Here is my Why of Blogging

For F4TFriday, Floss asks the following:

*What I want to know is why? Why do we let the words fall out of us? 

*Would we write regardless of having a blog? 

*If so what is it that draws us into blogging?

*What is it that compels you to write?

*Have those reasons varied over time?


With these questions above, I started thinking about when and why I first really started writing anything.  Like many posts for this F4TFriday, poetry was my main start to writing.  There was always that… and my diaries.  Writing short little entries of my feelings, boys I liked or “loved”, things I liked or enjoyed, when I was upset and basically things that happened each day of my life. No real story teller at the beginning of those diary entries, but as I got older, around high school age, I was more into the story telling of what was going on in my life.  Reading back through those diaries I realize how naive and unknowing I really was.  Boy how life would change!

But getting back to writing and my blog…

Why do we let the words fall out of us?

The “why of the words falling out of me” was to release what I felt was needing to spill out of my mind.  Not knowing what else to do I let them tumble out, initially in poetry and lyrics, followed by stories, then eventually my blog.  

I saw how others were sharing their thoughts, lives and stories in what was called blogging.  Going through so much at the time and learning things I wanted to know more about (D/s and BDSM), I thought it would be so great to try it.  Why not?
So, I came up with a cute kinky name and started my blog.  That was March of 2018.  

Starting out I just wanted to participate in all that had to do with kink, D/s and BDSM.  I wanted to immerse myself in all of it and be a part of it.  At the same time I was going through a lot, trying to get through it, and understand the person I was and was becoming.  Not only did I play my part in the kink interest, but I wrote stories and told the things that spilled out about what was going on in my real life.  

It was good therapy for me to get it all out of my head.  Once I started letting those thoughts flow through my fingertips onto the screen the more they poured out.

Would we write regardless of having a blog?  

If I had not started blogging, I know for a fact I would have been writing it all down in a journal or in my pages and saving it all.  But with blogging, and I’m so glad I found it, I have people that have been there, are going through it too, or are starting to experience what I have.  I saw it was good to share.  All that I read from some others helped me in what I was going through.  Not only did I feel I was not alone, but I was able to sometimes discuss with that person some similarities and ask how they dealt with it.  Then what I was going through was helping someone else.  Like I was giving to another person what I was given.  I felt I had found this fountain of giving, receiving and sharing that was a continuing flow.  

What is it that compels you to write?

So, all this is what compelled me to write initially.  Finding a  common ground in so many others that write.  Sharing what is coming from my heart and what I feel is worth writing about.  Finding a community to share in, get support from and give back to.  Even though I had written a book a few years prior, I had found my love for writing even more so in this place. Not only that, but I have found and made some really great friends in the blogging community and here on twitter.  Being able to meet a few already, I am really hoping to meet some others soon, as well as spend some quality time with those I feel connected to.  

And so it continues

I will continue in my journey of writing.  Both on my blog and otherwise, with sexy stories, real life issues and hopefully a lot more.  I have had a lot happening in my life.  Being a sensitive and emotional person, I have come to understand that it is a good thing and not something to be ashamed of or think negatively about.  Sharing and getting feedback from others has helped.  It has helped me to learn that writing things down and getting the thoughts out of my mind helps tremendously where anxiety, depression and negative thoughts are concerned.  I thank each and every person that has been there and supported me through the craziness that is me and my life.  Having taken in so much from every person I come in contact with, if not by talking, then by the things they share and stories they tell.  

I look forward to what is coming next and know with the support from my friends and some family members, this is going to be a great ride! 

8 thoughts on “Here is my Why of Blogging

  1. Writing is amazing therapy – in this day and age when so much in moving images I think it should be a compulsory part of the day to get your thoughts into words. So glad you decided to – and am just getting to know u and your blog and enjoying both 😉

  2. If it wasn’t for my writing, I might not have made it through some of my very difficult times. Always keep on writing, as it does help to put things in perspective 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. I’m so glad nothing in your life has stopped you from blogging. It is so easy for intrusive people to make you feel like you can’t have this space, and the associated kink. What you share is important and I’m glad you’re letting the words flow

    1. Thank you Cara! It is hard at times to not let the words of others (both friends and family, or even those that we don’t know) affect how we see ourselves and what we do as wrong. There is a reason I am, and each one of us are, here and sharing. We may not always be here but we are here now. I feel we can each make a difference, we just have to find out how, where and why. You and so many others here have been a positive influence to me and I just hope I can be one to someone else. xx

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