Favorite Toy – Day 7 of 30 Days of Kink


Day 7: What’s your favorite toy?  I actually have a couple of toys that are my favorite! There is one by We-Vibe that hits both the pussy and clit at the same time and ohhhh, its delicious! It is pink and white and has several settings to use.  It can do one, the other and both parts to give you the ultimate sensations.  Bad thing is, we like it so much it died!! I now have to get a new one.

The other one is the Doxy that Daddy gave me for Christmas.  I love it!  I have another wand, but its a little larger and doesn’t hit the clit area as easily as the Doxy does.  I am definitely a clit girl when it comes to toys and they both do it extremely well for me.

Now, just to get a new toy like the one that died!

*Pics used from Pinterest

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