So Much for #SoSS


So, I have had sooo much going on recently.  My goal to be better about scheduling ahead worked one week so far. (Ugh! Life!)  I will be doing better.  I have to!  I signed up to participate in the Smut Marathon (Eeeek!) and am researching other avenues regarding writing and where I want to take things this year.

There are a couple of new prompts that have been started.  The Erotic Journal Challenge by Brigit Delaney and the Lingerie is for Everyone by Violet Fawkes.  Check them out and join in if you feel moved to!

Starting on January 27, tomorrow, the Smut Marathon begins.  So check out what is going on there and support all the writers.  They appreciate helpful feed back and input.

Beginning February 1 will be the February Photofest by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss.  It will be a daily photo sharing for February! Many use it as a building tool for self-esteem, or a source for pushing your own limits and comfort zones.  Or just something absolutely fun you can share with others of a like mind.

So far I have participated (not all the time nor every week) in the following prompts:

So far that is it.  I hope I didn’t miss one.  I only was able to participate in two this week:

*TMI Tuesday

*Wicked Wednesday with Exploring Her Bodyscape

I definitely plan on doing more this coming week!

There are other prompts out there as well.  Keep your eyes open on the reader feed and on twitter.  Not sure where else to watch for but if you want to get some writing in, there is always something to join in on.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of your weekend and the coming week!




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