Mirror Time


“We are trying something new tonight my Kitten.”  He walks around me, taking in what I am wearing.  My black hold-ups and black heels.  That’s it.  Nothing more.  As he walks behind me he gives both my ass cheeks a slap.  

“Good girl.  Now, I want you over there in front of the mirror in that chair I have placed in front of it.” 

I walk over to the chair and sit carefully facing the mirror.  

“Now my darling girl, I want you to watch yourself in the mirror while you masturbate.  I will be watching and taking it all in.  I may even join in if it gets to a point I can’t keep away.  Do you understand my request?”

“Yes Sir, Daddy, I understand.” This is something we have talked about before but I had thought it was just a fantasy that I possibly might not do.  I am so self-conscious so it’s already hard to watch myself, in both pictures and real life. I have been working on feeling better about my body image, with the help from Daddy, but it is still hard.  So, to finally be faced with doing this as Daddy watches, is hitting me as both anxious and erotic.  

“Now my girl, make Daddy proud. Show me how my gorgeous kitten can please herself. But remember, you must ask Daddy if you can cum.”

“Yes Sir, I remember.”

I begin by delicately touching my nipples, pinching them softly and then massaging my breasts, watching my hands take each one fondly.  After a few minutes I then slide my hands down my stomach, circling and touching my belly button, then moving on down to my moistening mound.  I stop just as I touch my pussy, then move back up to my neck, caressing it before moving back down again.  

I hear Daddy move a bit closer behind me and hear his breathing catch as I continue the journey down my body back to my cunt.  I slide my fingers down my lips and back up again to my clit, circling it for a minute then moving back to my pussy as I glide two fingers into my opening and back out again.   As I do this, I hear the soaked digits squelching as they move in and out of my cunt, feeling the pleasure build.  

“Open your eyes and look at yourself girl.  No closing the eyes.”

I didn’t realize I had closed my eyes as I lose myself in the feeling and fulfillment of my strokes to my curves and slit.  I open my eyes and look in the mirror at Daddy as he is standing directly behind me and then I look back at myself.  My face flushed and filled with desire and excitement.  I continue to drive my elation onward as I watch myself and Daddy thrill in this journey we have undertaken.  

He slowly slides his hands from my shoulders to my breasts, kneading them as he watches my continuing manipulation of my building intensity.  I am so close now I am squirming and writhing as I feel I am reaching the edge and falling over into such an intense pleasure.  

I finally can’t hold it any more and cry out “Please, Daddy, can I cum?!  Please?!?”

“Are you sure you are ready, Kitten?”

“Yes, oh please Daddy, yes!”

“Then cum baby girl. Cum for Daddy!”

And I cry out as my orgasm washes over me.  As I come down from it Daddy is rubbing me and kissing me gently on my neck and face.  

“What a beautiful good girl you are Kitten.  Daddy enjoyed that and I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you Daddy.”  And I smile back up at him with a gleam in my eyes.  


*Pic from Pixabay

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15 thoughts on “Mirror Time

  1. This was great, all these posts are making me more determined to give this a proper try. You wrote it so sexily – fabulous build. x

  2. I love the little details in the description here. “Delicately touching my nipples, pinching them softly.” With so few words you managed to create the scene perfectly!

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