Sensual Feelings


Blindfolded and naked, but for the rope on parts of her body, Kelly moves, feeling the restraints and how tight they are.  Tight enough to not get out of them but loose enough to not hurt, nor cut off circulation.  She is in her own little world as her rope Dom continues with his work.  Lost in the sensual feeling of the rope as it slides over her legs and body.  Every once in a while he will ask if she is okay and if the rope is comfortable in certain places along her body.  She responds and they continue on in this rhythm, flowing to the calming music floating through the speaker system.

Once he is happy with his work, he has her lay on the bed just as she is. 

She then feels the tapping of a crop starting at her feet and working up her legs to her hips and mound.  Tapping in this area for a few beats before moving on to her breasts and the nipples that have formed hard beads for the stimulation that is affecting them.  

Pat, pat, patting each one around the areola and then Pop right on the tip.  Her gasps filling the room.

Shivers run over her skin and down her spine as a prickly wheel moves slowly down her shoulders, moving over the slope of her breasts.  Each nipple sensitive to the touch after the crop’s onslaught.  She moans.  It continues on past her stomach and down to her mound and the lips of her pussy.  Gasping again, her tummy goes in with the exhale of breath and another shiver.  

Another pause and she listens intently to determine what his next move might be. 

Soft suede tassels moving up her legs softly and in a cadence, lulling her to a trance-like state.  Moving up and down her body.  A few moments of pressure changing to a butterfly touch.  Her body almost moving with the flogger as it passes over her.  

Now the softest of touches from his fingers and his lips.  She is lost in their world and responds to every sensitive spot he kisses, bites or licks.  Her senses so heightened that she almost immediately reaches orgasm as his tongue and fingers take her there in an instant.  And then again a few minutes after.  

He slowly loosens the rope and releases her of her bonds, rubbing each area softly.  All but her arms and hands.  He lifts them above her head, tying them to the head of the bed as he crawls over her and takes her.  Their emotions strong and matched.  They explode together, crying out their pleasure.  Tears springing to her eyes with the intensity of it all as he unties her arms and hands, removes the blindfold and just holds her.  They lay there together for a while as their bodies relax into each other and fall into a light sleep.  


K xx

Sleeping, Drowsy Sex/Nighttime Sex

bed-linen-1149842__480Kink of the Week January 1-16: Sleeping, drowsy sex/Nighttime sex

I love the day time fully awake sex.  I love the playtime, power exchange, pain and pleasure sex.


Ever have those nights when you are sleeping so good and feel your partner stir beside you so kind of wake up to see if all is okay?  Then you hear, “Daddy needs Kitten to give Daddy’s cock some love and attention.”  So you scoot up beside him, slowly run your hand up and down his already hard shaft.  Hear him moan as you work it just the way he likes.  Then you drift a bit because you are still in a sleepy state until you feel him lift his hips to get you to continue.  Making him happy is what you love so you take care of his needs, either by mouth or hand.  You snuggle back up together and then you both fall fast asleep.

Or what about waking from your sleep to the feeling of your man running his foot up and down your leg slowly, then when he feels you stir, turns you on your back and goes down on you enjoying your essence and taste, bringing you to a wonderful sleepy climax.

Then there is the time where your back is to your partner and you are sleeping so soundly you swear you are in a dream where you are being caressed and fondled into a horny mess.  And your need is so strong, to just be fucked right then and there.  Thank goodness your need is met in kind and it happens just the way you need it. 

Okay, yes, I have had some great, what I call sleepy sex.  I also admit that if I am sleeping I would rather continue sleeping than be awakened to anything.  But I confess completely that if I am pulled out of my sleep slowly and sexily (love this word I got from Posy Churchgate in a comment on one of my posts!), I am all in it!  When it feels like a dream pulling me into that sleepy sex, I don’t know what it is, but it is some of the most amazing sex! 

So yes, I do like the sleepy drowsy sex.  The night-time sex when you are stirred awake to have that need satisfied.  I love it.  Don’t you?


*Picture from Pixabay

Difficult Aspects of Having a Sexuality That Involves Kink or BDSM – Day 16 of 30 Days of Kink

fullsizeoutput_4745Day 16: What are the most difficult aspects of having a sexuality that involves kink or BDSM for you personally?

I guess the difficult aspects would be even though I personally like vanilla sex too at times, I would be getting bored if the other partner wanted it that way most, if not all, of the time.  Loving the kink/BDSM aspect of sex does bring out a whole new level and aspect of sex.

I used to be all vanilla and realized something was missing but didn’t realize why until a few years ago.  And thinking back, when we would get a bit primal and rougher I would love it.  Then getting into the kink/BDSM world I finally realized my need and wants, and where and how they were going to be satisfied.  Being a very sexual/sensual person that makes sense.

So, saying all that, I see it was difficult in working through and finding the sexuality that is kink/BDSM more than anything. 🙂

I hope that made sense.  I am not quite sure it does ….

*Pics found and used from Pinterest


BDSM/kink activity – Day 15 of 30 Days of Kink

fullsizeoutput_4739Day 15: Post A BDSM/kink activity you’re curious about and would like to try.


One thing I have not tried yet and am the most curious about, especially after hearing about other couples’ experiences in them, is to go to a BDSM club/dungeon.  I have read stories, heard other friends talk about them or write about them, so I am definitely curious about this.  First to just be there and taking it all in and how it works.  And then, of course, being a part of it.

My imagination runs wild every time I think about the possibility.  And I have a very vivid imagination! 😉

*Pic used from Pinterest is my idea of what one might look like


Real Life vs. Fantasy – Day 14 of 30 Days of Kink


Day 14: How would you say real life BDSM/kink varies from fantasy BDSM/kink? If you haven’t experienced real life BDSM/kink how do you think it might differ?

I believe in fantasy BDSM/kink, we think of the perfect scenario where the Dom does his specific leading, controlling, protecting and stability in all he is and does. Not just in the sex/kink part of life but the everyday routines and doing things.  As well as the submissive is following as she is told, pleasing her Dom in every circumstance, there to serve and be used and lead, to give the Dom reasons for what he does as well as give up her control to him, both in sex/kink and real life.  Some think it is all serious, all rules and regulations, all following one path and only one way of doing things.   I thought this pretty much when I started reading about it and learning about the lifestyle.  But then diving into it further and experiencing it for myself I have found there are soooo many more avenues and so much more than one way of doing things or liking things in the BDSM/kink lifestyle.

Thing is real life takes over a lot.  We are all human and things don’t quite work out the way you think they are supposed to.  Once you are in a BDSM/kink real life relationship it is so different in so many ways.  I personally as a submissive sometimes have a very hard time relinquishing my control in certain things to Daddy.  I feel it is my duty to do things that I am in charge of and should be taking care of that he should not be worrying about.  Especially with us being a LDR, we live separate lives while trying to eventually pull into one.  Being used to having to take care of myself and that around me, it is very hard to think someone else, even Daddy, would know better than me in what I should do.  Yet he always has my best interest at heart and always wants to take care of things, and me, so that I don’t have to, knowing at times I have to do that as well.  (He is even right sometimes 😉 Actually most of the time.)

Truth be told when I relinquish that control to him, or do as he suggests, I feel relief and a big weight is lifted.  It shows me once again why I love this relationship and how much I count on his confidence, love, understanding and guidance in things.  Not to mention the wonderful kinky things we do.  I have learned and enjoyed so much more than I ever thought possible in a relationship like this.  In both the daily communication and sharing things and the kinky fun (and serious) things we do.  You really don’t know the difference until you experience it yourself.

But, as always, I caution anyone interested in the BDSM/kink lifestyle to be careful.  Do research, know who you are getting into a relationship with and that you are both in it for all the right reasons. Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) are the common principles guiding relationships and activities in this lifestyle.

And that’s my take on it, and mine alone, unless you agree. 🙂


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What is the appeal? – Day 13 of 30 days of Kink



Day 13: Explain as best you can what the appeal of kink/BDSM is to you? Why are you drawn to what you’re drawn to?

To me, the appeal of kink/BDSM is #1, the connection you establish as a submissive to your Dom.  The overall trust you are willing to give to another person and the communication that is so important in the relationship for it to be able to thrive.  I know most would say the sex, but that is not the focus I had when learning about the lifestyle.  I think it most likely was because I was looking so hard for this type of relationship in my own at the time, and it wasn’t there.

#2, the ability to try new things sexually that you would never be able to try with someone else without feeling like you were asking them to lasso the moon for you or change themselves for you.  Being so open to try, learn and enjoy new things.   I have always loved to try new things and learn new things.  It’s just how I am and this gives me that.  My limits are pushed and new possibilities introduced and I just love it!


*Pic used from Tumblr



Hard limits – Day 10 of 30 Days of Kink


What are your hard limits?

Ohhh, sooo many! But not as many as when we began.

  • Water play
  • Fire play
  • Blood play
  • Knife and needle play
  • Age play
  • Asphyxiation
  • Bestiality
  • Breath control
  • Branding
  • Scat
  • Golden showers
  • Cells/Closets (locked inside of)

I know there are more, but these come to mind immediately, and they are my hard limits which Daddy is in agreement with them.  Daddy has always told me if I am not sure about something he suggests, like a cane (on my soft limit), I may try it out on him first.  That he would not do anything on me that he would not have done to himself first.

What are your hard limits?


*Pic used from Tumblr

Favorite Toy – Day 7 of 30 Days of Kink


Day 7: What’s your favorite toy?  I actually have a couple of toys that are my favorite! There is one by We-Vibe that hits both the pussy and clit at the same time and ohhhh, its delicious! It is pink and white and has several settings to use.  It can do one, the other and both parts to give you the ultimate sensations.  Bad thing is, we like it so much it died!! I now have to get a new one.

The other one is the Doxy that Daddy gave me for Christmas.  I love it!  I have another wand, but its a little larger and doesn’t hit the clit area as easily as the Doxy does.  I am definitely a clit girl when it comes to toys and they both do it extremely well for me.

Now, just to get a new toy like the one that died!

*Pics used from Pinterest