When Life Gets In The Way


When life gets in the way, gets busy and takes me away from the other things I enjoy, it gets frustrating and I feel out of the loop, so to speak.  I haven’t been able to give my attention here for the past week since I have been so busy and so haven’t been able to participate in a couple of things or keep up with my faves here.

I know it’s okay and can’t be helped, but I just feel bad when that happens.

I feel so close to the other bloggers here and love keeping up with them daily.  The Holiday Season just gets us busy at times though and it is to be expected, right?

I even feel it during this time with Daddy.  We both, being LDR still, have things we have to do where we are and it takes us away from each other and our time we normally have to make a connection with one another.  It gets frustrating, at least to me, and I start doing that mind thing where my thoughts go on their stupid route of over thinking and over analyzing again! (*rolling eyes*)

I have to tell myself, “Stop that Kat!  You’re doing it again.  Your “not-true thinking” has to stop!” A lot of times it will help but sometimes I have to go into my anxious, crying mode before I finally kick myself and stop.  Crazy, right?  You would think by now I could not do this silly stuff and know better! I mean, it even affects me writing and coming up with things to write!!

But then I talk to Daddy, settle down and all is okay again.  He centers and calms me.

So, now that I can slow down a bit for the next couple of days, maybe I can get a few posts done.  🙂

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5 thoughts on “When Life Gets In The Way

  1. Oh I have times like this too, so you aren’t alone. I think at times like this silly season we all get frazzled and busy so don’t feel alone. Oh my goodness I just noticed you have a link to one of my posts. Thank you so much hun. That is so sweet of you. Love you bunches <3 <3

    1. Thank you. It’s always nice to know someone else goes through the same thing sometimes!
      Well, of course I shared your post! ? You’re so welcome. Love you bunches too❣️❤️

  2. It’s hard to balance isn’t it, I completely understand and then beat myself up I’m not doing ‘enough’ here and not being present ‘enough’ there. Ugh. It’s helps to know it’s not just me, so thank you, and I hope you’re feeling better now x

    1. You’re so right! I beat myself up sometimes over it! Thank YOU! Of course, it always gets better, we just have to get through it each time, and we can❣️xx

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