Christmas Gift


Photo by sub-Bee and her partner.


There she stood in her red velvet corset, black hold ups, black heels, collar, with her strawberry blonde hair up in a ponytail and blindfold covering her beautiful blue eyes.

After giving her the spanking she was in need of so desperately and then the orgasms to follow he had decided to move the next part of the fun into the area with the Christmas tree to have the lights shining on her.  

He stands in front of her taking her in before continuing.  So proud of his girl and needing so desperately to take her, yet wanting to do so much more to her before doing so.  

She can hear every move he makes and every sigh he takes as he works to get everything just as he wants it.  

He has her place her hands behind her back and puts cuffs on her wrists, connecting them together for now, so she can’t reach out and touch.  He then helps her kneel down on the pillow in front of her on the floor and as she does so he places her kitten ears on her head.  

“There’s my Kitten,” he says, “I will be right back love.”

She is on edge and so excited she can feel the wetness between her folds the more excited and turned on she gets, with the anticipation of what he has in store for her, even now after the many orgasms he has already given her.  She knows there is one thing she desperately wants at the moment and that is to please him.  To take his cock in her mouth and feast on him.  To give him the pleasure he has given her.

As she hears him return to her, she hears him place something beside her and then he says, “Kitten, what does my baby girl want right now?”

“I want you Daddy.  I want your cock, please.”

“Do you my sweet baby girl?  Daddy would love for you to have his cock.”

She hears him move closer and he says, “Are you ready then Kitten?”

“Yes Sir, I am so ready.”

She feels the tip of his cock touch her lips and she immediately opens her lips to take him in.  Slowly licking the tip and drawing in the head while doing so.  She loves teasing and pleasing him this way.

Suddenly there is a pop on her butt as she inhales quickly and squeaks not expecting it.  She continues her intake of his lovely growing cock.  He gives her more pops with the crop and she feels herself getting warmer once again.  

Working his shaft further into her mouth with each slide in and out, she hears his breathing getting more ragged.  She works him in deeper to her throat and gags a bit.  He has changed over to the flogger as she continues and she feels herself getting closer and closer to her own orgasm, just by her excitement of bringing him closer, as she is set and focused to bring him to his.  

He is amazed, knowing she is so close to her own, and he tells her, “Kitten if you can I want you to cum when I do.”

She nods her head in understanding.

He groans and feels himself getting close.  As he reaches his climax, letting his orgasm flow, he pulls out of her mouth and his cum goes over her face and neck, and parts of the tree that is right beside her.  She cries out as he comes with her own orgasm.

He catches his breath and steadies himself, reaching around her to separate the cuffs then takes off the blind fold.  He kneels down in front of her to make sure she is okay.

She blinks to help her eyes focus and looks lovingly at him and their surroundings.  She looks at the tree beside her and sees some of his jizz has hit one of the ornament balls and she smiles.  

He sees her smile and says, “Yes Kitten, you did that to Daddy.  You are amazing. Thank you for your gift of pleasure darling girl.”

“You are amazing Daddy.  Thank you.”


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