My Masturbation Monday story – NSFW


Growing up believing girls should not touch themselves and that sex was for after marriage, I never really actually knew my body and what made it tick or made it happy where sex is concerned.  I was in my 30s (yes, I said 30s) before I finally took time to get to know my body.

I had a day on my own at home and decided it was time to get to know my body.  I had just gotten a new toy and had thought about using it.  But first, I was going to explore myself by touching.

I got completely undressed and laid down on my bed, my hair fanning out over my pillow.  I started by feeling my breasts… fondling them, kneading them, pinching my nipples and rolling them between my fingers. Then worked down my ribs to my stomach, running over my belly button to my cleanly smooth-shaven mound.  I enjoyed feeling the smoothness and stayed there for a bit taking it in.

As I moved my fingers up and down my pussy lips, I took in the sensations of pleasure I felt, passing over my clit, going in circles and rubbing it as I did so.  From my clit I slid my fingers down the middle of my lips and into my cunt where it was getting nice and wet, sliding up and down from clit to pussy, reaching in deeper with my fingers, touching my g-spot, (which I didn’t realize how it felt until now) being a soft pad right behind my clit.

I continued in this continuous movement up and down my lips from clit to inside my cunt, hitting that g-spot.  The sensations were amazing and I could feel my body reacting, quickening and clinching.  I continued hitting that glorious spot until my release hit me unexpectedly and fast.  I was amazed at my body’s reaction to my touch.

I knew this would not be the last time and I made sure I had many more times in experiencing self pleasing alone times.

Happy Masturbation Monday!

*Pic from Tumblr

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17 thoughts on “My Masturbation Monday story – NSFW

  1. I do like to use a toy now and then but i just love to touch myself. You learn so much – just as you did from the sounds of it from this post 😉 x

  2. It’s interesting! On my email it says 40’s and here it says 30’s. 🙂 I wonder if there’s some edits? 😉 Nevertheless, I find it fascinating that you started later in life as if you’re a late bloomer. In some ways and not in others? I was under the impression that you’ve experienced far more at a younger age. I ignored societal convention and got on the ball with self love in my pre-teen years. Grateful I did, because I had crazy hormones at the time! 😀

    1. I did edit??
      I was a late bloomer where many things were concerned and have learned so much in a short time!
      Self love early is wonderful! I’m so happy for you!?

  3. As May said, you learn so so much from touching yourself and it can be such a pleasure. I love to use my fingers, and although I have toys when I want them my own hands are honestly my go to for masturbation. I absolutely hate this idea that women don’t masturbate, I think it’s used to oppress.

    There used to be (and probably still is) a similar idea that women don’t have sexual fantasies at all. Of course, if you don’t that’s fine, but sex is a normal, healthy human activity that we should certainly not condemn or feel we have to hide.

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