Hungry and Taxed – Friday Flash


I walk into his office and called out, “Hi honey, I’m here with the pizza and wine. How are the taxes going?”

“Ha ha,” he says, “How was your day?”

“It was good.  You want to hear something funny?” I ask.

“What’s that?”

“As I was walking to the pizza place next door from the parking, I looked up at the signs and with the upper stairs in the way, the signs read, Sex, Pizza and Tax! Now if that doesn’t give you a Freudian sign, I don’t know what does! HA! Sex to make you hungry and taxed of energy! Get it?!” I laugh.

He shakes his head and walks over to me in his jeans and t-shirt clad body I love.  He takes the pizza and wine bottle from my hands and places them on the near-by desk, wraps me in his arms and devours my mouth with his.

Once we come up for air, I say, “Mmmm…I should do and say this more often!”  I smile up into his gorgeous light brown eyes.  Those eyes that right now have a hunger in them that only I can feed.  My whole body turns into a molten hot mess in an instant.

“Hold that thought,” he says as he walks to the front of the office and locks the door, closing the blinds as well.

He comes back to me and in his sexy voice, whispers in my ear, “Now about that Freudian message you saw…”

He turns me around pushes my head down, lifts up my skirt and pops me on the ass. “Time to get that hunger and taxation underway!”

Oh I love when I say the right thing to get him going!


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