Okay people! I am hosting #FantasySmutFriday for my dear friend Charlton C. Tod of https://forbiddenwritings.blog !!  Eeeek!!

This is my first time ever hosting a meme or prompt, so please bare, oops!…bear with me. 😉


Ladies and gentlemen of smut, welcome to this week’s #FantasySmutFriday challenge! Each week is presented with a new writing prompt based on a fantasy, and you have one week (From today until next Thursday, November 21) to craft a flash story(~1,000 words or less) that fulfills this fantasy. The plot, events, characters, and twists are all up to you, so long as it brings the fantasy to life.


There are many kinky fantasies out there.  There is even a “Top 5 Here and guess what the number one fantasy is! Group sex! Where three or more people come together for sexual encounters. Can you see yourself in this scenario? What is your fantasy?

Now lets dig in and get those stories posted and make our host, Charlton C. Tod smile and feel better really fast!!

What you should do now:

  1. Craft your own sexy story that fulfills this fantasy, and post it to your site, or to a site where you can post it, along with the tag #FantasySmutFriday.
  2. (optional) Use the image provided below this post as a badge for your story, to let your readers know you’re taking part in this challenge.
  3. Comment on this post with a link to your story. And link to this post from your own, if you can.
  4. In the following week’s post, I’ll provide links to all of the stories from the previous week so you can read them all!

If you’d like to share a story but you’d rather not share it publicly, you can email it directly to me at kurvykinkster@gmail.com for this week, and your fantasy can be shared anonymously.

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