Sexy A to Z – Y


I am sharing something each day (not always every day in a row) covering the alphabet until I reach Z!  Here we are at day 25!  I am sharing topics having to do with sex, BDSM and/or kink.  These topics are of things I am curious to learn about, love to know more about or just love to share.

If you have anything to add or have something else in that alphabet letter to share, please do so in the comments below.

Today’s sexy letter of the alphabet is:

Y: Your Kink Is Not My Kink (YKINMK) :

Definitions –

a phrase used in the kink community to denote respect for someone else’s kink while stating that this is something one is not into. The expression is meant to maintain the community’s openness to everyone’s kinks, while still being able to maintain one’s boundaries. (Kinkly)

Kayla Lord and John Brownstone shared this on a podcast on LovingBDSM with the title of Inclusivity, Identity, and the Principles of Your Kink Is Not My Kink.  Have a listen!

Personally :

In looking for definitions on YKINMK I found a lot of YKINMKBYKIOK (Your kink is not my kink but your kink is okay) sayings.  There were also a lot of  links to supposed definitions and then once clicked on there was not a definition.  So, the reason I include Loving BDSM’s podcast above.  They talk about it and explain it a bit more.

To me, I have always found it intriguing to find out about different kinks.  Even if it is not something I can see myself participating in or liking.  It does not make it wrong, just not what I see as a kink I would get into.  As long as it is between adult partners that are consensually participating in the kink together, I see no wrong in it, even if it is not for me.

As I read in one of the links that came up in my search for the term, titled What is Kink?, it states “it is critical from a kink perspective that what kinksters do is not just about sex but, more importantly, about enhancing intimacy between partners.” To me, this is an interesting point.

I believe that even those not in the kink world (Vanilla-which is the usually used term for non-kink) would have much closer relationships if they followed the beliefs of the kinksters.  To have a quality relationship, you have to be open, honest and communicate at all times.  This is the part of the consensual participation in the power dynamic exchange that is so important.

Come back as I share the last in the sexy alphabet.  The final letter Z!

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