Boudoir – Friday Flash


He had made sure this room was made specifically in her tastes and the things that turned her on. She would never forget him and how he always made her feel.  She missed him so terribly. Vivid memories washed over her as she walked around and remembered the first time he brought her here.  

She in her corset, garters, stockings and sexy stilettos, with blind fold on that he had placed over her eyes to lead her carefully to her surprise.

“Careful baby girl, trust me to get you there.” As he said this, she feels him guide her to a point, stop and lead her to sit down on something.  He lifts her legs and places them on what feels like a sofa, laying her down from her sitting position.  He runs his hands up her legs, over her knees and up to her thighs, skimming her girly parts and brings a shiver through her body.  Continuing up her body, over her hips, waist and breasts, up her neck, reaching behind her ears, untying her blind fold as it falls from her eyes to reveal a most beautiful sight.

“Ohhh, Daddy! It’s wonderful!” She says breathless as she takes in the rich burgundy and deep purple colors that fill her own personal Boudoir.  “It’s exactly as I pictured it would be!”

He watched the joy cover her beautiful face and fill her gorgeous blue eyes.

“It’s all yours darling girl.  From the vanity, walk in closet, changing screen, bay window with its window seat… and this chase lounge you are on is here for pleasure, and a bit more, for me to use and for you to enjoy.”  He kneeled beside her and took her in his arms and took possession of her pouty lips and succulent mouth.  She melted in his embrace and completely gave herself to him once more.


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