Starts with Music – Masturbation Monday

name-that-tune-by-sub-bee-900x450*The lovely sub-Bee  has provided this week’s prompt image. 

“Something to do with music.”  That’s what she had told her guy she wanted as a tattoo on her back.  She remembered it like it was yesterday.

As she lay across the bed on her front side, naked and waiting for her lover to play. She knew he would be taking in the very tattoo she was thinking about.  It was one of his favorites and he always caressed and kissed it as she lay there just for him.  He said it could be a song that he wrote for her.

She always thrilled at his touch on that very spot.  Always loved the way he made love to it, tracing each line of the music and notes with his fingers, as if he were writing it himself.  Little chill bumps popped out as she lay there taking in his light seductive touch.  She would get a shiver and as he felt it under his fingertips, he would give a low laugh and then begin to massage her skin, making her warm.  Warm on her skin and warm in her core, making her ache with a need for more.

He would then take the small flogger and slowly work her skin with it.  Over the tattoo from top to bottom, then on down to her lower back, cheeks and thighs.  Back up again he goes, lulling her into this lovely edgy trance.  As he moves back down, the strikes get harder and more thuddy.  She moans at the intensity that is now being directed at her.

“Ohhh, more,” she pleads

“With pleasure,” he replies, as he switches over to the larger, thicker suede flogger.

She knows it is coming and yet it always takes her breath away when the weight of it hits her.  The discomfort and pleasure combined take her to a place of her own where she is lost to the feelings he bestows upon her.

He then will ask her if she is okay; she will respond with a sound of acknowledgment as he continues his attention beneath her waist.  Her bum and thighs are now getting the brunt of the flogger and she is focused on these sensations as he brings it down harder and more forcefully.  Once again her breath catches and stops with its force.  At the most intense point she cries out, thinking she must let it out some way to get through it.

As he stops and rubs her skin, he tells her what a good girl she is.  She catches her breath and realizes there are tears falling silently down her cheeks.  She turns to him and says, “thank you”, feeling the wetness trickling from her pussy that he surely cannot miss.  As she is aware of this, he touches her there, feeling for himself and knowing where he has taken her.  The amazing intensity of pain and pleasure she feels with the flogger is one of her favorite gifts that he gives to her.

And in turn, she gives herself to him, knowing how the excitement from this play gets them both horny.  He slides two fingers into her wet cunt and finger fucks her slowly, bringing his other hand around to play with her clit.  It doesn’t take much before she is begging for release.  He tells her to cum and once she has descended down from the intensity of that orgasm he is continuing to play with her pussy, bringing her back to the quickening she feels inside.  As she is getting close, he slams into her, his cock rock hard with need and he takes her hard and fast.  They reach their climax together.  As the orgasms subside, he is kissing her neck, her shoulders, her back and murmuring what a good girl she is and how he loves her.  She responds in kind with her murmurs of love, pleasure and gratitude.  They crawl up to the pillows on the bed, curl up together and fall asleep for a while.

This is what brings them joy, and it all starts with music.



Masturbation Monday

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