Scared others do not understand me.

Scared my anxiety and problems will overtake me.

Scared….just scared.

To Daddy – You Have


You have come to know my darkness
You have come to know my fears
Yet you do not push me away
And in fact you draw me near

To help, you give me daily tasks
To help, you give support and guidance
I have my daily mantra 
And it helps the voices silence

The things you give me are so great
The love, the understanding and power
To know I am a “good girl” for you
Fulfills my heart and desire

You give me strength and boundaries
You give me hope and praise
You are my loving protector and guide
And through it all I am amazed

It means all the world to me to know you love me more
That no matter what I am going through,
You will never shut the door

All my love,
Your Kitten and babygirl