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Daddy asked me to write a sexy story about figging.  I have never experienced this so I researched it, what effect it has and how it makes the person feel.  This is what I came up with…


Daddy had me strip bare and kneel in a corner in our living room to begin my punishment.  I heard him leave and come back a short time later and sit in his chair watching me.  “Bring your pretty little ass over here, Kitten,” he says and I shyly stand and walk over to where Daddy is sitting in his straight-back chair waiting for me impatiently.

He warned me about this day.   I had hoped that he would never do it, but I knew better really.  Once Daddy has something in his mind to try, there is no stopping him.  Unless, of course, I say it is a hard limit.  But, this one thing I can’t say is a hard limit.  I do know, however, that if I can’t handle it I can use my safeword and we will be done.  I have already warned him of the possibility.  He just appreciates that I am willing to try.

“All right baby girl, lie over Daddy’s lap.”  I do as he says and touch the floor on one side with my hands, and on the other side with my tip toes.

“Good girl.  Now, I know your ass is very sensitive Kitten, so if for any reason you cannot handle this for long, you must let me know.  Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir, Daddy, I understand.”  He knows my stubborn side.  I will take something as long as I can even if I shouldn’t some times, just to please him.  But with this, I am not very certain.

“Mistress Jane is here to help, as I told you she would be.  Oh Jane, please come play with my kitten now.”  As he says this, out from the kitchen Mistress Jane walks into the living room where I am laid out over Daddy’s lap. There she paused, making an impression I wouldn’t soon forget, with her leather corset, short leather skirt, stockings, tall stiletto black heels, with implements in hand.  Her long black hair tied up in a high pony tail.  There was no doubt she was ready to lend Daddy a hand.

“Well, well, so nice to see you in this position sweet kitten.  I have been looking forward to this,” she says.

“Hello, Mistress Jane.” I say with trepidation.

“I understand you have had that little spicy tongue of yours running away with you this week and being a bit cheeky with your Daddy.  Am I right?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”  I say timidly.

“Mmhmm.  So, I think we will put a little fire in your butt to see how you like a bit of spice for your discipline.”

I moan and then say, “Yes, Ma’am.”

She bends over, rubs my cheeks and starts peppering them with her hand.  Now, this I can handle.  But I know there is more to come.  So much more.

As she is hitting my bottom with her hand still, I feel her slide something into my ass.  Oh no! I should have known it wouldn’t take long.  I am being punished with figging and I am so nervous at how my body will react.  Daddy had me read up on it and the effects of it.  Using a ginger root as a butt plug while spanking and the sensations it brings to the one being punished.  So I know the purpose and what to expect.  But, of course, everyone reacts differently.  Supposedly it can be quite pleasurable and not just used as punishment.

Mistress Jane lets out a satisfied laugh as I moan as the first sensations of burning start when I tense up from her changing from hand to crop on my backside.

“Ah, there it is,” she says.  Knowing exactly why I have let out the sound from my lips.  “Get ready for her Sir G, because she will begin squirming a bit now and giving us some lovely sounds.”

He leans down to my ear and says, “Good girl, Kitten.  I am here.  We are here.  Remember your safe word and continue to be a good girl through your punishment, you hear?”

“Thank you, Daddy.  Yes Sir, I hear and understand,” I moan.

“That’s my girl.”

As Mistress Jane continues her onslaught to my bum I am feeling all sorts of sensations in my ass.  Burning, tingling, warming, and it amazes me that I feel even wetter then I normally do while getting a spanking.  Oh wow!

As she pauses to change implements and her position, she feels my pussy lips.

“Well, Sir G, looks like Kitten is a bit turned on by all the sensations she is receiving.”

Daddy feels for himself as she picks up her next choice of weaponry to my ever reddening bottom.  Daddy places his fingers on my lips and tells me to clean his fingers of my wetness and I can hear the smile and excitement in his voice.  I do as he demands and she continues with the leather paddle that she decided on.

My ass is burning now and I don’t know how much more I can endure, but I will continue on to see where it takes me.  And I know for a fact I am horny.  So damn horny.  I just want to say “Fuck me. Fuck me now!” But I know I can’t.  Although I might beg for it.

I feel her change her position again and Oh. My. God.! The leather flogger! She is such an expert with this implement.  I feel like I am being caressed and pounded with a heavy weight all at once.  I lose myself in the feelings and in the moment.  Both pain and pleasure are hitting me hard at this point and I am floating.

Then….POP!  I cry out from the sharp pain of the strap hitting me.

“Only five more Kitten, and we will be done,” Daddy says, caressing my back and shoulders.  I hold my screams, but am whimpering, and tears are falling down my cheeks.  The last crack however brings out a high pitch scream from my body and I go limp on Daddy’s lap.

“Come, Mistress Jane, let’s take her over to the couch.”

They lift me and place me on the couch on my back.

“I think she deserves a bit of pleasure, Mistress Jane.  What do you think?”

“Oh yes.  She has been such a good girl to take her punishment as she did.  She definitely deserves a reward,” she says. She then looks at Daddy and then at me, “May I have the pleasure?”

“By all means,” Daddy says, smiling at me. I then smile at Daddy and then at her, nodding my head.  I am still in a haze from all the sensations and know it won’t take much to bring me to my first climax.

She begins by running her fingers up and down my pussy lips, caressing and petting them.  Circling my clit and then moving back down to my cunt, she slides in two fingers.  I moan.  Oh yes!

Daddy is at my head and kissing me, caressing my neck and pinching my nipples.

She continues finger fucking me and circling my clit and I feel it spring on me suddenly, “Oh! I need to cum, please, please, please can I cum?!?”

“Of course, my darling,” She says and my release is fast and powerful.

“Oh what a good girl.  Can you cum for us again?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I say trying to catch my breath.

“Mmm, I believe you can.  Turn over on your knees sweet girl and suck your Daddy’s cock while I have more fun with your lovely pussy,” she says.

Daddy sits on the couch, trousers down and his hard stiff cock ready and waiting for me.  I am on my knees facing Daddy and bend to enjoy him, leaving my ass up and ready for Mistress Jane.  As I take my time licking and sucking Daddy, Mistress Jane is lapping at my clit and pussy as she moves the root of ginger in and out of my ass slowly bringing on more of the hot sensations, making my cunt soaked again.  She licks and sucks up my essence as I continue to get Daddy hard and thick, pulling him in deeper and deeper down my throat.

He and I tip over the edge just at the same moment and it is glorious.  I swallow all he gives to me and lick him clean as I come slowly back down from my high as well.  I look up at Daddy with a big grin as he says, “Good girl.”

I then turn to Mistress Jane and ask if I might take care of her as well.  She shakes her head and says, “No thank you kitten, my sub is waiting at home for me to take all my needs out on.  I planned it just this way so that I could have a bit of fun later with her.”

I smile at her, seeing the gleam in her eye at the thought.

“Thank you so much Mistress Jane and Daddy,” I say.

“You’re so welcome and be a good girl now, you hear?” Mistress Jane says.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I say.  She says her goodbyes and is out the door on her way to her own bit of fun.

*****************************************************************************Figgin’ and friggin’   

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Enjoy! 😉


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