Thoughts and More

 *Image by Zebra Rose.  Image originally published on Twitter and used with permission.


Thoughts of him fill her mind.  His tall height, his strong build, his kinky mind, his powerful constant need for her, even his overwhelming lust for more; all had her so turned on and horny for him. He wouldn’t be home for a while still and she needed to quench this thirst and want for him.  

She took a bath with fragrant bubbles to relax her mind and turn it to other thoughts, yet all it did was make her feel even more sensual and because of this she started running her hands over her body.  She started with her left hand going up her neck and back down, sliding to her taught nipples as her right hand joined the left.  Both slid down over her stomach, to her mound and smooth cunt.  The feeling was amazing as she imagined him there with her, picturing him in her mind and the way he watches and touches her.  She catches her breath and decides to dry off and continue this on their bed. 

She lays across the bed and continues exploring her body, seeing him in her mind as she has seen him so many times, getting pleasure from watching her please herself for him.  Knowing damn well that she is turning him on more and more as she touches her pussy and plunges her fingers in to bring them back out wet and creamy with her juices.  Showing him how much she wants this, how much she wants him.  

She is lost in this fantasy.  Lost in the way she feels, as always, when she is turning both him and herself on with this sexy scene.  She opens her eyes, thinking of him and sees him standing by the bed watching her.  She holds her breath.  He is actually right there, really there.  No imagining now.  She pauses and he tells her, “don’t stop. Continue.”  

Letting out a sigh, she continues, watching him closely.  Knowing even though she is not supposed to be doing this without him, he is here now, and he wants her.  He watches intently as she continues to touch herself, continues to bring herself closer and closer to climax.  As she does, he undresses and stands by intently taking her in, cock hard and ready for her.  She is so close, breathing faster, blood rushing to her cheeks and to her pussy.  As she is about to cum, he stops her and she moans.  He then takes over and brings her to orgasm with his own skilled hands and fingers.  He has her turn over and he fucks her, cock in pussy and fingers on clit.  Bringing her back up fast and hard as they both release together.  

“Damn, I love watching you!” he says, sounding satisfied.  She smiles and snuggles in to him as they lay there in each other’s arms catching their breath.  “Ready for more?” he asks.  

“Oh yes, please!” she says with a sinfully greedy smile.  


20 thoughts on “Thoughts and More

  1. I can’t stand being watched, but somehow…reading about someone else being watched is quite sexy! The surprise of realize I was caught likely would have shut me right down, but in fantasies we can be and do what we are unable to in real life.

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