#SoSS 2019 Overview

My Overall #SoSS of 2019

I have not shared my #S0SS for quite some time.  (I know…It’s not Saturday nor Sunday, but the need to share is there) 🙂   Going through things and trying to determine how I need to move forward in my life has taken me away from doing my norm here on my blog.

I decided there is a need to thank some people and share some things I have enjoyed from others and what others have seemed to enjoy of mine this past year.

First off –

I am so thankful to those I have come to know and get closer to this past year.  Being so blessed with new friends and acquaintances as well as my close friends and loves that were already in my life.  I have felt supported and loved throughout the year.  Especially with all I was going through to bring me down.  I am ready to move forward in my life and have been mulling over how this is going to go for me in the new year.

All I can say right now is, keep up with me, hang in there and find out what exciting things will be happening in the very near future!!

Now Onward with the past year’s #SoSS

I did a total of only 11 #SoSS posts this past year.  11!!!
That’s it! Thought it was more, but obviously not.


-First was in January on the 12th. I shared the prompts and memes I joined in on, and shared the top three I liked the most.  I also shared what I had written for the prompts and memes that week.  You can check it our Here.

I then did two more in January, on the 20th and the 26th.  Both were short but I always like to make sure I either share the top three stories chosen or the links to each of the prompts or memes so you can check them out for yourself! 🙂


-Sharing three of my #SoSS in February, on the 9th, 17th and 23rd.

On the 9th of February I shared some of the new prompts/memes to join in on, as well as the normal ones I like to share.

The 17th of February was one I was late for while participating in the Smut Marathon and I shared some recommendations given by the lovely Brigit Delaney.

Then on the 23rd of February I was excited to share that I participated in picking the top three for Masturbation Monday!


-In March I only shared one on the 3rd and in it I said a bit about what all I am learning being here and then shared some other things for all to check out and enjoy.  🙂


-In April there were two #SoSS posts.  It is during this month that I went to self-hosting so it was taking a some time to get used to the new way of doing things.

April 14th I shared my favorite posts from Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday.

And on the 21st of April I was able to share my two posts I wrote for the week and then also the prompts/memes I share every week for all to participate in.


-I totally skipped May and went into June with one #SoSS for that month.

While participating in #EveryDamnDayInJune I did my #SoSS on the 10th of June. With this one I just shared some personal things about me.


-Once again I skipped a month and went to August, on the 2nd, for my next #SoSS share.  In this post I shared many podcast I have been listening to and enjoying and decided others might enjoy them too.


That was my last one for the year 2019.  So much happened in the year to get me off kilter and I am really hoping for this new year of 2020 to dive in to all my goals to accomplish in writing and sharing. They may not all happen but I am sure going to give it my best!!

Posts Of Mine That Were Shared:

*My post Mirror Time from January 7, 2019 was shared by Nicci Haydon on April 8, 2019.  Please give Nicci some love by going to her site and checking out all she has to offer!

*Asrai Devin shared my post Wicked Daddy from February 12, 2019 on March 9, 2019 under the “Erotic” title.  Check out all Asrai has to share on her site!

*On June 13, 2019 I wrote my post Fantasy In Poem and it was shared by Deviant Succubus on June 17 in her #SoSS post  Go give Deviant a visit! You won’t be disappointed!!

*Miss D shared my post from June 13, 2019 regarding People-Pleasing. She saw it on my blog and then shared it on her’s (Self Discovery)! This is why we share.  If we can reach one more person that has had a similar experience and either don’t know why or don’t even realize until they read about it, well it is one more person “in the know.”  Please give Miss D a visit and see what else she has to share!

*My Post 2 Souls On Fire from July 24, 2019 was shared by Posy Churchgate in her #SoSS post for August 2.  Hop on over to Posy’s blog and check out all the great topics she has to offer!

*On August 12, 2019 I shared a post named My Words To Live By and May More shared it on her #SoSS post on October 2.  May has so much to share and I think you will enjoy anything you come upon!  Give a look see and find out for yourself!

*Sharing my post of After Dinner Plans on September 4, 2019, caught the attention of Purplesole (One half of Purple’s Gem) and shared my post on September 5 for Masturbation Monday’s Roundup! Please take a bit to check out Purple’s Gem site and find the treasures that await. 😉

– Also sharing my After Dinner Plans post is Posy Churchgate in her #SoSS post of September 7! Thank you so much Posy! Once again, please give her blog a look-see!

*This Is My Fight Song is a post I shared on September 5, 2019.  It was part of the Music As Muse Month.  Marie Rebel of Rebel’s Notes shared it on her #SoSS post on September 7. Definitely give this lovely lady some love by going on her blog site and checking out all the wonderful posts, pictures and information she shares!

Thank you so much for all that shared my posts and those that commented when you could on some of my posts.  I really enjoy seeing that I either touch or bring some feelings to those that read my posts!  Once again, please give the bloggers above some love by visiting their sites.

Final Post Words

I hope you have enjoyed my sharing of 2019 posts and will come back to join me in other posts and writing I will do this year.

I have been on a time-out, per se.  But, I am slowly going to work myself back in to doing some things here and sharing.  I miss it a lot! Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for joining me in this rather late post for the #SoSS of 2019. 🙂



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