Holding Hands


I know this is not a sexy post but it is from my heart and how I felt when seeing the prompt for this Wicked Wednesday to share.  

There have been so many different people throughout my life that for one reason or another have either held my hand or I have held theirs. 

Growing up it was my mom and dad holding my hand and guiding me the best way they knew how with all I went through and experienced and learned.  

As the last 30 years have gone, I held the hands of those I love going through things they needed support for, either moral or emotional; my children growing up and guiding them as my parents did me; and friends that needed my hand to hold through several things they were going through.  I always try to be there for others I care for, just because I love them and want to be there for them through their needs.  I hope then that when I need a hand it will be there for me to hold in turn.  I do not expect it, but of course the hope is there. 

I am now in a time of my life that I need several hands to hold for support.  I am very blessed and grateful to have those ‘several hands’.  Sometimes not ones I was hoping would be there as well, but maybe eventually they will.   

It’s really amazing when you have someone who you can hold hands with that is going through something at the same time as you, and you can be each other’s support and hold one another up together.  


To be offered a hand I need to hold

For loving support and to forward go

With all the care I need right now

Understanding and lifting up somehow

In my need you come to me

To guide me and lead me on my knees

Showing that what I am wanting

Is for release, all thoughts of daunting

To get me through the fears and anxiety

By holding me up by belief and propriety

Leading me to the self-love I should render 

For all this care by a hand that is tender


I am loved, and when I need a hand to hold and pull me through I know there are those I can count on.  And when I am needed by those I love and care for, even by those I have not met or have just met, I am there/here to lend my hand when needed because I love so much.  



8 thoughts on “Holding Hands

  1. Beautiful moving post Kat, knowing who is there to not only hold your hand but can pull you up is so vital, as is being that person for those you love too xx

  2. Offering you my hand for whenever you need it Kat. Not everything we write in here is sexy but your post is heartfelt and beautiful. I’d take that over sexy any time. Mind you I love your sexy tales too ~ wink ~ <3 <3 <3

    1. Awe❣️ Thank you Kitten‼️❤️ I love your posts, both sexy and thought provoking, as always! Thank you so much for being so sweet and always there to give wonderful input and friendship. You know, if you ever need a hand to hold I’m here too♥️xx

  3. The simple intimacy of holding hands is a wonder that should always be enjoyed. Unfortunately some have no one to do that with. When my first marriage broke up I was starved for physical attention. I remember one date where the woman reached out and put her hand on mine! It almost overwhelmed me. A small touch that showed acceptance was just so nice to have. I’m glad you have people with hands to hold. I’m glad you are willing to offer your hand to others. As Marie Rebelle said above, “You are a beautiful woman inside and out!”

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