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Little Switch Bitch ‘s  picture is gorgeous and beautiful.  It definitely got my story juices flowing.  Hopefully did so for others as well  😉

So, this is the prompt for this week’s Masturbation Monday.  


She walks into the room and stops in the doorway.  Dressed in her black corset, black stockings and garter belt, thong that ties on the each side for easy access, and black stilettos, she poses with one hand on the frame and one on her hip.  Her hair is pulled up in a high pony tail, just as he loves it.

He is on the recliner enjoying the newspaper, as he always does once he is done with work.

She watches him for a few minutes to see if he realizes she has walked into the room.  Even if he has realized, he has not acknowledged it, and continues reading the paper.  So she saunters over to the wall in front of him and turns her back to him, placing her hands on the wall, spreading her legs apart and sticks her bottom out to him.  

She hears him clear his throat and so she looks over her shoulder to see if he is watching.  He is looking at the newspaper but she saw a slight movement of his head and eyes as she looked back. As she watches him, she wiggles her butt to see if he will react.  His eyebrows raise but that is all he does.  So she pushes from the wall and turns on her sexy heels, kneels to the carpeted floor and slowly, like a cat on the prowl, crawls to his chair with hips swaying.

As she reaches him, she kneels before him, sliding her hands from his knees up his legs to his loins, and back down again.  She does this a few times and each time gets closer to his groin area and notices with the strokes she gives, his trousers are getting tighter as his cock gets harder.  

She places her hand on the top of his waist band at the zipper and says, “Daddy, may I?”

“Yes my naughty kitten, you may.”

She grins as she unzips his trousers and releases his growing shaft from its confinement.  As she does, she caresses the head first, taking her fingers, circling the bulb for a few minutes before moving her right hand to enclose and slide down his cock and back up again in a slow motion.  

Hearing him groan in appreciation spurs her on and she leans in, circling her tongue around the tip and sliding it slowly into her mouth and back out again.  She continues this in a steady motion as he starts to raise his pelvis and push deeper into her throat.  With this, the more turned on and wet she becomes.  

She wants desperately for him to come and so continues to suck, lick and take him in deeper until he finally lets go.  She feels his release slide down her throat and he moans as he does so.  

“Oh kitten, you’re such a naughty good girl.  Now it’s Daddy’s turn.”  

As he says this he stands and tells her to kneel up on his chair with her arms over the back.  He leaves the room for a few minutes and when he returns he has a paddle, crop and toy in his hands.  

“Just for that unexpected pleasure my girl, you will be getting a good girl spanking and Daddy will then have fun with his little kitten toy.  Okay?”

“Oh yes, Daddy, thank you!”

He begins his warm up.  She so loves being his sexy tease.



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