Julie’s First Experience


Seeing the lovely picture above from Marie Rebelle of Rebel’s Notes, started a story in my head.  It was originally for Masturbation Monday but I was not able to finish it on time.  I’m thinking I may take it further.  Here goes:


Julie was so nervous.  She had wanted this for so long and now it was finally happening.

Sami, her best friend, set her up an experience she had been wanting for a very long time.  Ian, one of their friend’s older brothers, who was in management at the club, helped as well.  Ian had taken Sami there in hopes that it would make her run the other way.  But when it only set a fire in her to know more and experience it, he decided to make sure that anyone that partnered with her knew he was her protector.

So, Sami knew exactly what Julie was going through in wanting to know more and experience some of the playtimes and/or scenes offered at the club.  After talking to Ian and seeing if he could help, they decided the safest thing for them to do was to have Ian work with Julie initially.  They didn’t have to trust someone else to do it right.  Ian would take it slow and work her up to a limit she could handle for a beginner.

When Sami told Julie about what she wanted to give her, for her birthday no less, she was both ecstatic and apprehensive.  They were sitting on the couch in their apartment with a glass of wine after an early dinner and Sami, after placing her glass on the coffee table, told Julie her news.  Julie slowly placed her glass on the table beside Sami’s, quickly turned to her, then grabbed her hands and said, “Really? You mean it? Oh my gosh! When? What do I do? Who? Oh my gosh!!” and she started laughing at herself.

Sami laughed with her, knowing how nervous she was.  “It’s okay.  Ian has it all planned out.  Since it is your first time, he will be the one to show you around, explain how things are done there and give you your first scene.  If that’s okay with you,” she hesitated, not wanting to put too much on Julie at once.  She had a feeling Julie had a crush on Ian a while back but nothing ever came of it and she never admitted it.

Julie sat there for a minute staring at Sami.  She, of course didn’t mind at all that it would be Ian; was extremely thrilled it would be, actually.  But she didn’t want her friend to know she had been crushing on Ian for most of their teenage lives, and even now, at twenty-five, had that same feeling whenever she was around him.

“Of course that’s okay.  Since I know Ian, that would make me more comfortable, right?” She concluded out loud.

“Yes, exactly.  And Ian wasn’t sure he wanted to trust anyone else with your first time there,” said Sami watching her friend as a multitude of thoughts crossed her pretty face. “You’ll be fine.  And I am coming with you.”

She stood up and took Julie’s hands, pulling her up with her.  “And, surprise! It’s tonight!”  

“What?!?” Julie screeched.

“Yes!  So go get a shower.  I will help you with makeup and I have a gift for you just for this night.  Now scoot!”

She turned Julie and popped her in the butt to prompt her to move.  Julie hesitated one second then took off to the shower looking over her shoulder at Sami who was smiling from ear to ear back at her.  

Sami had taken her shower before dinner so she quickly went to her room and put on her outfit for the evening and laid out the things she had picked for Julie on her bed.  A leather body harness that was similar to the one she had on, a cover that was more like a light, almost sheer dress, hold ups and black heels.  

Once Julie was out of the shower and had dried her hair, the girls helped each other with makeup.  Sami walked with Julie to her room so she could see her reaction to the things she had gotten her.  

Julie walked slowly to the bed and turned to Sami, “This is for me?”

“Yes silly! Now get dressed.  We have an appointment and Ian would not want us to be late.”  Julie hugged her tight and then turned and was dressed faster than Sami thought she would be, seeing how the outfit was different from anything Julie had worn before.  

Sami turned her to the mirror to see how she looked and they both smiled at each other.  They both looked and felt very sexy.  They were ready for some fun.  Holding hands they walked out of the room, picked up the bags Sami had packed for them (change of clothes, water bottle and snacks in each) and were in the cab on their way in minutes.  

They didn’t say much on the way there.  Once they pulled up, Julie took a deep breath and followed Sami out of the cab and to the door of the club,   her body shaking with apprehension.  

Ian met them as they walked in and gave them both a hug.  “Now Sami, I have set you up with Dan and he is waiting for you.  Julie, are you okay to come with me? I will show you around and get you acquainted with the club and how it works here.  I will then discuss with you what we will be doing and make sure you understand and consent before moving ahead, okay?”

Julie nodded and said softly, “Yes, that’s fine Ian.  Thank you.”

Sami gave her a big hug and said, “Have fun, take it all in and enjoy.  Ian will take care of you.  I will see you on the other side.” She gave her a wink and went off to find Dan.  

Julie turned to Ian, seeing a smoldering look in his eyes.  Could it be he felt the same way for her?  “Are you okay? Ready to take a tour?” he asked.  She nodded and Ian led the way.  

He took her around the main floor, showing her the open play room with all the equipment both on the walls and in the middle of the room.  On this floor were the changing rooms with showers and restrooms.  He then showed her the rooms below.  Each one had a door and a monitor for the rooms.  He showed her there are also cameras in each room for safety purposes and nothing more.  He explained that safety for all guests was the main concern over everything here at the club.  Once she had seen the layout and heard about the rules and knew how protected she was there, she relaxed and enjoyed Ian explaining it all to her.  They then sat in his office on the sofa and discussed what they would be doing and what was expected of both her and Ian while doing a scene.  

He asked if she was okay with all he had said and was she good to move on?  She gave her consent and they walked to the room next door to his office.  He had decided a private room was best for her first time and she agreed wholeheartedly.  

He showed her how to kneel in a known submissive form with knees apart and hands resting on the knees, palms up, with eyes down.  He explained there were many different ways a sub shows she is ready and waiting, and she could find all that out at another time.  

“Now, if you are ready, remove your cover and fold it placing it beside you as well as your shoes.  I want you to stand and get on this cushioned foot stool on your knees.  I will put these cuffs on your wrists and hook them to the chain above. Understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” she said.

“Now, one thing I ask that you say when speaking to me in a scene, Julie.  You call me Sir when responding to me.  So you will say, ‘Yes Sir, I understand.’  Okay?”

“Yes Sir, I understand” she responded with a nervous smile. 

“Good girl.” And just with those two words, she felt herself go wet and tingly in her pussy. 

He picked up a crop from the table close to them, which was covered in all types of implements for punishment.  He walked back over to her, popped his palm with the crop, making her flinch.  

“Now we begin.”




Quiet-900x450Fantasy.  What does it mean to have a fantasy?  What fantasies do I have? Hmmm….

To have a fantasy is “to imagine something that is improbable or impossible.”  But this is not always the case.  You may think it is improbable or impossible and find that it is completely possible.

I, like so many others, have fantasies.  Erotic, romantic, fun…you name it, it’s there or been there.  I love writing about my fantasies too.  So, even if I never have them come to life for me, I bring them to life in my writing.  

I can take experiences I have had in other circumstances, or reading others’ experiences in a particular fantasy I have had, and bring it to life as mine.  A lot to times, I have no clue how it actually would be, but my imagination takes it and makes it all come to life.  

I haven’t yet been tied up and completely out of control and at the mercy of someone (like Daddy).  Or blindfolded and taken somewhere and taken advantage of by one or more people (Yes, I know this can be a hard limit for some), but in a trusting environment of course, yet still exciting because of the unknown.  Some fantasies I could not see actually happening because I do not know if I would be okay with them.  I guess that is part of the excitement of a fantasy too.  Like the prompt for this Masturbation Monday.  I have never thought of being taped up, but reading about it, and others’ experiences with it, seem thrilling.  So, let’s give this a try. 


Daddy and I have been enjoying a holiday together.  Staying at a friend’s villa while they are away for a few days.  He wants to have a play time, to use bondage so I cannot move as he plays with me.  Yet, the only thing he can find is some tape, looking very much like the bondage tape we have seen at our favorite kink shop.  

“This will have to do since we did not bring any of our bondage equipment. I am really glad they have an on-site massage table they keep here.  We will use it.”  Daddy says as he is walking over to me.  “Now, strip baby girl.  Take off everything and lay on the table on your back.” 

“Yes Sir, Daddy.” I do this as Daddy takes out some implements and toys he brought along with him.  

As I lie on the table he comes over and spreads my legs, taping an ankle to the leg of the table on each side.  He then comes up to my waist, puts my hands clasped together and tapes my wrists, has me raise them above my head and tapes them to the table there.  

“Okay, Kitten, I am going to cover your eyes as well, but not your mouth.  If at any time you need to use your safe word, you do so, understand me?”

“Yes Daddy, I understand.” 

“Good girl.” He then applies the tape over my eyes and around my head to hold it secure.  

He checks once more that I am okay.  When I nod and say “Yes Sir,” I feel the crop sliding up my left leg from my feet, to my hip, across my nipples and back down the other side.  A shiver courses through me as he teases me.  Light pops cover my skin, up and down my body with sharp ones intertwined.  

He pauses and slides two fingers between my folds to find the wetness it holds.  Sliding them back out he brings them to my mouth for me to taste the sweet tanginess. 

Next I feel the flogger, lightly caressing my skin as he follows the same trail as the crop.  Every few swipes are harsher with a sting making my skin glow and tingle.  I moan, loving the sensations he brings to my body.  Knowing I can’t do anything but take what he gives to me.  Making me so wet I know I must be pooling on the table.  

He stops and I feel fingers once again diving into my pussy as he slides them in and out slowly.  He feels my body clinch and must know it won’t take much for me to fall over the edge.  As I think this, he starts to fuck me harder with his fingers and brings his tongue down on my clit.  I cry out from the intensity.

“Kitten, are you ready to cum for Daddy?”

“Yes Daddy, please!”

“Cum then baby, cum for me! Give it all to Daddy!”

And I do.  So hard I am breathless, heart racing and pussy quivering.  

“Good girl,” he says, “and we go again.”  I gasp as he starts the process all over again.




Whatever BDSM/Kink – Day 30 of 30 Days of Kink

fullsizeoutput_47abDay 30: Whatever BDSM/kink related thing you want to write about.

This being my last day of “30 Days of Kink” I decided I will write about the one thing that thrills both Daddy and me in kink….Spankings!

I honestly never thought I would like spankings.  But once I was asked several times what made me think of looking into BDSM and kink and, by looking, what in kink made me wet.  I kept going back to the day a friend of mine put me over his knees and spanked me.  I felt ashamed that he would do that in front of others (and cried)…AND I realized I was wet and turned on by it!!  WHAT??!!

I was hesitant at first about actually letting Daddy spank me.  But, once he started, and I saw the pleasure it gave him, and felt the pleasure and pain I felt from him giving them to me, I was hooked.  I am finding I like certain implements better than others.  I am finding the ones I like best in wood and leather.  I have found the ones I have a limit to and those that I had a limit to but no longer do.

The thrill Daddy gets from spankings of course is different than my thrill.  For me sometimes its an “Eeeek!” rather than a thrill, but none the less it gets that adrenaline going in me knowing I will be receiving a spanking from Daddy, whether for good or bad.  If it is for bad, he makes me aware of why and that it is not an enjoyable spanking and most likely it will be only that.  Or he will make sure he has gotten his point across before going into an enjoyable part of our play time.  If it is a good spanking than I know I will not only be feeling pain but pleasure along with it.

Either way he makes sure I know what is coming and that I am ready.  We enjoy our time together and make the most of it since we are still in a LDR.  I look forward to so much more!

I hope you have enjoyed my 30 Days of Kink and until next time, stay fun and kinky! And if there is anything you would like to ask or know that you thought of while reading my 30 Days, I am willing to answer, so ask away!! 🙂

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BDSM Title? – Day 29 of 30 Days of Kink


Day 29: Do you have a BDSM title(eg mistress, master, slut, pig, whore, Sir)? What is your opinion of these titles in general?

I guess I do…

Well, yes…I am submissive.  Daddy calls me Kitten and baby girl, so I am all these things in our relationship and they are titles he has given me, which I adore.

Where titles are concerned, in general, I think is such a broad spectrum in conversation for those in the BDSM community.  Some are very serious about having titles and going by them, while others do not like titles at all and are happy to just know what they like and go with that.  Then there are those in between those.

So, my opinion is if you like them, by all means stick with them.  If you don’t, once again, by all means go with how you feel.  I don’t believe you must have a specific title to know where your place is in the BDSM world.  It’s nice to know what the title would be and I have titles because of Daddy, as he does because of me, but that’s how we are.  It’s so simple. 🙂

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Kink/BDSM Play Attire – Day 28 of 30 Days of Kink


Day 28: How do you dress for kink/BDSM play? What significance does your attire have to you?

Oh gosh! There are so many different attires for different kink/BDSM play.  So it depends on the play we have planned as to what I dress in.

If we want sexy, Daddy will have me dress in corset, stockings, gloves and heels.  If it is to be school girl spankings, I will dress in, you guessed it, school girl attire.  Daddy has other dress attire he likes to have me dress in, such as cheerleader, flight attendant, maid and even kitten, with collar, tail and ears.  Then sometimes it will be absolutely nothing.

Whatever we desire for the day (or more like, Daddy desires because I am happy to dress up in anything…well, that we agree on… as long as we play 😉 ), that is the route we go.  To me, it gets us in the mood for a specific play time.  Daddy will change it up sometimes, but I basically know what will be the outcome for us both in whatever thing we are doing that playtime.

*Pic found and used from Tumblr

Non-Kink into Kink – Day 27 of 30 Days of Kink


Day 27: Do your non-kink interests ever find their way into your kinky activities? If so, how?

I think there is more non-kink into kink than there is kink into non-kink.  Like music. That’s a normal non-kink thing to listen, enjoy and dance to, yet it is so useful in kink.  Such as bringing in mood to the scene or using in headphones to block out the sense of hearing.

Everyday useful tools, such as rope, used for tying things down or up outside being used for shibari or bondage; wooden kitchen spoons, normally used for cooking being used for spankings; clothes pins (eek!), used for hanging up clothes to dry being used for nipple clamps or other places on the body to bring the pain into a play scenario; these are all normal non-kink things that are brought into kinky activities.

And as for writing, there are so many scenarios that are used for non-kink writing that can be pushed into a kinky mindset or scenario.  I, as a developing writer, love to be pushed with new ideas of things to write about.  New twist and turns to use and ideas I have never thought of to write about.  A lot of times they come from normal, every day occurrences and turn them into kinky occurrences/scenes from there.

So, yes, non-kinky activities and things very easily find their way into kinky activities! 😉

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Online BDSM Play – Day 26 of 30 Days of Kink


Day 26: What’s your opinion on online BDSM play?

Well, since I have had both online BDSM play and RL BDSM play, I have to say RL is much better!  But, I met Daddy online and we played that way for over a year.  It can be done.  With communication and openness to things, you make it work.

Online you are restricted to only being able to do a few things on your own. Like popping your butt with paddles!  When you have a vivid imagination like I do, and a Daddy that can describe things to feed that imagination, and fingers and toys that can do the rest to build you up to that release, it works.

In a LDR it has to work when you can’t get together on a regular basis.  But, when you can be in the same space it’s amazing!!  And you take advantage of every moment you have together to experience the things you have found you love as well as trying new things together.

And that’s my take on online BDSM play 😉


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Open About Your Kinks – Day 25 of 30 Days of Kink


Day 25: How open are you about your kinks?

With those in the lifestyle and here on my blog, totally open! For those in the vanilla world and family, not so much.

Here I am able to be open about my kinks along with my friends in the lifestyle and a very few amount of friends who understand and do not judge.  I can share my kinks, share my ideas and outlooks in the lifestyle and enjoy being emerged in all of it daily.

I know my family and friends would not understand my kinks and lifestyle nor interest in it.  So, I, like so many, keep that side of my life in the dark from family and friends.

It’s hard that it has to be done, but it does have to be done and is just normal for so many of us.  I feel to have the community here and in other places to share with, and have others to understand, is so important and such a wonderful bonus.  I find out more every day how expansive the community is and how supportive they are as well.  It’s so great!

So, again, I am open, but I’m not. 😀 😉


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Partner Qualities – Day 24 of 30 Days of Kink

Day 24: What qualities do you look for in a partner?

There are many qualities I look for.  The immediate connection, the shared interests in everyday things and kinky things and that we can enjoy one another’s company.  That we are comfortable with one another and can talk about anything.  That I feel safe and can trust my partner.  That my partner is a strong person and confident in himself and how he lives.  That even in a D/s relationship I can feel free to say how I feel and that I disagree without feeling the backlash of doing so.  To feel protected and guided yet able to do things freely if I feel the need to and not be put down for my views.

The most important of all the things I have listed above, is connection and trust.  If I feel at any point there is no connection or I am losing trust I used to disconnect and go inside myself to protect myself.  Now I am learning to say my peace and stand up for me.  There has to be self love and understanding I believe to have a healthy long standing relationship.  It doesn’t matter whether you are kink or vanilla.

And as Daddy has said over and over again, he does not want me as a weak individual but the strong woman he knows I am.  It means much more for me to give up my control to him, knowing I am strong enough in myself to do so.


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Change in Interests/Perspectives – Day 23 of 30 Days of Kink


Day 23: Since you first developed an interest in kink, have your interests/perspectives changed? How so?

Oh yes, I would say my interests/perspectives have changed.  Where I first thought I would only want to experience the soft side of kink/BDSM, such as bondage, nipple clamps and butt plugs.  And this all excited me.  Being tied down on the bed, the feel of the clamps squeezing my nipples tightly and the small butt plugs giving me the feeling of being full.

Now, not only do I love these things but I love so much more!

I now am totally into spankings (hand, wooden paddles, leather paddles, floggers and crop), shibari, costume play and so much more!  Love/hate the feel of wooden paddles with their sharp stingy pops, leather paddles with their soft thud, somewhat stingy pops, floggers with the stingy, fingers that caress and thud/hurt all at once and the quick sharp cracks and pops of the crop.  The beautiful art and feeling of non-control that shibari gives you in bondage is amazing.  Dressing in outfits like french maid, cheerleader and school girl, its so much fun in role play.  There are so many different and new things I have tried and am enjoying in this lifestyle.


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