#SoSS 2019 Overview

My Overall #SoSS of 2019

I have not shared my #S0SS for quite some time.  (I know…It’s not Saturday nor Sunday, but the need to share is there) 🙂   Going through things and trying to determine how I need to move forward in my life has taken me away from doing my norm here on my blog.

I decided there is a need to thank some people and share some things I have enjoyed from others and what others have seemed to enjoy of mine this past year.

First off –

I am so thankful to those I have come to know and get closer to this past year.  Being so blessed with new friends and acquaintances as well as my close friends and loves that were already in my life.  I have felt supported and loved throughout the year.  Especially with all I was going through to bring me down.  I am ready to move forward in my life and have been mulling over how this is going to go for me in the new year.

All I can say right now is, keep up with me, hang in there and find out what exciting things will be happening in the very near future!!

Now Onward with the past year’s #SoSS

I did a total of only 11 #SoSS posts this past year.  11!!!
That’s it! Thought it was more, but obviously not.


-First was in January on the 12th. I shared the prompts and memes I joined in on, and shared the top three I liked the most.  I also shared what I had written for the prompts and memes that week.  You can check it our Here.

I then did two more in January, on the 20th and the 26th.  Both were short but I always like to make sure I either share the top three stories chosen or the links to each of the prompts or memes so you can check them out for yourself! 🙂


-Sharing three of my #SoSS in February, on the 9th, 17th and 23rd.

On the 9th of February I shared some of the new prompts/memes to join in on, as well as the normal ones I like to share.

The 17th of February was one I was late for while participating in the Smut Marathon and I shared some recommendations given by the lovely Brigit Delaney.

Then on the 23rd of February I was excited to share that I participated in picking the top three for Masturbation Monday!


-In March I only shared one on the 3rd and in it I said a bit about what all I am learning being here and then shared some other things for all to check out and enjoy.  🙂


-In April there were two #SoSS posts.  It is during this month that I went to self-hosting so it was taking a some time to get used to the new way of doing things.

April 14th I shared my favorite posts from Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday.

And on the 21st of April I was able to share my two posts I wrote for the week and then also the prompts/memes I share every week for all to participate in.


-I totally skipped May and went into June with one #SoSS for that month.

While participating in #EveryDamnDayInJune I did my #SoSS on the 10th of June. With this one I just shared some personal things about me.


-Once again I skipped a month and went to August, on the 2nd, for my next #SoSS share.  In this post I shared many podcast I have been listening to and enjoying and decided others might enjoy them too.


That was my last one for the year 2019.  So much happened in the year to get me off kilter and I am really hoping for this new year of 2020 to dive in to all my goals to accomplish in writing and sharing. They may not all happen but I am sure going to give it my best!!

Posts Of Mine That Were Shared:

*My post Mirror Time from January 7, 2019 was shared by Nicci Haydon on April 8, 2019.  Please give Nicci some love by going to her site and checking out all she has to offer!

*Asrai Devin shared my post Wicked Daddy from February 12, 2019 on March 9, 2019 under the “Erotic” title.  Check out all Asrai has to share on her site!

*On June 13, 2019 I wrote my post Fantasy In Poem and it was shared by Deviant Succubus on June 17 in her #SoSS post  Go give Deviant a visit! You won’t be disappointed!!

*Miss D shared my post from June 13, 2019 regarding People-Pleasing. She saw it on my blog and then shared it on her’s (Self Discovery)! This is why we share.  If we can reach one more person that has had a similar experience and either don’t know why or don’t even realize until they read about it, well it is one more person “in the know.”  Please give Miss D a visit and see what else she has to share!

*My Post 2 Souls On Fire from July 24, 2019 was shared by Posy Churchgate in her #SoSS post for August 2.  Hop on over to Posy’s blog and check out all the great topics she has to offer!

*On August 12, 2019 I shared a post named My Words To Live By and May More shared it on her #SoSS post on October 2.  May has so much to share and I think you will enjoy anything you come upon!  Give a look see and find out for yourself!

*Sharing my post of After Dinner Plans on September 4, 2019, caught the attention of Purplesole (One half of Purple’s Gem) and shared my post on September 5 for Masturbation Monday’s Roundup! Please take a bit to check out Purple’s Gem site and find the treasures that await. 😉

– Also sharing my After Dinner Plans post is Posy Churchgate in her #SoSS post of September 7! Thank you so much Posy! Once again, please give her blog a look-see!

*This Is My Fight Song is a post I shared on September 5, 2019.  It was part of the Music As Muse Month.  Marie Rebel of Rebel’s Notes shared it on her #SoSS post on September 7. Definitely give this lovely lady some love by going on her blog site and checking out all the wonderful posts, pictures and information she shares!

Thank you so much for all that shared my posts and those that commented when you could on some of my posts.  I really enjoy seeing that I either touch or bring some feelings to those that read my posts!  Once again, please give the bloggers above some love by visiting their sites.

Final Post Words

I hope you have enjoyed my sharing of 2019 posts and will come back to join me in other posts and writing I will do this year.

I have been on a time-out, per se.  But, I am slowly going to work myself back in to doing some things here and sharing.  I miss it a lot! Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for joining me in this rather late post for the #SoSS of 2019. 🙂



#SoSS on Podcasts

*Picture from Pixabay

My #SoSS for this week is Podcast finds!

I listen through Apple Podcasts but there are many other podcast hosts you can go to and find these podcasts.

I have been following Loving BDSM for the last couple of years and love Kayla and John! They have hit their 4 year mark this month of August and I am so thrilled for them! The topic for this past week is Taking Care of Each other When You’re Apart.  Boy do I understand (especially where the LDR is concerned!) and I had so much going through my head while listening.  So, take a listen and you can catch up on all their episodes if you want as well! 🙂

I really enjoy listening to Floss and Bakji on Proud To Be Kinky.  They are a lot of fun and share good information.  Their podcast this past week is on Dynamics in BDSM.  A very good listen, and take a listen to the rest of their episodes when you can!

I just recently started listening to Kink Craft Podcast.  A wonderful couple I really enjoy listening to.  They not only talk about Kink but other current events going on in our crazy world! This last episode on De-platforming – A discussion with Sluts and Scholars, introduced me to another new podcast (Sluts and Scholars) that I will be listening to when they get back from their meet and greet! 

I was just recently introduced to Sexpots podcast when on twitter! Love these gals (G of Girl on the Net, Bitsy Von Muffling and Katy)! They talk about four topics and have a saying right in the middle (Wikipervia – (spelling?)) that they guess what it means or tell you what they know about it and then read what it actually is.  They have fun and pull you in and have you laughing along with them! Then at the end of the podcast they give you a position to try out with your (or a) partner.  

Another new podcast I found and started listening to was from twitter as well.  It is Smut.  These girls (Lisa and Michelle) are funny and a blast to listen to.  The last one is on Oral Sex, BDSM Test, Sex Laws and Dirty Photos!  They have a lot of fun drinking and eating while sharing their topics picked out for the podcast.  

Franki Cookney is a great writer and journalist and I was so excited to learn she has a podcast as well! The Second Circle is the name of it, and she has her husband on there with her.  Great topics, interviews and information.  Check her out!

Guys We F****d is a podcast run by two comedians, Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson.  They talk about so many different topics (both funny and serious) and they are so funny.  The last episode is with Kathy Griffin and it was so great listening to them all feed off of each other through the whole interview with Kathy! It’s called DOES KRIS JENNER KNOW WHEN EACH OF US WILL DIE? Check it out!

So that is my #SoSS for the week.  Not my norm for sharing but wanted to give a shout out to these great podcasts and I know there are more out there! I will most likely do another one soon with more for you to check out.  But until then, I will go back to sharing posts on blogs next week.

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully I have introduced you to a podcast you will love!

#SoSS – Day 9 – #EveryDamnDayInJune

Well, I missed yesterday.  🙁

Hopefully this will make up for it though.  I haven’t done this in a very long time and even though it is Sunday evening instead of Saturday, I am going to share my #SoSS!  And it is not my normal SoSS as well.

I am slowly beginning to write a little more again and participate in the prompts and memes.  I love this community and how we enjoy sharing writing and life happenings.  I am also learning a little more every time I write.  We all have our ways of writing.  Everyone has particular things they look for and really enjoy in what they read.  There are also different understandings in what is being asked of us to write and in what ways.

Each week prior to today, in my SoSS, I would share the stories I would have picked for the prompts and/or memes, as well as those that had been picked for the week.  It is a hard thing to do because there are so many great stories and writers participating each week.


I let what I love to do, my writing, be affected by others.  I let how other people saw me (even though extremely distorted and judgmental) determine how I saw myself and my writing.  That is wrong and I know this.  I am finding my voice and how I want to share it.  I may not be right for some.  And I may not make others happy in knowing what I write about, but this is me.  It is what I am enjoying at this moment.  No, it may not last forever and it may be something completely different in a few years down the road, but this is me right here and right now.

Right now:

So, if you enjoy my writings, my sharing, my ways of doing things, I am so happy!  If this is the first time you have come upon me and see that you like, please continue to come back! (*although, if you are below the age of 18, please do not continue because some of the information and writings are not appropriate*)  If you do not like what I am writing and sharing, I am sorry and I ask that you move on to something you do like and enjoy, and thank you for stopping by.

Most prompts and memes I participate in, I will share my writings or stories for that particular week, if any, and then I will also share the other prompts and memes for you to check out because each one has such great entries! I am not doing that this week due to time, but starting next week I will be back to it!

Thank you to those that give us the prompts and memes to participate in weekly and please continue to do so!! We love you!



My Sexy #SoSS

My Sexy #SoSS

Trying to get back in the swing of things.  It is taking some time to get used to this self-hosted site and how it works.  A big huge shout out to @DomSigns for all his help and dealing with this half-techie understanding person. Thank you!!  And to Violet Fawkes of @fireandhoney and Love, Violet for my Avi and Header art, thank you, I love it!! 

Now, on with my share…

I was able to get in my Masturbation Monday and Friday Flash posts this week.  I was so frustrated because I couldn’t seem to come up with something for Wicked Wednesday, which I love to participate in as well.  These all help me in continuing to get better at my writing and I am so grateful to you all for offering these prompts for others to participate in!

If you would like to participate in any yourself, please check out Marie Rebelle’s #SoSS to see a list of prompts and memes to pick from.

My faves of the week:

Masturbation Monday –

Club Dress: Pleasurable Pain by Asrai Devin – Such a hot little story

Human Tales by Kisungura – Check out one hot little fairy

My Beautiful Stone Fairy by A Leap of Faith – Such a sweet romantic tale

Wicked Wednesday –

Double Your Pleasure by Love, Violet – Hot M/M short story 😉

Primitive by F. Dot Leonora – Quite a curious possible double life look. Wow!

[That’s My Kink] Masochism by Floss Does Life – Such a personal look into Flosses life <3

Friday Flash (So Far) –

Tangled Up In You by Ria Restrepo – Hot office sex you just can’t miss!

Artistic License by Lascivious Lucy – Very hot F/F short story

Open Mouth by F. Dot Leonora – Oh how thoughts can work for such a sexy session

These are all amazing posts and there are so many more! So, please go and check out as many prompts/memes as you can.  Give the writers likes and comments and share the love.

Thank you and Happy Easter!!

My #SoSS for week of April 8

I have been biting at the bit to get back in the blogging world and my writing!

So, I am starting here on my new blog site with my #SoSS. 🙂

Just sharing a few this week to get me started, and they are posts from Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday.  I picked four from each and there were soooo many great ones I hated I couldn’t share them all. 

So, here are my faves from each:

Masturbation Monday:

#1 – Outside by lascivity.co.uk  – Wonderful writing of a couple being able to completely take in the experience of being alone outside and enjoying one another.

#3 – The Sex Scientist Files by lustitude.com – Very sexy tale of a couple’s experience, especially her’s and what he gave to her in experience.

#11 – True Love’s Kiss by mycontrolledascent.com – Eery but kept me on my seat the whole time and a different take on the Sleeping Beauty tale. Wow!

#14 – Sleepy Saturday by bluesubmission.com – I can just imagine myself in her place.  How hot!

Wicked Wednesday:

#2 – Sexiness is a state of mind by brigitdelaney.com – Very moving and I can relate to this in so many ways.  Sexiness really is a state of a person’s mind.

#3 – Wicked Wednesday by sirandkittenspleasureplace.com – So very understanding how a person can get sucked into their own mind and fall for the body’s reaction to things.  I am so happy she has the support of the people she has. So many of us are similar to this.

#4 – A letter of thanks by toyforsir.com – How beautiful and kudos to her for staying strong and working through things after he is gone! x

#6 – Vincent by ifsexmatters.co.uk – May shares something so personal and life changing in a decision she had to make.  

Thank you to everyone that shared these posts in particular (that I shared above), but all the posts shared are always personal and mean something to each person writing. So, please go and read these posts through the links I have placed above. Share some love and comment on them if you can.  

Check out Marie Rebelle’s post for #SoSS.  She is so great at sharing the prompts and memes of others, and herself, that are used to help us all in our writing that any and all can participate in!

Next week I hope to be in full swing again.  Have a great weekend and new week coming up!

Love to Share – #SoSS


The longer I am here blogging and sharing with fellow bloggers, and getting to know so many, I am learning so much.  Not only about me and others here, but about my writing and where I would like to take it.  It not only scares me but gets me excited about the possibilities.  I have always just written what was in my head with no thought about things like repetition or clichés or even the right words in explaining things.  By doing my writing the way I have, it caught people’s attention, I guess being straight from my head and heart.  But it wasn’t catching the attention of those that would come back for more.  It’s very gratifying to get comments from writers I respect.  And, I will admit, I was very shy to give comments to those same writers (shoot any writers really) because I felt my comments were not a big deal or wouldn’t really mean anything.  I have, thankfully, realized that was the silliest thing to think. Everyone appreciates comments, feedback and likes regarding what they write.  How else will you know you are reaching people and doing it “right” for those reading your work.  In other words, knowing your writings are being read and meaning something to someone other than yourself.

So, on with my sharing for the week!

*I participated in three memes/prompts this week:

Masturbation MondayFantasies

Wicked WednesdayThe Fear is Real

Friday FlashLuck of The Draw

*Smut Marathon – The voting for Round 2 of the Smut Marathon (brought to you by Marie Rebelle of Rebel’s Notes) begins tomorrow (March 3) until Friday, March 8.  Please drop by and vote for your 3 favorite stories.

*EuphOff 2019 – Now open for entries! The EuphOff 2019 (brought to you by The Other Livvy) is now open for entries beginning March 1 and must have them posted before March 31.  Looks like great fun and you can find the rules in the link above.

*Eroticon is on March 15 (Meet & Greet) -17! Just less than two weeks away! There are so many bloggers and writers that will be there.  Everyone is excited and looking forward to meeting virtual friends in person, for the first time or once again.  You can check out many bloggers’ Eroticon Virtual Meet & Greet on their blogs or twitter (I can’t share everyone’s posts so just look for “Eroticon Virtual Meet and Greet”).

*Podcasts – I know this is not talked about much, if at all, but there are many bloggers that actually have podcasts too! If you, as a blogger, has a podcast audio and/or video, please let me know and I will include it next time 🙂

Check out these I know of and listen to:

Loving BDSM w/Kayla Lords and John Brownstone; Masturbation Monday for stories read by John Brownstone; and The Smutlancer by Kayla Lords.  They also have a YouTube Podcast for Loving BDSM! (I hope I covered them all)

Proud to be Kinky w/Floss of Floss Does Life and Bakji

Other Memes and/or Prompts to read or participate in:

Sinful Sunday

Masturbation Monday

TMI Tuesday

Wicked Wednesday

Friday Flash

Food For Thought Friday

Fantasy Smut Friday

Kink of the Week

Erotic Journal Challenge

Tell Me About…

Sex Bloggers for Mental Health

February Photo Fest brought to you by Molly’s Daily Kiss, has come to a close and if you didn’t get a chance to catch up on all the great pictures shared, you can go back here to do so!

I know I have shared a lot so hope I haven’t overwhelmed you.  Trusting you all are having a great weekend and will have a great week!


Sexy Saturday Share – #SoSS


Participating in the Smut Marathon has me a bit off regarding writing.  I took some time to soak up the appreciated input I received on my entry and then took more time trying to decide what story to write for round two.  I have now written my story and I have stepped away from it.  I will revisit it later today to go over and possibly make changes.  I have four more days to get that in.  

Also, I was asked by Kayla Lords to choose the top three for this week’s Masturbation Monday.  I was so honored and so excited that she asked me! I have followed her podcast, twitter account and her blog posts since Daddy introduced their podcast, Loving BDSM, to me, approximately three years ago. We became fast friends virtually and I cannot wait to meet her and John Brownstone in person! Yay!!  Go here to check out all the posts for Masturbation Monday.  

My top three picks are:

In Bed With Layla by Floss Does Life

Vicki’s Dream by Lascivious Lucy

Fast and Furious by Kilted Wookie

There are so many other prompts and memes to check out and participate in.  Marie Rebelle of Rebel’s Notes does an awesome job of listing them and the dates for each, every week.  On her blog you can find them here and here.

The ones I have participated in before and/or recently are these:

Sinful Sunday

Masturbation Monday

TMI TuesdayMy post

Wicked WednesdaySo Many Colors

Friday FlashSo Many Colors

Food For Thought Friday

Fantasy Smut Friday

Kink of the Week

Erotic Journal Challenge

Soooo many sexy writings to read, and pictures to see!  So enjoy reading the latest stories, pictures (well, seeing) and poetry offered on these wonderful memes/prompts.  Give comments and likes when you can because they are much appreciated by all.  Have a wonderful weekend and great week!


Write…Read…What’s next?? – #SoSS


A little late, but better late than never, right?! 😉

There is so much going on right now! So many prompts a person can participate in and read!  I want to do them all!! 

Unfortunately I can’t and I hate it because I would love to give everyone my support all the time.  And it helps me with my writing.  But, even if you are great with scheduling things and doing them, it’s still hard to cover them all.  And I am not one that is very good at that. 

AND, I am participating in the Smut Marathon.  I thought I was clever doing a poem type writing for my first story since it was so short.  Obviously I was wrong. 🙁  I have already started learning from it with a few recommendations and helpful insights (thank you to all who left comments!).  So, I am still in it for this next round (2) and will hopefully get to the next one.  Crossing fingers, toes, hair….well, you get the jest.  


Here are the prompts I participated in this past week and a few more that are available for your participation or reading pleasure. 🙂

Masturbation Monday:  Wicked Daddy

TMI Tuesday:  My Post

Wicked Wednesday:  Erotic Photo

Friday Flash:  Locked Together in Love

Others prompts:

Sinful Sunday

Menstruation Matters

The Erotic Journal Challenge

February Photofest

Fantasy Smut Friday

Food For Thought Friday

Lingerie is for Everyone

Kink of the Week

Sex Bloggers for Mental Health

Tell Me About Dominance and Submission

There is some really great advice out there if you are interested.  For all of us writers out there, if you didn’t see the input for our writing, please go to the voting page of the Smut Marathon and see what you can learn!

I love when you can get advice from those that have “been there, done that,” so kinda have an insight on how things might work.  Check out the unsolicited, yet quite helpful, advice from Brigit Delaney regarding things to look for and possible insight on writing.

Better get back to getting ready for my next writing assignment! Have a great week and enjoy, whether writing, reading or both!



Mind Boggling Crazy #SoSS


I didn’t get my Sharing post out last weekend.  Way too much going on and boggling crazy mind elsewhere.

I really enjoyed joining in on the prompts this week and sharing a bit as well.  AND, I turned in my first entry for the Smut Marathon! (This is run by Marie Rebelle of Rebel’s Notes)  Eeeek!!  Judging starts this Sunday (2/10/19).

There are a few new/fairly new prompts to take part in and they are:

The Erotic Journal Challenge by Brigit Writes

Lingerie Is For Everyone by Violet Fawkes

February Photofest by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss (Only for February)

Fantasy Smut Friday by Forbidden Writings

Kink of The Week by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss

Menstruation Matters – by A to Sub Bee

Sex Bloggers for Mental Health – by Sassy Cat

Here I will share some of the prompts I participated in this week, and also the prompts for you to be able to go to and check out other bloggers’ works and pics.

Masturbation Monday – by Kayla Lords – Sugar and Spice

TMI TuesdayMy post

Wicked Wednesday – by Marie Rebelle –  Our D/s and How Things Change

Friday Flash – by F Dot Leonora –  Hungry and Taxed


Sinful Sunday – by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss

Food For Thought Friday

Also, this week the amazing Kayla Lords has some great advice on “What to Do Instead of Waiting for Inspiration” on her Smutlancer podcast so check it out for some information you may not have thought of, or possibly for a reminder.

I normally would share my favorite picks from a couple of the prompts I join in on, but wanted to make sure to share the ever-growing list of available prompts to check out and join in on.

*If there are any other prompts I have forgotten or did not include the correct sponsor for these prompts, my humble apologies.*

There are a lot of prompts/memes out there to offer for your writing and reading pleasure.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend and new week!!



So Much for #SoSS


So, I have had sooo much going on recently.  My goal to be better about scheduling ahead worked one week so far. (Ugh! Life!)  I will be doing better.  I have to!  I signed up to participate in the Smut Marathon (Eeeek!) and am researching other avenues regarding writing and where I want to take things this year.

There are a couple of new prompts that have been started.  The Erotic Journal Challenge by Brigit Delaney and the Lingerie is for Everyone by Violet Fawkes.  Check them out and join in if you feel moved to!

Starting on January 27, tomorrow, the Smut Marathon begins.  So check out what is going on there and support all the writers.  They appreciate helpful feed back and input.

Beginning February 1 will be the February Photofest by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss.  It will be a daily photo sharing for February! Many use it as a building tool for self-esteem, or a source for pushing your own limits and comfort zones.  Or just something absolutely fun you can share with others of a like mind.

So far I have participated (not all the time nor every week) in the following prompts:

So far that is it.  I hope I didn’t miss one.  I only was able to participate in two this week:

*TMI Tuesday

*Wicked Wednesday with Exploring Her Bodyscape

I definitely plan on doing more this coming week!

There are other prompts out there as well.  Keep your eyes open on the reader feed and on twitter.  Not sure where else to watch for but if you want to get some writing in, there is always something to join in on.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of your weekend and the coming week!