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On March 24th of this year I started my journey on this blog to find the true writer in me as well as finding a place I can share my thoughts and views “openly” (where I am able to share, but privately where my name is concerned, for personal reasons 😉 ).

I am so blessed to know so many great writers/bloggers here and am learning so much!  I realize I struggle with my anxiety and feeling of worth at times to make me question if this was the right thing to do.  I have to remind myself constantly that I am not the others here and am my own person and have to find my own place in this amazing world.  (It took until I am at my mid-life to get to this point so why not have the patience from this point still, I mean, obviously I am a VERY late bloomer in soooo many areas, why not this too?! Ha!)

Anyhoo….On with my input for the week.

Of those wonderful great writers/bloggers I said something about above, congratulations for making The Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2018 List by Molly Moore!!  And also to those that were chosen for the New Voices Awards (top 7 out of 26 new bloggers this year)!!  Congratulations everyone!!

Now, my choices that I really liked for the week and the prompts I joined in on this week.

Masturbation Monday:

Beat Me With My Belt by On Queer Street is so sinfully delicious from the very beginning

I Need More by Kayla Lords …. oh how I can relate because there are those times where you just need more

I Touch Myself by Ria Restrepo is such a fun, and I would call ballsy move, to send a sexy video to her Daddy while he is at work.  Of course she knew the consequences so, duh, yeah she did it!

Wicked Wednesday:

Let’s Play by Longitude and Lustitude is such a fun playful threesome story I got caught up in it all

Panty Passion by FlossDoesLife is a wickedly fun panty play from hesitant to full on play in the end. Love it!

Play With Me and Play With You by Submissy is wonderful to read about play and the D/s dynamic that she shares in her relationship

Friday Flash:

The Hunter by The Pink Seam is a hot risqué story that had me drooling and wanting to know what adventure she would get into next

Amour No More by Love, Violet is so sweet and sad all in one

Third Floor by My Controlled Ascent is a story that is both creepy and hot all in one

Other Prompts to check out:

TMI Tuesday

Sinful Sunday

I really have fun writing for these prompts and pushing myself to do these writings to help myself in my development in writing and finding my style.  As well as reading other writers’ works.

Enjoy and until next week…love you all <3

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