Partner Qualities – Day 24 of 30 Days of Kink

Day 24: What qualities do you look for in a partner?

There are many qualities I look for.  The immediate connection, the shared interests in everyday things and kinky things and that we can enjoy one another’s company.  That we are comfortable with one another and can talk about anything.  That I feel safe and can trust my partner.  That my partner is a strong person and confident in himself and how he lives.  That even in a D/s relationship I can feel free to say how I feel and that I disagree without feeling the backlash of doing so.  To feel protected and guided yet able to do things freely if I feel the need to and not be put down for my views.

The most important of all the things I have listed above, is connection and trust.  If I feel at any point there is no connection or I am losing trust I used to disconnect and go inside myself to protect myself.  Now I am learning to say my peace and stand up for me.  There has to be self love and understanding I believe to have a healthy long standing relationship.  It doesn’t matter whether you are kink or vanilla.

And as Daddy has said over and over again, he does not want me as a weak individual but the strong woman he knows I am.  It means much more for me to give up my control to him, knowing I am strong enough in myself to do so.


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