Day 2 of 30 Days of D/s

What Does Submission Mean To You?

Submission means something different to each sub out there.  It could mean being a slave to a Master.  It could mean a baby girl to a Daddy.  It could mean a Kitten to a Sir.  It could mean something different from any of these.  

To me, submission is being a strong person through life and everyday things but to give control over to a man/woman so that she/he can find her/his true self.  To accept guidance and love, understanding and discipline.  To agree to be a partner and know when to take a break and talk about changes needed to live a good D/s life.  To know we are all not perfect and there has to be communication, trust and love through a relationship to make it work.  

Submission is not something that comes out of a story book, even though most of us would love it to be.  It is something that is earned and given in trust and love.  It is something that is worked on and developed.  

It is not given freely without being earned.  Both parties have to be open and willing to work on the relationship.  It is not a one way street. Not just one person is involved.  

When first understanding my submissive side, I thought I was just here to please a Dom(me).  My mission was to do as a Dom(me) wanted, no questions asked.  Boy was I wrong!

I then found that I had rights and there were rules to follow and agreements between both parties to guide.  Yes, it is consensual, but there are safety points and words, to use and understand.  Not only does a submissive have to feel safe, but so does a Dominant.  For even if a Dominant is there to guide and control a submissive, he has to do it at the safety of that submissive and of him/herself as Dominant.  

So, I have learned and hope others realize; be patient, find the right partner that will work with you and will, as a partner, make decisions with you that are right for the both of you.  So that you both feel strong and in agreement that what you do together is safe, sane and consensual.  Always.

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30 Days of D/s through Loving BDSM


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