Bah Humbug…


I’ve been so  busy this week that I have barely been able to do anything here on my blog.  I guess that is pretty good. Keeps me from thinking too much.

Being apart from Daddy for Christmas and getting through things still here, I just feel more numb than emotional right now.  Can’t decide if that is good or bad.  And then every now and then I tear up for no reason.  Ugh!

I just know I used to love this time of the year.  I was always the one with the Christmas spirit.  The one that loved shopping and getting things for others and love giving gifts to everyone.  The one with stars in her eyes, loving the beautiful Christmas lights everywhere and making sure my kids enjoyed every minute of the holidays.

Unfortunately, I will be very happy once the holiday season is over this year.

I do love the music and the lights still, but have hardly decorated and don’t really feel the thrill as I normally do for this wonderful time of the year.  🙁

Despite me and my somewhat bah humbug attitude, I hope you all have a wonderful happy Christmas!! <3


4 thoughts on “Bah Humbug…

  1. I know I am not a huge fan of the holidays, and this time of year I suffer from depression as well. It’s been hard to write sexy, fun, provocative things when you don’t feel the desire of it, but I’m glad you are staying busy, and remember, daddy will be home eventually, and he will show you why you missed him.

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