Magic Moments – Flash Friday – #friflash


As she stands looking up at the beautiful picture of the dancing girl, she is taken back to that lovely happy spring day…. 

Walking down the winding road beside the shops, they stop to watch the beautiful Flamenco dancers.  Mesmerized as the colorful dresses swirl around with the beautiful movements of their routines.  The music fills the air and her body, pushing her to sway along. 

Later in their room, she turns on the same music to listen to as Daddy lays on the bed, naked and ready for her.  He watches her moving to the rhythm as she slowly removes her clothes.  Slipping the red blouse over her head, dropping it to the floor.  Sliding her red, white and black skirt down, shimmies it over her hips and down her legs to fan out around her feet.  Stepping over, careful not to catch her heels in the fabric, she moves to the bed beside him in her black bra, suspenders and stockings.  

Stopping a foot away from where he waits, she unhooks the bra and slides it down her arms to drop below her.  Now in nothing but suspenders, stockings and heels, she climbs, feline-like over to him, touching his hard, swelling cock that is standing proud for her.  Moving her fingers up and down to the sounds of the music.  He closes his eyes letting her take the reins for now, enjoying the feeling of her.  As her lips and tongue take over from her exquisite fingers, he moans his pleasure.  

It’s not long before he cannot take any more and he seizes her.  As they move to their own rhythm, matching the music.  Making the magic of this moment together live on in their memories.  

…What a wonderful moment to remember from a lovely picture.  Maybe she will get that outfit out and remind him tonight.  


Luck of the Draw


Stopping in front of one of those old fortune-teller machines to check it out, he smiles and looks at me.  “Want to see where you rate in love?” He says among the loud noise of the crowd at the fair.

“Not really.” I said.

“Oh come on, I dare you!”

“Okay fine, but these things never work right.  It’s the luck of the draw to what it tells you.”

“Okay, here, try your luck and see what it foretells.”  He hands me a coin.  I place it in the slot and I hold the lever as the light goes up and down and finally stops.

“You are both Naughty but Nice AND Smoldering! What??!?”  He is grinning from ear to ear with laughter in his eyes.

“That’s not supposed to light up but one thing.”

“Well it obviously knows where you are on this meter!” He says as he comes up behind me and wraps me in his arms. “Now let’s go home so that you can show me.”

“And you know I will!” I say as I turn to him and we kiss.  He grabs my bum as I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling me up to clasp my legs around his waist.  We catch our breath, unwind from one another and move to head through the cluster of people to the car.




So Many Colors


“I love these colors!” I say, gushing over the makeup and lingerie Daddy has given me for a surprise gift.

“Well, show me how much you love them by making yourself up in the makeup and showing off your lingerie to me!”  He says.

“Oh yes!!” I squeal excitedly, bouncing up and down on the bed. I crawl over to Daddy and give him a great big kiss.   Jumping off the bed I scoop everything up and run into the bathroom to get started.

There are blues, greens, browns, smoky-eye grays and blacks for the makeup.  And there are the same colors in the lingerie, along with red.  I begin with the blue.  Once my makeup is ready, I put on the sapphire blue thongs and sheer babydoll.  I put my long blonde hair up in a clip on top of my head and flounce out of the bathroom in a flourish for Daddy to see.

“Very pretty baby girl! I knew that color would look gorgeous on you!”  He says looking me up and down.  “Stay still and let Daddy inspect you.”

I stand still with legs apart and hands clasped behind my back.  He walks around me and lifts the skirt up to see the thongs underneath.  “Nice. Very nice, Kitten.”

He pops me on the ass and says, “Next!” I yelp and run back to the bathroom.

I change the makeup to a green shadow.  There is an emerald green corset and thong that match, along with a pair of holdup stockings that are black with an emerald ribbon around the top.  I put my black stilettos on to complete the look and walk back into the bedroom.  I feel so sexy and stand just as I did before for Daddy to inspect.  He walks around me and pops my bottom with the crop he is holding.  Moving around to the front he tells me to widen my legs.  As I do so, he pops my pussy lips with the crop.  I gasp from the sharpness of the impact.

“Good girl, my sexy Kitten.  Now the next.” As he crosses back to his comfy chair to wait.

I hurry to the bathroom to change once more.  Next I try the brown shadows.  I put on the black corset that rests just under my breasts, and knickers that have an opening in the back for easy access.  I leave on the stockings and stilettos.  I put my hair in a pony tail, high on the back of my head and tie a black ribbon around it.

As I walk out of the bathroom all sexy, like on a catwalk, Daddy gives a whistle.  We are both enjoying this so much.  I stand at the ready and he once again walks over to me and does his inspection.  This time he has a leather paddle in his hand.

“Place your hands in front of you my pet.”

“Yes, Sir, Daddy.”

“Good girl.” And as he walks behind me he gives me swats on both cheeks, several times, before continuing on around.  He stops in front of me and tells me to look up to the ceiling.  As I do so he pops my breasts three times each with the paddle.  I exclaim as he unexpectedly does this and bite my bottom lip immediately to stifle it.

“Okay Kitten, you have one more to show me I believe.” He leans in and pinches both nipples and I squeal.  “Get to it then.” he says.

I scamper off back to the bathroom.

Last of the lingerie is a red see-through negligee with red g-string.  I apply my smoky eye shadow, red lips and red ribbon in my hair.  I take off the black stockings and put on red ones.  I love the way it looks and feels on me.  Knowing this is the last, I move slowly to the door.  I hear him take in a breath as I pause for affect at the door.  I then walk to the same spot he has been inspecting me and stand there ready.  He walks over to me with fire in his eyes.

“Good girl.  So beautiful and sexy,” he says as he walks around with the leather strap in his hand.  “Stand over at the wall and place your hands against it, legs spread and thrust that beautiful bottom out for me baby girl.”

“Yes Sir.” I say, with anxious anticipation, and do as he directs me to.

“Have you been a good girl for me, Kitten?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Well, since you have been such a good girl I will only give you a few swats with my new leather strap you gave to me.  I think six will do.  Count for me Kitten.”

I count as he gives me my six lashes with the strap.  I am so wet, dripping with need, and yet I squeal as the strap feels like a sharp edged object as it hits.  As he reaches six, he drops the strap on the floor, grabs my arm and hair at the same time, pulling me over to the bed and pushes me down to kneel on it, head down.  He rips the g-string to the side and thrusts his cock into my overly self-lubricated cunt.  He takes me hard. Reaching around to rub my clit, he uses me for his primal pleasure.  In no time I am begging to cum. He demands I do it now as I feel him release within me.  Our bodies shake and shudder together with the intensity of our connection.

We fall over on the bed and he pulls me to him, wrapped in his arms and legs as we settle our beating hearts and catch our breath. Coming back down from the high of our orgasms.

“You had me so horny baby girl I couldn’t hold out any longer.  I am astonished by the things you do to me!”

I snuggle in closer to him and feel completely surrounded by his love.




Locked Together in Love – #friflash



As we sat together, basking in our enjoyment of each other and our play time we had just finished, Daddy looks at me and says, “You know the collar I gave to you for our play times?” he asked.

“Yes, of course.” I answered

“I want to give you a day collar.  One with a lock like you showed me you like.”

“Oh I would love that! Yes please.”

Daddy and I had talked about this before.  I really wanted to have something I could wear to honor our relationship and had heard others talking about wearing a “day collar” so many times.  I thought it was a lovely idea and looked into what that would possibly be.

I found pictures of necklaces with the “O” on them.  Necklaces with a charm stating maybe who they were or one portraying, like kitty or dog, who they are.  Then there were the ones that had the locks on them that had keys to open them and take off when needed.

Then, some people wore other things.  Like bracelets, rings and even tattoos symbolizing their connection and ownership.

I loved the necklace idea, feeling it was the closest to an actual collar than anything.  I told Daddy about it and he really liked the idea.  To me, having the one with the padlock shows we are locked together in our love for one another.

Looking at him while remembering all this, he picked up something from behind him and handed it to me.  It was a small black box with a ribbon on it.  I immediately felt excitement flash through me.  I opened it reverently and there was a necklace with a little black pouch which had a heart lock and key.

“Ohhh, Daddy, I love it!”

“Well, go ahead, put it on.” he said.

I placed the necklace around my neck and at the opening was a ring on each side which I slipped the lock into, and once locked, it connected the necklace.  It was beautiful and I squealed and jumped at Daddy giving him the biggest hug and kiss for my wonderful gift.

“Oh Daddy, this means so much! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome baby girl.” And I could see the pride in his face and hear it in his voice.  I am his and wearing this proves to the world that I am.





Hungry and Taxed – Friday Flash


I walk into his office and called out, “Hi honey, I’m here with the pizza and wine. How are the taxes going?”

“Ha ha,” he says, “How was your day?”

“It was good.  You want to hear something funny?” I ask.

“What’s that?”

“As I was walking to the pizza place next door from the parking, I looked up at the signs and with the upper stairs in the way, the signs read, Sex, Pizza and Tax! Now if that doesn’t give you a Freudian sign, I don’t know what does! HA! Sex to make you hungry and taxed of energy! Get it?!” I laugh.

He shakes his head and walks over to me in his jeans and t-shirt clad body I love.  He takes the pizza and wine bottle from my hands and places them on the near-by desk, wraps me in his arms and devours my mouth with his.

Once we come up for air, I say, “Mmmm…I should do and say this more often!”  I smile up into his gorgeous light brown eyes.  Those eyes that right now have a hunger in them that only I can feed.  My whole body turns into a molten hot mess in an instant.

“Hold that thought,” he says as he walks to the front of the office and locks the door, closing the blinds as well.

He comes back to me and in his sexy voice, whispers in my ear, “Now about that Freudian message you saw…”

He turns me around pushes my head down, lifts up my skirt and pops me on the ass. “Time to get that hunger and taxation underway!”

Oh I love when I say the right thing to get him going!


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Glass Full – Friday Flash

My glass is so full.  Full of you and what you give to me daily.  The discipline, guidance, love and care.  The pain and pleasure that accompanies this.  When we are together its like we were never apart.  We go through a day like it was destined always to be so.  With working through things, enjoying each other, play times and rest.

When “working through things and enjoying each other”, it is bringing us closer on a level of the mind and strength in building our understanding of one another.

When play times come, it brings us closer emotionally through all the pain and pleasure and feeding off each other.  With the spankings, dress up and giving pleasure in the sex and love we share.

And when we are apart it is as though I go numb for a while, like I and my body are waiting patiently for the time we will be back together again.  But then you bring me back to the present and the working together even though apart.  For now it is the normal way we are.

You have given me so much so I always feel loved and blessed.  My glass is never half empty or half full.  It is always full of your love and my love for you.


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Daydream – Friday Flash #35


This has a mild NSFW content, just FYI.

As we sit here in the dark cozy pub with friends in our favorite booth, I find myself drifting into daydreams.  Daydreams of just a short time ago.  Of wrists tied. Legs spread.  Glowing bottom getting redder by the second, so warm and sore.  Being brought to the brink by your skilled tongue and fingers again and again before finally toppling over into bliss.

I take a sip of my wine as I look at you with a knowing smile on my lips and my eyes show you what I am thinking of.

I then go back to that daydream and there is licking and sucking. In and out. Popping sounds with my mouth. Gagging sounds as you knock the back of my throat and I moan.

Oh, did I just do that out loud?  Oops.  You squeeze my leg with your hand.  I look up at that mischievous all-knowing smile.  A quick pat on my now wet again mound as you tell everyone we are leaving.  With giggles from me and a big grin on your face, we duck out of the cozy pub and make our way to our place for another scene to daydream about.


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Vintage Pin – Friday Flash No. 34 – NSFW


F Dot Leonora had a friend model her vintage pin for this prompt for this Fun Friday Flash.

She stood there in the doorway, dressed just as he had requested.  Her vintage dress of the color rose, with white-collar lining the neckline and cuffs on the short sleeves.  Cinched waste and pleated skirt, hold ups and rose heels to match.  Golden hair swept up with soft ringlets falling down a bit.

Looking the picture perfect image of the fifties with the last touch of a vintage pin on her bodice.  And as he stared at her standing in the doorway, sitting in his comfortable leather arm-chair, she saw his bulge already growing.

“Come here girl,” he said commanding her forward.

As she came to stand in front of him, he told her to kneel before him.  She did so and all the while staring at the bulge that is wanting to burst from his trousers.  She then looked up at him and as she did he nodded his consent.  She slowly unzipped his trousers as his rapidly growing cock was released and she immediately began to lick and take in the tip, circling it with her tongue.  His breath was unsteady as he enjoyed her onslaught to his thick shaft.

Sliding it in to her mouth a little further each time.  Finally touching the back of her throat the last few times to the point he couldn’t take it anymore.  He told her to stand and as she did he stood with her.

“Kneel with your head over the back of the chair, Kitten, and remove your knickers.”  As she did so, he pierced her dripping wet cunt with his hard cock, reaching around and circling her clit at the same time.

“I want you to come for me, baby.  You know you are mine and I want you to give me your orgasm now!”  He said this as he is pounding into her pussy.  Knowing he is hitting just the right spot as he does, for with each thrust in, she tightens her cunt on his shaft.  Each time proving the soon to be given orgasm he demands.

As her cunt starts to spasm she cries out her plea for release.  As he tells her to give it all to him, she washes over him as he releases with her.  Once spent he grabs her and spins them around and onto the chair together, with her on his lap.  Catching their breath from the intensity, he says, “I love the vintage pin with our picture in it, Kitten.”

“I thought you would, Daddy,” smiling knowingly at him. Wow, she loves when that primal need hits him like that!

I know, doesn’t match the picture but the vintage pin is what gave me the prompt. 😉

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So It Begins


Sexy picture prompt provided by May More.

Image originally published as Scandalous and used with permission.

Looking at her phone again to make sure she was doing exactly as he has directed, she checked herself in the mirror.  Stockings, check; white school girl button up, unbuttoned and no bra nor panties, check; hair in ponytail, check; wand on chair and ready, check.  Next she is to sit on the chair facing the back, wand under her, sitting on her clit.  She is to edge three times before he gets home and to tell him each time she has edged by text through phone.

So, she begins.  It takes a bit to reach the first one so she starts thinking of Daddy and the possibilities he has planned for her when he gets home.  That gets her to the first edge.  She messages him to let him know.

She starts again after catching her breath.  It doesn’t take long at all to reach that second one.  She messages him and lets him know.  Then the last time, for edge number three, it takes longer to get it going.  Her clit and cunt are throbbing and sensitive yet takes a bit to start feeling the tingling and build up.  Finally she reaches that third edge and she gets up from the chair, messages him to let him know and immediately hears him walk in the door.  She removes the wand and places it beside the chair, sits back down facing the back, which is facing the door in their room, with hands in front resting on the seat and puts her head down, looking at the floor.

He opens the door and walks over to her, placing his hand on her head and says, “good girl.” He then walks to the walk-in closet, changes his clothes and returns by her side.

“Okay, Kitten, get on the bed, head down ass up,” He said.

And so it begins…

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