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I will be sharing something each day covering the alphabet until I reach Z!  So, in the 26 days it takes to get through the alphabet, I will be sharing topics having to do with sex, BDSM and/or kink.  It will be something I am curious about, love to know more about or just love to share.

If you have anything to add or have something else in that alphabet letter to share, please do so in the comments below.

Today’s sexy letter of the alphabet is:



Definition of Dominance:

Merriam Webster

1: the fact or state of being dominant: such as
sociology : controlling, prevailing, or powerful position especially in a social hierarchy (see HIERARCHY sense 4) male dominance political dominance companies competing for dominance in the market over their rivals
bgenetics : the property of one of a pair of alleles or traits that suppresses expression (see EXPRESSIONsense 1b(4)) of the other in the heterozygouscondition
cecology : the influence or control over ecological communities exerted by a dominant (see DOMINANTentry 2 sense 2b)
2biology : functional (see FUNCTIONAL sense 1b) asymmetry between a pair of bodily structures (such as the right and left hands) right brain dominance
Urban Dictionary
The person in BDSM who dominates or controls the submissive/partner. A dominant can be either a full-time Mistress or Master, or simply a top (the person doing the tying up or whipping, etc.)
The best kind of dominant is confidant and mature in their street life, too.
Wikipedia – (includes submission in this definition)

Dominance and submission (also called D/s) is a set of behaviours, customs, and rituals involving the submission of one person to another in an erotic episode or lifestyle. It is a subset of BDSM. This form of sexual contact and pleasure has been shown to please a minority of people.[1]

Physical contact is not necessary, and D/s can be conducted anonymously over the telephone, email, or other messaging systems. In other cases, it can be intensely physical, sometimes crossing into sadomasochism. In D/s, both parties take pleasure or erotic enjoyment from either dominating or being dominated. Those who take the superior position are called “dominants”—Doms (male) or Dommes (female)—while those who take the subordinate position are called “submissive”—or subs (male or female). A switch is an individual who plays either role. Two switches together may negotiate and exchange roles several times in a session. The term dominatrix usually refers to a female sex worker who dominates others for pay.[2]

It is common for writers to capitalise the “D” in Dominant but leave the “s” in lowercase for the submissive. Many extend this to His/Hers, Him/Her, He/She, etc., to make it clear when they are referring to a Dominant.

*My understanding of the word and the position of a Dominant and their dominance is:

The person whom has control over another in an agreed upon consensual setting, playtime scene, and/or life.  They also are known as the Top, Daddy, Mommy, Master,  Mistress, etc…of the partnership.  The duty of the Dominant is to take care of their submissive (bottom, babygirl/boy, slave…), to guide them, support them, keep them safe and protected, and so much more.  It is a lifestyle choice and one that can change as the relationship grows and moves forward.

What is your D word that you would share?

See you tomorrow with the Letter E!

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