My Piercing Intrigue

Piercings!  I am very intrigued by them.  What is it about getting older and deciding you have to try things before it is too late?  I have several ear piercings, one clit hood piercing and would love to get nose and belly pierced.  Have also thought about nipples.  My wonderful friend Marie of @RebelsNotes and encourages me in these endeavors.  And I see there are so many others that have great experiences and love their piercings as well.  

As I said, I have several ear piercings

Three to be exact, in both ears.  I love the ability to wear several different earrings at one time.  Long, short, sparkle or just decoration.

I have always wanted my belly pierced but have not done so and in the last few years have considered my nose.  Love the little extra sparkle it brings.  Then I have also thought about clitoral hood and nipples.  

What about Genital Piercing

In the last year I decided to do the clitoral hood piercing.  I am loving it so far.  It definitely gives that extra stimulation I have heard about, which is awfully nice.  (This is the lateral piercing which is known for more stimulation during sex.  I understand the horizontal is more for decoration purposes.) shares some great information on the clitoral piercings.  

The horizontal piercings are definitely a possibility in the near future!

Belly Button and Nose Piercings

Yes, I would really like my belly pierced.  I have always loved that special adornment there for the extra draw to my belly button and always thought it looks so sexy.  So, yes, I would really love the belly button piercing, even at my age.  I figure, if you want it, try it.  And if it doesn’t feel right or fit for you, take it out.  No harm, no foul.  This is what I have been told by so many as well.  

The same goes for the nose piercing.  Just that added little tiny sparkle is what I love and think it is so sexy and just says, “yes, I am confident in me and how I am and look.”  

Now, the nipples

This is a hard decision.  I have sensitive nipples already and so it concerns me that because of this, a) it will hurt extra bad when piercing, b) they are already ultra sensitive, so will it make it even more so with the piercings there or take it away? and c) will they be able to accept clamps with the piercings or will there be a need to do other forms of nipple play instead?

Yes, I have thought of all of this.  I love the jewelry for nipples.  It would be so much fun with being able to dress them up.  But, I guess I am just worried it will take away from the fun play I can have now with clamps, suction cups and sucking from mouth play.  So there is so much to think about and consider!!

Any input and suggestions are always welcome! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “My Piercing Intrigue

  1. I love nipple piercings, I think they look amazing. I’ve had both of mine done and they just wouldn’t settle. I have super sensitive nipples, I call them nipple clits because of how I react when they’re played with and I missed nipple stimulation while they were attempting to heal and they were so, so sore once pierced. Nipple piercings in women are renowned for taking a long time to heal in many cases, not all obviously and I know the beautiful Marie has had great success with her, as an example of when it goes well. I’m an example of when it goes less well. I think in terms of the actual pain of piercing you’d be fine, yes it stings but it’s really not unbearable. I had my christina pierced (the fleshy bit above your clit were labias meet) and that was for me way more intense than my nipples being done. My nose piercings, any cartilage and eyebrow piercings also seemed reluctant to heal, despite my lobes and belly button healing like a dream. Some of our body’s take well to piercings, others like mine, seem reluctant to accept them. I think if you’ve had success with the ones you have so far then your nipples may well take to them too. Sorry for a ridiculously long response! I hope you update us if you ever do decide to take the plunge with the nipple piercings 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your input, Floss!! Always appreciated and it’s nice to know what the outcome could possibly be. As you say, everyone is different but it’s good to be prepared either way. All my piercings have taken a bit to heal. A little longer than some maybe but they have all healed beautifully. I will definitely keep you posted if and when I take the plunge! 🙂

  2. I will always be here to encourage you and answer your questions about the piercings I have. As for nipple clamps on a pierced nipple – yes, it’s still possible. It’s just the placement that is different, and for the first couple of weeks you are not allowed to play with clamps. Suction toys? I have no idea actually… something to think about 😉

    Rebel xox

    1. Marie, I know you will and bless you for it! 🙂
      Okay, good to know on the clamps. Yes I wasn’t sure on the suction toys either, something new I had been checking out.
      Thank you!! xx

  3. Piercings look so pretty but are not for me. I did try with earrings but no matter what I did the bloody holes would close up – and I liked them – but had to give up in the end. I do think that perhaps where piercings are concerned i am a bit of a wimp TBH! And my nipples are very sensitive. Good luck with what ever you decide 😉 x

    1. Oh really, May? That has to be so frustrating! A wimp? No way!
      Yes, there are many of us that are super sensitive in the nipples.
      Thank you so much! 🙂 xx

    1. You are so right! What piercing were you offering to do?
      So sweet for you to offer and I know some would prefer no piercings.

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