I was a little better this week by getting out my posts on the prompts on time or a little early, not so much with this! Ha!! 😀

There were some great stories this week! Some bringing tears to my eyes, some having me laugh out loud and others getting me a bit hot!  Here I will share with you my top choices out of all these wonderful stories:

Masturbation Monday:

Kisungura of My Controlled Ascent shares what happens when a submissive doesn’t decorate the tree as instructed and gets decorated by her Dom as the tree instead

Scandarella  describes a game where the subject is not too pleased at first with what she has been taxed to do, but in the end loses herself in the directions given to her.

Lascivious Lucy shows what happens when having to hold a ball ornament in the middle of your legs as you are being teased and brought to orgasm

Wicked Wednesday:

I Visit Carla by Life of Elliott is so hot and sexy about a woman’s first time experience with another woman

Pillow Talk by Posy Churchgate is such a hot story of a submissive being worked over by one not normally doing the dominating

Fire Meet Gasoline by Submissy is a lovely powerful description of her relationship and I felt I totally knew and understood where she was and is

Friday Flash:

F Dot Leonora shows the urgent need for kink in this hot short story

Rebel writes this quite emotional bit that left tears rolling down my cheeks

Love is a Paraphilia works the words of the song into her hot little story

Other Prompts to check out:

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Hope everyone has a great week!!


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