Must Know – TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday is up! Let’s go…write, post, read, comment. Go!

We simply must know, tmi

Well, not much in the answers, but here ya go… 😉

1. How do you spend most of your time? Working, writing and reading

2. Is this where you thought you would end up? No not at all.

3. What would you do differently if given the opportunity?  Traveling and enjoying life 😉

4. How do you encourage creativity in the bedroom?  Being open with each other to try new things

5. Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us.  I believe there really is nothing I haven’t shared

Bonus: Sexually, who has influenced you the most?  Daddy influences me every day


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The State of Happy – TMI Tuesday

The State of Happy

1. Do you like where you live or do you wish you could move? I do like where I live but life is ever changing and I know there are other places I would love to live some day….Like… the beach…. another country… the mountains…

2. No matter what life throws at me, I believe that I can deal with it. Agree or Disagree? I agree.  I have so far and lived through it.  I believe I can deal even though at times it doesn’t feel like I can.

3. A dear friend is stuck in an unhappy relationship. What advice would you give to the friend to cope–how can they make lemonade out of lemons? It’s hard to cope through an unhappy relationship.  I have found that sometimes you have to let go of something to be happy again.  Thing is, I can’t tell anyone that, they have to find out for themselves.  All I can do is be there for them and support them through it.

4. Nothing of value can be learned from failure. True or False? False!  At least in my opinion.  I believe we all can learn from failure.  There is a lesson in all things, whether it is doing great or failing.

5. Even if you are sure about your ultimate choice, do you still ask others for advice before making an important or risky decision? I do, just because that is who I am.  I like to know all my options or know what others see that I may not see before making the ultimate decision.  But that ultimate decision is always mine, no one else can make it for me nor be held responsible for it.

Bonus: What is the sweetest or rewarding moment in your life?  There are a couple moments I can think of.

Knowing my children have done well.  And knowing myself and where I am going and doing with my life.


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Oohs and Aahs – TMI Tuesday

Welcome to Oohs and Aahs of it all this TMI Tuesday!

1. Do you express your sexual pleasure with moans, groans, sighs, and other noises (provided that you are actually turned on)? a.!! 😉
a. Yes, each time I have sex (90-100% of the time).
b. Yes, on most occasions (70-89% of the time).
c. Yes, on some occasions (40-69% of the time).
d. Yes, on a few occasions (less than 40% of the time).
e. No. Never, not even when I am really turned on.

2. How comfortable are you with sex in bright light or daylight? Pick one. a. At least now I am 🙂
a. Completely comfortable
b. Fairly comfortable
c. Somewhat comfortable/uncomfortable, depends on the partner.
d. Completely uncomfortable. I like to do it in the dark.

3. Is this statement True or False for you? Explain.
I would like to talk dirty with my partner, but I don’t dare for fear of being judged or ridiculed.  False! It’s hot and my partner would and does love dirty talk 🙂

4. Have you ever done a striptease for a lover (impromptu or planned)? Did you enjoy it?  No, but it would be fun! 

5. How do you feel about giving anal sex (penetration with penis, finger or sex toys)? Pick one.  a. I love seeing and hearing his response to me giving anal sex!
a. I enjoy it. 
b. I’m okay with it.
c. I don’t really enjoy it.
d. I don’t enjoy it at all.
e. I have never given anal sex.
f. I have never given anal sex, but would like to start.


Whole Lotta Love – TMI Tuesday

whole lotta love, love

1. What makes you feel unloved?  Being shut out and ignored.  Oh there are so many things I could list right here that makes a person feel unloved.
2. What is the one act that a person can do that makes you feel loved?  But there is more than one…Ask how I am, take interest in what I like and what I am into, show by doing small meaningful things.  How can you come up with just one?
3. What kind of music do you find romantic?  Italian or Spanish. I don’t know why, but hearing other languages in song is really romantic to me.
4. What do you find utterly unromantic?  Tobacco Dip and spitting. Ugh!
5. What thing did you find out about your significant other that you decided to look past and go for a relationship?  Disliking some of the things I like, such as Disney movies, musicals, etc… 😉

Bonus: In your life, is romance dead?  No I don’t think romance is dead.  It’s just hard to come by at times



TMI Tuesday – Do Your Thang

Do your thang! TMI Tuesday.

1. Who has the tendency to hold a grudge–you or your significant other?  I honestly don’t think either one of us do.  We move on

2. The last time you had sex, was it meaningful (making love) or trivial (getting a much needed fuck)?  Oh it was both! Was meaningful with some much needed fucking! 😉

3. Do you have sex with your eyes open or closed? Both…isn’t that the norm?

4. When arguing with a loved one, who is most likely to “hit below the belt*” first?
*attacking your partner’s character or something personal about them.  Hmmm….my ex used to do that but, no, we don’t do that.

5. Is sex with your best friend a dream come true or the worst nightmare?  It depends on how you look at it.  If you consider your lover/partner your best friend than it is a dream come true.  If you have had sex with your best friend it could become a nightmare if something goes wrong in your relationship.  At least that is how I see it.

Bonus: Share with us your best tip for making your online dating profile standout.

Never did an online dating profile before.  I would think being completely honest would make you standout more than anything, but who am I to say?


TMI Tuesday- Hello 2019!

Year 2018 has come to an end. How was the year for you? Let’s take a look this TMI Tuesday.

1. Daily rituals. Do you have any that you will abandon in the new year? Will you begin new daily rituals? If yes, what? I have my daily rituals I will stay with as well as make sure I have scheduled properly other rituals or routines to keep up with this year as well.

2. What significant relationship improved the most? I think many of my relationships improved this year.  All family, friends and myself

3. What relationship in your life deteriorated? I don’t believe any deteriorated for once.

4. What do you wish you had done more of in 2018? How do you plan on doing more of that in 2019? I wish I had trusted myself and my decisions more so I definitely will work on that this year (Didn’t actually realize this until talking to my Daddy about it)

5. What important person in your life needs more of your time? Will you give it?  My kids

Bonus: How can you redesign your evenings to bring more restful “you” time to the end of your day?  I think as above, just making sure things are scheduled and being followed instead of “winging” things as usual. (One of the things some people love and some people hate about me)

TMI Tuesday – Random Sh*t

1. Which do you make more of phone calls or text messages?  Text messages more than phone calls

2. Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? Why?  No, I usually have a purpose for the call and just talk! Ha!

3. Name three things you and your partner appear to have in common.  Love of kink, love of traveling, love of learning and trying new things

4. Name three things about which you and your partner completely disagree and often causes arguments.  There is not much we don’t agree on at all.  The one thing I can think of is always scheduling things ahead…way ahead of time. LOL!  Which I admit can be a good thing. 😉

5. 74 percent of couples bought a brand new mattress when they began their relationship. As you embark on a serious relationship would you request your significant other buy a new mattress or would you buy a new mattress if the s.o. asked you to do so?  I know it will be done eventually, if not already, so I don’t worry about it.

Bonus: If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about your future, what would you want to know?   That all would work out and I am happy <3


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TMI Tuesday-On The Road Again


1. Tell us about the last road trip you made: When? Where did you go? How long was the overall trip? Did you go alone? Did you have fun?  It’s been awhile, but went on a day trip to the mountains, on my own, just to get away. It was beautiful and just what I needed to recenter and get back to me. 🙂

2. Do you love to travel?  Yes I love to travel!

3. What’s the best place you’ve been? Do you want to go back? One of the best places I have gone is London.  I love the historical old feel of the place, everyone seemed welcoming and open to things going on around them.  I would love to go back again.

4. Would you travel for sex? Have you traveled more than 50 miles just to have sex?  For the right person, of course! Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t 😉

5. What sexual act or sex position do you struggle with doing? So far I haven’t struggled with any, as long as they are in my limits I have no qualms.

Bonus: What are you into but have not told anyone?  Hmmmm….Puzzles, I love working and finishing puzzles 🙂

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TMI Tuesday – 9/11

night time is the right time

Fill in the blank

1. When I can’t sleep I listen to sleep sounds or read.  I would say have sex, but not an option at the moment. 😉

2. My dream bedroom would be full of play toys and bdsm furniture.  Okay okay….can I have two bedrooms?…fluffy pillows, stuffies, sheer curtains and bunch of girlie stuff.

3. If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow it would be a place where I felt loved, protected and cherished all the time and somewhere far away for at least a few days. That’s not much to ask for, right?

4. I need to relax and do my thing at night. Now this could be anything…like reading, painting, having sex and orgasms, writing, having sex and orgasms (oh wait, I said that!)

5. To have no one around that loved me and understood me would truly be a nightmare.  I normally don’t have nightmares, that I know of, but I usually don’t remember my dreams, whether good or bad.

6. Night time is the right time to have sex and orgasms. 😉 Okay….sleep and rest.

Bonus: Briefly tell us about your last dream–erotic or not.  WELLLL…. I normally don’t remember my dreams. And I couldn’t tell you the last dream I did wake up and remember.  Although, I do have a lot of day dreams…of sex and orgasms….Hmmmm…I think I might need some of the sex and orgasms I keep mentioning. What do you think? Ha!

Well that was a lot of fun doing this TMI for the first time ever! Thank you!

TMI Tuesday