Take Me As You See Me

Woman with hair flying around face


I have taken a really long break from here and writing (other than the Smut Marathon and the occasional short story).  I will be starting back up in the next week as well as working on a couple of new projects.

In the mean time:


Take me as you see me

Take me as I am

I have no other form to give

Nor will make a new demand

I have given so much of myself

And tried to understand

That no matter what we do in life

We must hold each other’s hand

So do your best in all you do

Love and make amends

To all the troubles and downs in life

And make a stronger stand

Cause all we have each day we are given

Thankful to be in this land

So blessed to be among you all

As kind, supportive and absolutely grande!


K ~ xx

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