TMI Tuesday

What has TMI Tuesday done for you?

1. What’s the future of dating?  I believe it is definitely moving toward online more and more.  I just hope for those wanting a relationship to last, they will find one another online but continue the relationship from there in person.  You can never really know someone until you are with them face to face, seeing how they respond and interact with you and others.

2. Do you usually wake up with an erection?  One of these days I will eventually once a man is in my life full time, I’m sure! Ha!

3. What is your most bizarre talent?  Most bizarre talent…hmmm…. not sure I have what might be called a bizarre talent.  I know I can curl my tongue and I can whistle.  That’s something many people and women can do…. A lot of times I know how a person is feeling just by them being near me (surprise myself with that one at times).

4. Do you prefer the people in your life to be simple or complex?  I don’t believe there are those that are either simple or complex.  I think we are all complex in our own ways.  We have our simple parts and our complex parts and they work together

5. Are you simple or complex?  I am definitely a complex person as most are 😉

Bonus: Tell us a riddle.

How do you fix a jack-o-lantern? (Had to stay true to the season)

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