Check This Out!! – Podcast Recommendations

I have once again found a couple of great podcasts from listening to the ones I love so much!

Podcasts to Listen to:

Sluts & Scholars Podcast

Shameless Sex Podcast

How I found them:

I first found Sluts & Scholars when listening to Kink Craft on episode 15 of which I have linked to.  This Podcast was about De-platforming – A discussion with Sluts & Scholars, discussing how they were de-platformed from Apple.  Then how, after making a lot of changes, they were able to get back onto the platform.

Then I found while listening to Sluts & Scholars, the Shameless Sex Podcast in their episode 120 (linked above), called Shameless Sex. 🙂  In this episode they discuss sex play with a soft penis, sex toys, erotic massages, censorship, lubrication and so much more!

Listening to Shameless Sex for the first time, was a great podcast (episode 126 which is linked above) on Erotic Blueprints with Jaiya!  What an amazing fun podcast that was, about finding what your core erotic blueprint is and how it leads to great juicy connected sex. 😉  To take your own Erotic Blueprint quiz go to:

So, check them out and have a go at finding out what YOUR Erotic Blueprint is!

K  xx


2 thoughts on “Check This Out!! – Podcast Recommendations

    1. I’m so glad and that you gave it a try! I am equal Sexual and Energetic! LOL!
      Then Kinky and Sensual are next at equal percentage and then last is ShapeShifter. Although I was actually surprised because I thought I would be more kinky and sensual. Go figure.
      I might do it again just to see if I get something different or it stays the same. 😉

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