Sleeping, Drowsy Sex/Nighttime Sex

bed-linen-1149842__480Kink of the Week January 1-16: Sleeping, drowsy sex/Nighttime sex

I love the day time fully awake sex.  I love the playtime, power exchange, pain and pleasure sex.


Ever have those nights when you are sleeping so good and feel your partner stir beside you so kind of wake up to see if all is okay?  Then you hear, “Daddy needs Kitten to give Daddy’s cock some love and attention.”  So you scoot up beside him, slowly run your hand up and down his already hard shaft.  Hear him moan as you work it just the way he likes.  Then you drift a bit because you are still in a sleepy state until you feel him lift his hips to get you to continue.  Making him happy is what you love so you take care of his needs, either by mouth or hand.  You snuggle back up together and then you both fall fast asleep.

Or what about waking from your sleep to the feeling of your man running his foot up and down your leg slowly, then when he feels you stir, turns you on your back and goes down on you enjoying your essence and taste, bringing you to a wonderful sleepy climax.

Then there is the time where your back is to your partner and you are sleeping so soundly you swear you are in a dream where you are being caressed and fondled into a horny mess.  And your need is so strong, to just be fucked right then and there.  Thank goodness your need is met in kind and it happens just the way you need it. 

Okay, yes, I have had some great, what I call sleepy sex.  I also admit that if I am sleeping I would rather continue sleeping than be awakened to anything.  But I confess completely that if I am pulled out of my sleep slowly and sexily (love this word I got from Posy Churchgate in a comment on one of my posts!), I am all in it!  When it feels like a dream pulling me into that sleepy sex, I don’t know what it is, but it is some of the most amazing sex! 

So yes, I do like the sleepy drowsy sex.  The night-time sex when you are stirred awake to have that need satisfied.  I love it.  Don’t you?


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10 thoughts on “Sleeping, Drowsy Sex/Nighttime Sex

  1. “Don’t you?”


    In the middle-of-the-night way{s} you described…

    I think I do, mostly, as long as it’s either (1) a mutual half-waking, or (2) I am the one initiating.


    Let’s just say it’s a very Very BAD idea to wake me up. 😉

  2. It’s often linked to jetlag – when one of us is visiting the other. My cock is rock hard now just thinking back to the memories of great, sleepy sex. Kitten, you’re the best❣️❣️❣️❣️

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