An Erotic Journey


He could smell cookies and peppermint as he walked in the door.  She was no where around so he went in search of her.

As he walked in the room, he found her lying on the bed with twinkling lights surrounding her.  With just an opening at her feet for him to reach her.  She watched as he approached.  He took her in from head to toe.  She was dressed in her red babydoll he had gotten her with the thong to match, hold ups and her red heels to match.  Her beautiful long auburn hair up in a lush pony tail just as he liked it.

She saw his lust grow in his eyes as he took in her appearance and watched as his cock grew in his trousers as he walked around to her feet in the stiletto heels he had gotten her on their last trip.

“Look at my Kitten.  You are a beautiful edible site for Daddy right now. Do not move.  I will be back.”  And he walked into the large closet they shared.  As he returned a few minutes later he was naked and holding some implements and toys in his hands.

Looking at him in all his hard glory made her long for him to touch her and take her in his hands. To be his toy.

“Okay, baby girl.  You want to play.  Daddy is ready.”  He walked over to the bed and placed the items down beside her on her left.

“Now turn over and get on your hands and knees.  I hope you’re ready Kitten.  I am going to take you on an erotic journey tonight.  I am going to give you a matching red bottom to this gorgeous babydoll.  I will give you pain and pleasure, taking you to the point of seeing your own lights in your eyes similar to those surrounding you.  We will see them together, you and me.  You are mine and I will remind you and show you what that means.  And I am yours.”

With that he said, “Ready” and she answered, “Yes, Sir.”

And…”Pop, pop, pop” as his hand came down to start the journey he promised.

*Pic from Pixabay

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