Waking up – FantasySmutFriday


Here’s this week’s prompt:

“Waking up to the feeling of you”

Submitted by Charlton C. Tod


As I lay here feeling the warmth of the covers and the body heat from the one beside me, I think of the times when I was not this blessed.  When I would awake to an empty bed with no one there beside me.  When I would dream of one day being with someone I was lucky enough to know and be with.

I wake now to one leg draped over mine, pulling my leg close.  To a foot sliding up and down my leg in a soft lazy caress.  To arms now pulling me in as a caterpillar to a cocoon,  A nose nuzzling my ear and making me shiver from the breath that flows down my neck.

I love the way we are just here, wrapped in one another.  In the touch, the scent, the emotions, the feel.  I love waking up to the feeling of you.



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