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Ugh! This is soooo me!!  Kayla has some great insight on blogging and getting things, like your writing done, instead of focusing on things you might be missing out on. Like she uses as an example… I am so worried about how others do their writing and/or the topics showing up that I want to touch on, so question whether to do them or not since that person did it.

I don’t see my writing as exquisite or catching as others. But then thinking about responses I get, shows me that I am touching people with my writing anyway! (Pay attention Kat! *rolling eyes here*)  So this is a great reminder and kick in the pants to get on with it and do your thing! 😉

So enjoy this bit of wisdom and happy writing!

Thank you for this Kayla/The Smutlancer!!


2 thoughts on “Shared…4 Ways FOMO Kills Your Productivity – The Smutlancer

  1. my dearest katkinx, you know my blog and on some occasions I see things that people have written and it sparks some things in me about the same subject so I write my own take on it. Normally I put a link to their page on it somewhere. Bloggers here don’t mind you touching on the same topic but not to copy it whole. (Not that I think you would ever do that.) I think it is a good way to spread the word if it is important to you. I think your blog is great btw and your writing is also well thought out and sweet. kit <3

    1. Gosh, kit, thank you so much! I try to never copy anyone, never plagiarize at least. But, yes, “copying” someone on a subject is what I second guess on sometimes. I agree about it sparking something you want to talk about! I definitely do that too!
      I think your blog is amazing, great subjects and personal, which makes people feel like they know you even more. Kat ?

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