My Words To Live By – Right Now

I began my blogging adventure right at two years ago.  It was during a tumultuous time and I was trying to find my footing in my life and in this world of blogging and sharing.  

Like so many of us, I began my blog as just a place to go and share things I was going through and to explore a world I was interested in with BDSM and D/s.  

After a couple of months I started following those that shared their stories and had interests similar to mine.  I found people who not only had similar interest in BDSM and D/s but also loved writing as I do.  I found several that I admired and that had memes and prompts they ran for people to participate in and share their stories.  I was so excited and wanted to join in.  

I wanted to be just like these wonderful people and do what they do and write like they write.  

Well, recently I came to the realization, lightbulb moment, that I am not like them and I don’t write like them.  I am my own person, write my own way and in my own style.  I will never be like another person because I am who I am, not them.  Makes sense, right?

One of my favorite quotes by a very wonderful writer, Brené Brown, is, “Being ourselves means sometimes having to find the courage to stand alone.” 

To me, this doesn’t mean you will actually be standing alone, but doing things you alone are interested in or have a passion for that others around you do not.  Or, they have a passion for something else even though they may love what you do.  So, have the courage to step out of the crowd and follow your passion and what you are interested in.  If you are, then there is a very large chance someone else is too and can benefit from what you do or write about.  

I am alone a lot right now and have a lot of time to read and listen to podcasts.  In doing this, I am finding things that I believe is the way forward for me.  This is in both my writing and possible future work. 

I am doing research and testing some things to verify this fact, but I am pretty sure I am on the right track and am so excited about it!!

I have had some people, mainly family, that have decided that what I write about and share is bad, not me, and that I am lost.  This is not true.  What I write about are things that I not only am curious about but that are helping me actually find who I truly am.  It is not bad and I am definitely not lost.  I am at a stage in my life where I had to make a change.  And it was a big change, HUGE! But I am getting through it.  Carrying the anxiety, stress and emotions that go along with it.  

Thank goodness I have several friends and family that love and support me.  Along with my friends in this blogging community that have come to be very dear to me.  This gets me through.  

I am always switching out quotes or “words to live by” with each new circumstance I go through.  So who knows what my next one(s) will be.  😉



17 thoughts on “My Words To Live By – Right Now

  1. It is great to see you taking part in #f4tfriday – Floss and I really want people like you to get involved as it is a thinking meme and what you have said is thought provoking – because you have worked out that it is OK to be an individual and do your own thing. And I will echo that. The need to be individual is what propels me forward every day – so I wish you lots of luck on your journey x

    1. Thank you May! That means so much 🙂
      I have been on a pretty eye-opening journey so far and know I have a ways to go.
      It was quite amazing to realize one day that, what started as berating myself for not being like others, I realized, hang on, of course you’re not. You are yourself and no one else! Duh! LOL!
      Thank you!! xx

  2. This: “I am my own person, write my own way and in my own style. I will never be like another person because I am who I am, not them.”

    You are who you are and you are a wonderful woman, and you should always just be who you want to be. I look forward to hear more about the research and testing you are doing, and really hope it brings you what you want.

    Rebel xox

  3. I could not agree more with that quote and the ethos of your post! I also love that you have said ‘right now’ because while I do think some things stay with us for a lifetime, sometimes the words we need to get us through certain times of our lives do change and I think it’s fabulous and incredibly healthy to acknowledge that. Brilliant post, thank you for sharing it with us for #F4TFriday x

    1. Thank you so much Floss!
      Yes, I have realized that the words that help me through today may need to be replaced by other words that help me through tomorrow. As much as I have had going on recently, it definitely showed me this. 🙂 xx

  4. Lovely, lovely post . . . and I totally agree with Marie.
    Being ourselves, accepting who we are, gives us strength and confidence . . . and makes one better, happier, and more fulfilled.
    And I always think those feelings are felt by the people around us . . . and makes them feel better in themselves too.
    Xxx – K

    1. Thank you!
      What beautiful thoughts! I agree. When you smile, there is always someone that will smile and feel better for it. 🙂 (*And I just saw you basically used that quote for your WW post too! Ha!)

    1. So sorry I didn’t see this! It had gone into spam for some reason. 🙁
      Thank you so much!! You are so right about moving forward.
      I’m so glad you liked my post! xx

  5. Bravo, and thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts. You are absolutely right, and your words are not only helping you discover more about you, but they are inspiring and encouraging others. ?

    1. Thank you Jupiter!! That means so much that you would say that!
      I truly believe that we all touch others in one way or another, and really hope we can be a positive to others by our sharing. xx

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