Tis The Season – Masturbation Monday – NSFW


Picture is of Molly Moore of Molly’s Daily Kiss.

This is a fantasy.  One I was just playing around with for fun.  So here goes.


I stepped out of the taxi as it stopped in front of the building where I agreed to meet him.  The thrill of the many twinkling lights and holiday music filled the air around me as I walked up to the door.  As I reached for the handle a hand slipped over mine, “allow me,” he said, appearing from no where.  I stepped aside as he opened the door and we walked in together.

As we stepped up to the doorman he reminded us of the rules.  I untied my belt around my long coat and slipped it off, handing it to the doorman as we continued on into the club.

“You look amazing, Kitten,” he says as he looks me over.  I in my purple corset, garter and black stockings, black heels, my auburn hair up in a braid and long gloves, along with my collar.  “Just as I requested.”

“Yes, Sir.  Did I forget anything?” I asked

“No, love, you look perfect,” said Daddy, dressed in his sexy leather trousers, white t-shirt, leather vest and leather shoes to match.

We continued until he see some friends of ours and we sit with them for a bit as we watch some of the scenes being done in the large area.  One of the couples, Sir R and his little m sit together talking comically with Mistress P, whose submissive was not with her tonight.  Sir R is an average height with dark brown hair, stocky build and very versed in floggers and whips.  His little, m, is blonde, petite and lovely.  Mistress P has black long hair she has up in a pony tail, quite slim and tall with her leather and heels on.

I sit there listening to them talk as I am fascinated by some of the play scenes happening in front of me.  One in particular where the sub, a male, was on the St. Andrew’s Cross being caned and flogged, with a cage around his cock, as his Domme lashed out her hits on his bum and upper thighs, with some of the flogging on his back.

I was entranced by it all for some reason.  It took a moment to hear what Daddy said to me and I turned quickly once I realized what he had said to answer.

“Yes Sir, I am ready.”

“Good.  I am asking that Sir R and Mistress P contribute in our play today.  Is that okay with you, Kitten?”

“Oh yes Sir.  I look forward to it.”

“Well, you might not say that once we are through dear,” says Mistress P.

I give her a nervous smile and as we all rise, I follow Daddy and the others, with m, to a playroom separate from the large playroom.

“We wanted to give you girls a bit more pleasure than we would be able to out there, is the reason we chose this room.” Sir R says.

I looked at m and she at me, and we gave each other a knowing look of understanding of what would be happening.  We both would be played with by all three Dom(me)s and with both pain and pleasure, as is the norm of these three.  They like to provide a combination of them both, not just one or the other.

There are two spanking tables set up and we each were placed over them and bound by wrists and ankles so there would be no moving away.  We could wiggle, but that was it.  We were reminded of our safe words, consent was given and they began.

Daddy asked Mistress P to start me out with spanks by her hand to warm me up.  She happily obliged.  Sir R was starting on m the same way.

Daddy walked back and forth between the both of us watching the pink tint rise up on our bums.  I could feel the excitement rolling off of him.  Once he and Mistress P thought I was a nice rosy color and warm, Daddy started in with a leather paddle.  Mistress P had now gone over to m and was doing the same to her with another leather paddle.  As Daddy hit harder, I started moaning and grunting a bit.  I heard m doing a little squeak now and then.

The wooden paddle was next with hard thuds that stung quite a bit and made me wiggle about.  I was too focused on Daddy now to pay attention to what was happening with m.  The next thing I feel hitting me is the suede flogger.  I melt into the feeling of hard thuds and feeling of being caressed and struck all in one.  I feel myself slipping into subspace as Daddy leans over and whispers, “Look over at m, Kitten.”

I do so and she is in a space all her own as she is getting thrashed with a cane.  I wince for her as she gets popped with the cane each time.  I then realize, hang on, Daddy was at my ear yet the flogger has not stopped and Mistress P is doing the cane, which means Sir R is having a go at me.  I should have known, however, since the flogging is one of his specialties.

I then see Daddy taking up a strap and begin working on m after checking in with her to make sure she is okay.  I watch him as he focuses his concentration on what he is doing and the responses m is giving him.  I know I am already wet with all this lashing I am getting but just watching him at work makes me even more so.  I think Mistress P realizes by watching me that I am horny and wet, and as Sir R stops to let Mistress P take over on me, she reaches down and runs her fingers between my lips, feeling how drenched I am.

“Someone is extremely wet over here Sir G.  I believe she is getting even more turned on by watching you at work.”  I see a big grin spread on Daddy’s face with that revelation and Mistress P begins to throttle me with a leather strap. I groan and moan with each hit she makes.  It is a heavy hard thud each time and the tears are flowing as she continues.  I finally cry out from the pain and I am shaking.

She stops and touches me again.  “That’s such a good girl to take that strap like you did,” she says as she is caressing my cunt and circles my clit.  “Sir G, may I now play with your kitten and make her cum?” she asked Daddy.

“By all means, please, Mistress P., I know she enjoys your touch.” I hear him walking over to my side to watch, as Sir R has taken over with m.

As she circles my clit with one hand from in front, she reaches down and plays with my cunt with the other, fucking my pussy with her fingers.  I moan with pleasure as she quickly brings me to the edge and I am begging to cum.  “Please Mistress, may I cum?  Please Daddy, may I cum for Mistress P.??”

Daddy says, “If Mistress P feels it is what she wants, I say yes, but only if she agrees.”

“Pleeassse Mistress P., can I cum???”

“Oh yes, darling girl, cum for us now!”

And with that I cum so hard I see stars and feel completely spent.  Yet, she doesn’t stop and as I come down from that high, she says, “I think you can give us another, sweet girl.  What do you think Sir G?”

“Oh yes, I think she definitely can.  Kitten can always do multiples for us.”

I moan knowing I will be played with some more and I give in to the sensations I am feeling all over my body and what her touch does to me.  I look at Daddy as he looks down on me with love and he leans down and whispers in my ear, “Daddy loves you so much Kitten. You are being such a good girl. I am so proud of you. Now cum for us again.”

“Yes Daddy.” I say as I feel the build up hitting me again and not long, after I hear m. cry out her orgasm, I am begging to cum again.

After our play, we are all sitting together, both us girls on our Daddy’s laps and Mistress P right in the middle of all of us.  We are drinking water, eating a snack and talking about all we did and experienced.  It was a glorious play time.

As we are leaving the club and I am being helped into my coat.  Daddy looks up and says, “Oh look, Kitten, we are under the mistletoe.  You know what that means. ‘Tis the season.”

I look up and then at Daddy and we share an emotional tender kiss before we walk out the door and to the taxi waiting outside.


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