After Dinner Plans

Petticoat Diva Jo 

Image originally published on Instagram and used with permission.


Here I thought my writing was going to take off again and I went directly into another down/blank/no-words length of time.  🙁

It’s like my life around me just zapped it all right out of me.  I have been researching, reading and listening to other things so much it was as if all my own words had left me for a bit. 

So, we start back with short stories and go from there!


He walks in on her as she is finishing getting dressed in the leather outfit she bought to wear for him.  Short black flared skirt, black corset to match, leather jacket, stockings with suspenders and heels, and she turns around pulling up the skirt to show her black thongs.

“You like, Daddy?” She asks as she twirls around for the skirt to swirl out for him. 

“You look completely edible baby girl,” he says with a smile, lust brimming in his eyes and a bulge building in his trousers. He walks slowly over to her, reaches around and grabs her hair in one swift move and says, “And do you know what I want to do to you now?”

She swallows hard as he holds her head back by her hair, and cuts her eyes over to his.

“No, Daddy, what do you want to do?”

“Daddy wants to throw his baby girl over the side of the bed, ass up in the air and give her a good girl spanking to begin with.  Using all her favorite implements to get her all hot, wet and red.” Leading her slowly over to the bed as he says this and continues to hold her in the same position.  

“Then Daddy wants to rip off those flimsy thongs and enjoy his kitten’s pussy and the delectable taste of her.  Bringing her to the edge and stopping.” He says this while running his other hand over her mound.  Pulling a whimper from her with his fondling.

“I want to take you with my cock from behind and fuck your beautiful cunt until you beg to come.” Running his hand from her mound, around her hip to her backside. He grabs a hand full, one cheek then the other, squeezing and slapping each one.

“Having you on the edge again, move to your ass and pound you there with a toy in your pussy to make you full, and fuck you until we both come.”  He says, with a growl in her ear and she moans.  “And do it again.  Until we are exhausted and can’t any more.  Not wanting to even move from where we are connected still.” 

He turns her to face him and slowly releases her hair, brushing it out with his fingers.    

“Even though Daddy is rock hard for you, we are going to dinner, so it has to wait.  We don’t want to be late meeting our friends.  Once we are back, you better believe I will play out each thing I said to you.”

She lets out a long breath, “Oh yes, please!”

He takes something from his pocket and hands it to her.  “Go slide this in your perfect ass, Kitten.  I want to see you squirm a bit while we are at dinner.  And I know how wet it makes you.”

She giggles and takes the butt plug as she moves to the bathroom to do as he says.  He swats her bottom as she passes.  “Quickly.  We mustn’t keep our friends waiting.”

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