Sincere Thank You!

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I am away right now taking care of some personal things in my life.  It is so hard to stay away, especially when I want to share so much. But, soon.

Right now, I just want to say a few words and thank you to those who have continued to support me and be there for me through all I have been going through.  

Thank you first to all of you who follow and read my blog.  It means so much that you would give your time to me, if even just a few minutes.  To those that support and give me feed back.  It lets me know that I am reaching someone, either to share in something or to give a piece of information you may need or needed to read again. Or to just enjoy a story that may touch you in some way.  (Good, I hope 😉 )

Thank you to the community I have immersed myself in and that have taken me in.  I know at times I was probably questioned at first for being real in why I was here and what I was about.  I was not sure at first about the answer to those questions.  I am slowly finding my purpose and niche in being here.  Initially it was to just share my feelings and things I was going through and experiencing.  I was writing in both fiction and in personal experience to see what would feel right.  Both do really, but I am finding my writing “voice” the more I am here.  I know I will continue in this way and keep growing.  

Thank you to those in the community that have become my friends and fast growing acquaintances that I hope develop into a wonderful friendship.  It means so much to be accepted, understood and knowing there are those around that can share things with me that I thought I was alone in.  I have learned so much and keep absorbing all the information.  I feel I am finding my true self because of you all! <3

Thank you to @TheGentlemansR1 (The Gentleman’s Relish) for his love and support of all I do and share.  It means so much to know you are by my side and enthusiastically encouraging me with my writing, experiences, learning and new ventures! 

Thank you again, everyone, for being here and in my life.  I am excited to see where this and all my other projects go in the coming years and hope you will be there through them all with me.  

Bless every single one of you! 


Taking Time

I have been a bit over doing it recently in all aspects of my life.  So, I have taken a small hiatus to regroup.  No worries.  Nothing to take me away for long.  Just needed a short break.  Am working on a project and a few stories and will soon be sharing.

Checking in to show my support with likes and comments.

Have a great week and see you all soon! <3


Always Changing

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I have changed so much since starting my blog (The one before this and on into this one).  I have learned so much and because of this am different than who I was and where I was when I first started.  

I began my blog to have a place to share my thoughts and feelings, hoping to get some feed back and maybe find others in the same place I was; as well as write and get involved in a community where I can be me.   

Starting out I did this.  I shared my thoughts and feelings of where I was at the time, things I was going through, and tried to do a bit of writing.  In the writing I thought, well, I am creative, I can do this no problem.  Wrong! I didn’t know how or where to start.

Once I realized there were memes and prompts to participate in, I thought it would be so great to tell stories and hopefully others would like them too.  

Well, then I read others’ posts and stories; all personal, real life and fictional.  Still thinking my work was up to par with others, I was disappointed I wasn’t getting many likes or comments, as well as not getting picked as a top three in the weekly choices.  So, I started paying more attention to what others were writing.  I started really taking in how others write and what gets the attention of readers.  There are different reasons, of course and different genres in the sexy stories I read.  I also started commenting along with the liking, because I know how much I appreciate having a comment or two.

I was getting followers left and right and building my follow count pretty well but still would only get a comment or like here and there occasionally.  So, I decided I would continue to participate and change things up a bit.  I love writing fictional stories and fantasies.  So, I started writing more of these recently.  I also decided to jump into the Smut Marathon.  I knew, if nothing else, I would learn and hopefully get better at my writing.  

I have found I am a cliché kinda girl and didn’t realize it.  So, once again, I am trying to change things up.  

Just a day or two ago I came across one of the bloggers posting about feeling that “imposter syndrome”.  It hit me.  I have been feeling that way a lot lately.  That I am a fraud, an imposter, and not good enough to be a part of this writing community and these wonderful writers I participate in writing with. (There goes that anxiety/mind taking over to protect me thing that happens.)

But I want to be so badly and know in my heart that I can because it’s what I love. 

I look up to all these great writers and when I met so many of them recently I felt overwhelmed, excited and fan-girlish (is that a word?) because I want to be like them.  I know, I know….I can’t be like them.  I am my own person.  But, I want to be really good at this writing thing.  I want to move people.  I want them to want more.  I have been told by a few that they really like my stories, which has made me feel excited and happy.  I just want to REALLY touch people, move them in a way I feel when I read other writings.  

I can see a change in a lot of my writing but know I need to do so much more.  I will continue to work on things, pay attention to what makes other stories so great, get feed back and take it in to be used as I can, and to enjoy getting to know the other writers I am so in awe of.  (And which are becoming friends!)

I am a work in progress.  In so many ways.  

Thank you to each and every one of you that take the time to read my blog.  It means so much!


There I Go Again

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I really hate when I have too much time and quiet on my hands.  I went through some anxiety and over thinking yesterday. Even while trying to keep myself busy and away from it. Hate that!

Was doing the anxious, overthinking, crying, believing false voices in my head kind of thing.  Here I thought I was getting away from that and handling things better than I have been. Not! At least not yesterday.

Thing is, when my man, my Daddy, is not here and I can’t be with him to share in something that means a lot to him and a lot to me, it spurs my mind to do that crazy stuff and put me in a mode I can’t deal with very well.  You know what I mean?

My mind’s voice starts working on me negatively.  Telling me things that are untrue and that make me fall into that depressive unhappy non-loving myself mode.

So I got in touch with a couple of close friends and they got me through the rest of the evening as well as talking to Daddy.

I am a blessed and lucky girl even though at times I don’t feel like it.


Bah Humbug…


I’ve been so  busy this week that I have barely been able to do anything here on my blog.  I guess that is pretty good. Keeps me from thinking too much.

Being apart from Daddy for Christmas and getting through things still here, I just feel more numb than emotional right now.  Can’t decide if that is good or bad.  And then every now and then I tear up for no reason.  Ugh!

I just know I used to love this time of the year.  I was always the one with the Christmas spirit.  The one that loved shopping and getting things for others and love giving gifts to everyone.  The one with stars in her eyes, loving the beautiful Christmas lights everywhere and making sure my kids enjoyed every minute of the holidays.

Unfortunately, I will be very happy once the holiday season is over this year.

I do love the music and the lights still, but have hardly decorated and don’t really feel the thrill as I normally do for this wonderful time of the year.  🙁

Despite me and my somewhat bah humbug attitude, I hope you all have a wonderful happy Christmas!! <3


When Life Gets In The Way


When life gets in the way, gets busy and takes me away from the other things I enjoy, it gets frustrating and I feel out of the loop, so to speak.  I haven’t been able to give my attention here for the past week since I have been so busy and so haven’t been able to participate in a couple of things or keep up with my faves here.

I know it’s okay and can’t be helped, but I just feel bad when that happens.

I feel so close to the other bloggers here and love keeping up with them daily.  The Holiday Season just gets us busy at times though and it is to be expected, right?

I even feel it during this time with Daddy.  We both, being LDR still, have things we have to do where we are and it takes us away from each other and our time we normally have to make a connection with one another.  It gets frustrating, at least to me, and I start doing that mind thing where my thoughts go on their stupid route of over thinking and over analyzing again! (*rolling eyes*)

I have to tell myself, “Stop that Kat!  You’re doing it again.  Your “not-true thinking” has to stop!” A lot of times it will help but sometimes I have to go into my anxious, crying mode before I finally kick myself and stop.  Crazy, right?  You would think by now I could not do this silly stuff and know better! I mean, it even affects me writing and coming up with things to write!!

But then I talk to Daddy, settle down and all is okay again.  He centers and calms me.

So, now that I can slow down a bit for the next couple of days, maybe I can get a few posts done.  🙂

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Sexy Saturday’s #SoSS


I am late but had to get this in! Another week that has flown by.  I participated as much as I could this week so had fun with my writing.  There are so many talented writers on here!!

Here are some of the ones I enjoyed the most:

Masturbation Monday:

The Brotherhood by The Library of Nell is a sexy beginning of a story I can’t wait to read more of and find out what is next!!

When Lust Lives On by FlossDoesLife is about the love/sex life of a grandmother and her remembering those days.

Theatre by Asrai Devin is about that naughtiness in a theatre that I am sure several people have enjoyed 😉

Wicked Wednesday:

The Past Smells of Men by May More is a great explanation of what the smell of a man can do 😉

Inhale by Kisungura is a lovely description of how the memory of smell can affect us.

Scent by F Dot Leonora is about the lovely scent of home

Sinful Sunday:

Demons by Little Switch Bitch. I love the explination!

Becoming a Butterfly by Submissy is beautiful

A Mermaid Underneath by Aurora Glory is gorgeous

Some other prompts to check out:

TMI Tuesday

Food For Thought Friday

Check out each prompt and jump in next week if you feel so inclined! If not, enjoy some great reads!  🙂


Dom, Sub, Switch? – Day 1 of 30 Days of Kink

I saw a fellow blogger posting the 30 days of Kink challenge and decided I wanted to do this starting today, November 1. So, this should be interesting…here goes:

Day 1: Dom, sub, switch? What parts of BDSM interest you? Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self for us.

Definitely Submissive!  I love to serve and feel needed.  I feel I need guidance, protection, support and a bit of discipline.  I cannot see myself as a dominant nor switch.

Definition of: What is a sub? By The Ultimate Guide to being a Submissive

The definition of a submissive is an obedient, compliant person who likes to give up control.  They crave being used and need to serve.  They are the subservient partner of a relationship and that is why “sub” is always spelled with a lowercase while “Dom” is always capital.  A submissive can take on many different roles such as:

They strive to please their Dom in all things, not just sexually.  This means that they may have to give up some of their own personal freedoms and preferences.  It is not uncommon for a sub to have a mild and quiet personality. They are obedient, and accept disciplinewhen needed.  Subs aim to conduct themselves  in a respectful and modest manner at all times, recognizing that their behavior is a direct reflection on their Dom.

I don’t completely agree with the above definition, but, it covers all. I am somewhat of a little (DD/lg, D/s-where I don’t do age play but need the guidance and enjoy doing things like coloring, watching movies, etc…), slight masochist and Kitten/babygirl.  I need the freedom to give up my control to center my mind and being.  My mind does the over-thinking, over-analyzing a lot and needs that guidance and giving up of control to lead it to be quiet.  It’s amazing to have that ability in the D/s relationship.

Now, we are all different and have our own ways of doing things and living the lifestyle in our own way.  It is up to the Dom/sub relationship/partners to determine what rules and ways of that D/s relationship they will live and follow, whether it be just a relationship where they get together as scheduled, or a 24/7/365 lifestyle relationship.

So, that is my kinky self…submissive.

Have a wonderful day and Happy November 1!

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Sexy Saturday Picks


I see a lot of #SoSS posts and realize I am not that great with doing things, what I see as, the “proper” way of doing them, so thought I would try it this way first. 🙂

Maybe this will get me in the right frame of mind for another time (you never know).

Anyway, I decided to pick 2 of my favorite posts for the week from each category I have started following and/or participating in:

Masturbation Monday:

Exposed was yummy! I felt a part of this sexy hot shower scene.

Always was hauntingly sexy and erotic.

TMI Tuesday:

The Pink Seam – Great answers and entertaining, especially about the dentist! 😉

Floss – Love her explanation of name, her saying and her random Harry Potter extra! 🙂

Extra: Maitre – This one is my Daddy’s responses and quite love his saying and absolutely love his random extra!! <3

Wicked Wednesday:

Mark Me – a definite relatable story about marks

Shades of Purple – a wonderfully light sexy story about her birthday gift and something she will remember when using said gift because of her silly friends. Loved this!

Sinful Sunday:

Since these are sexy pics I am putting them last.

Little Switch Bitch – Love me some cute socks!!

Annie Savoy – Her heart pic is the sweetest!

There are so many others that I liked from all these categories. I am finding out about other weekly posts to join in and am having a lot of fun doing so!!

So far, these are the ones I have participated in:

Sinful Sunday – Found on Molly’s Daily Kiss

Masturbation Monday – Found on Kayla Lords Site

TMI Tuesday – Blog found here

Wicked Wednesday – On Marie Rebelle’s blog

I have not participated in any others yet, as I am just getting started in the last two weeks to jump in.  I hope you find others you enjoy from my sharing and happy writing/reading/finding new blogs to read!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! 🙂

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TMI Tuesday – Why is eating bad food, like having bad sex?


1. Do you like tattoos? Do you have any tattoos?  I love tattoos, especially if they mean something special to the person.  Yes I have tattoos.

2. How did you pick your online profile name? Just wanted something with “kitten or Kat” since Daddy calls me Kitten most of the time and including Kink (Kinx) in it for my writing.

3. What’s one saying you try to live by? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  I have always believed that what you give out into the world you get back.

4. What was the last bad meal you ate? Why was it so awful? I can’t remember what my last bad meal was and why it was so awful…, I believe it was when I tried fish for breakfast. Nope, not me.

5. When was your last bad sexual encounter? Why was it so awful? I think my last bad sexual encounter was a few years ago when I was trying really hard to make things good and it ended up being worse.

Bonus: Tell us something random.  – Random….hmmm….I want to learn a new language!

Follow the following link to TMI Tuesday:

Happy TMI Tuesday!