Want, Need, Crave

Have you ever been sleeping so deeply, suddenly wake up and all you can think about is that one person you want, need, crave?

This could possibly be a person you have gotten close to but can’t do anything about.  Maybe you are both married and know it can go no further than friends.  Yet that attraction stays with you both and affects you in your dreams.

It could be that you and a friend are so close in friendship, best friends even.  Having never thought you, nor your mind, would ever take you there, to this place of craving and need, but here you are.  

Possibly it is your love that is thousands of miles away, in another town, state or even country.  You haven’t been together for so long nor played even over the distance in cyberspace in what feels like an eternity.  And you need and crave that person desperately.

Or what about someone you haven’t actually met in person, but have been talking to and building a relationship with online.  Taking in how they are with others, how they are when speaking to you, how they look when sending pictures to you.  

You crave their touch, their arms around you, their kisses.  Wanting it so much you can’t go back to sleep.  Hugging a pillow. Just imagining they are right there and you are holding on to one another.  Not willing to let go.  

You imagine, as your sleepy mind takes you on this journey, that they are right there, pulling you closer.  Touching you as you touch them.  Skin vibrating with the need.  They are coaxing you to climb on top and ride.  Reaching over to the side table, you grab your vibrator and place it in between you for that extra pleasure.  As you ride, the sensations take over and you feel the build of an orgasm taking hold.  The sensations feel so good, yet, unsatisfying.  


Because it is not a real person there with you.  It is not the person you are craving and longing for.  

Their warm body is what you need, to be there to hold on to, to love and to love you back. Realizing this, you feel the tears begin to fall and all you can do is cry for what is not there.  Knowing it will not last forever.  But at the moment your need is overwhelming you and it has to be felt and let go of.  So, you cry it out then lay there quietly, begging sleep to take you out of this space you are in.  Then eventually, you drift away, back into your dream world.  Shortly you will be waking up to a new day.  

I know, because I have been there. I am there.

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14 thoughts on “Want, Need, Crave

    1. Thank you Jupiter!!
      I thought there may be many of us that have “been there, done that”.
      Thank you for saying so! <3

    1. Sometimes it is overwhelming. I am really happy that you could feel it. It means so much when your words can actually touch another person. Yours have done so to me so many times! And yes, you would understand, just from your own experience. 🙂
      Thank you, Marie!! xx

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