Ethics of Kink – Day 11 of 30 Days of Kink


Day 11: What are your views on the ethics of kink?

I’m really late today! My view on the ethics of BDSM/Kink:

The contract for BDSM, D/s, M/s, or what ever your dynamic in this lifestyle is an important part of starting out protected for all parties involved.  I know some do written and signed while others do verbal.  It lets the parties know the rules, how they want the relationship to grow and work and gives a good guideline to any future changes.

Another protection for all parties is the safe words.  They are there to protect the sub/bottom to make sure the Dom/me knows the limits they can take their sub/bottom to and that they can handle as well as protecting the Dom/me from not knowing the limits they are working with.  I have found over time the Dom/me seems to be able to read their sub/bottom better the longer they are together and the safe words may not be used or needed even though its good they are there just in case they are ever needed.

Not only are these great ethical dynamics to the lifestyle but one other thing is the support and information that those in the community are willing to help out with and share.  It has amazed me and fills my heart with joy to know there are those in the community you can trust and talk to, even over those phonies that are out there.



2 thoughts on “Ethics of Kink – Day 11 of 30 Days of Kink

  1. I love the part about how the Dom and sub can read each other after spending a certain amount of time together! How very true.

    And the support of this community is amazing. Everyone is so lovely.

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