June 1 – Day 1 of #EveryDamnDayInJune

*Picture from Pixabay

Being day one of the #EveryDamnDayInJune, it has been a crazy day and I don’t have much time to write so will write what is on my mind.

I am tired and ready to make a few changes in my life and my blog.  I have some things in the works but am not saying anything until I am sure it is going to happen.

Life has a funny way of doing things you either didn’t expect or things completely different than you had planned.  I am looking for ways to make things work.  Doing research by reading and listening to podcasts with the information I need to make the right decisions in how to move forward and in what direction that moving forward will be.

Keep your fingers crossed and your eyes here as I get closer and closer to sharing my future plans.

All my love ~ K xx

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