Sexy Saturday’s #SoSS


I am late but had to get this in! Another week that has flown by.  I participated as much as I could this week so had fun with my writing.  There are so many talented writers on here!!

Here are some of the ones I enjoyed the most:

Masturbation Monday:

The Brotherhood by The Library of Nell is a sexy beginning of a story I can’t wait to read more of and find out what is next!!

When Lust Lives On by FlossDoesLife is about the love/sex life of a grandmother and her remembering those days.

Theatre by Asrai Devin is about that naughtiness in a theatre that I am sure several people have enjoyed 😉

Wicked Wednesday:

The Past Smells of Men by May More is a great explanation of what the smell of a man can do 😉

Inhale by Kisungura is a lovely description of how the memory of smell can affect us.

Scent by F Dot Leonora is about the lovely scent of home

Sinful Sunday:

Demons by Little Switch Bitch. I love the explination!

Becoming a Butterfly by Submissy is beautiful

A Mermaid Underneath by Aurora Glory is gorgeous

Some other prompts to check out:

TMI Tuesday

Food For Thought Friday

Check out each prompt and jump in next week if you feel so inclined! If not, enjoy some great reads!  🙂


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