Not Good Enough


Do you ever feel you are not good enough?

I have several times.  When my mind over-thinks and over-analyzes things that I have or haven’t done.  Where I think I failed in what I was trying to do. Me trying to make someone happy or make something happen that I feel will make others (along with myself) happy.  Feeling then overwhelmed with the feeling of failure or not being good enough.

It’s that mind taking over again.  I have worked on this so much recently and tried to make myself busy when I feel myself starting up this rehearsed thought process in my head.  I have been doing so much better.  Yet just these last few weeks it still crept through my thoughts and hit me once again.

I had to go to Daddy and tell him, as he coaxed it out of me, what I was feeling and why.  He then reassured me and pointed out why I had no reason to feel this way and how great I have been doing where this is concerned.  He told me I have grown by leaps and bounds since we first met and how I have gone from a scared little girl to a more confident woman.  That I may not see it because of the small increments I have gone by, but that he sees it all the time and is proud of me for it.

His saying this made me feel so much better!

I do see my improvements but I guess I feel frustrated because I don’t want to fall into this mind trap anymore.  Yet I continue to do so.  And I understand that we all go through it to some extent or another.  Just some of us more so.  We learn to deal with it in the best way that we know how to.  I am learning every day of new ways of dealing with these mind issues.

I know i am good enough.  I know it is taking me some time to learn what to do and put into practice those things that help me through.  I hope by doing so, and sharing with you here, that I might can help others going through the same issues to understand they are good enough too.

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7 thoughts on “Not Good Enough

  1. I think you know I experience this too, and whilst I’m not at all glad you do, it does help to not feel alone in it.

    I think recognising where this is rooted and why it rooted helps some, to at least understand it, but doesn’t necessarily stop the feels. Having the opposite pointed out helps too, I know I don’t trust my own judgement of myself at all times and it can distorted and negative.

    I’m glad you’ve got some tools to help negate it. I think tools and self compassion help, as does support and frequent reinforcement xxx

    1. Oh Kis, you are so right! You and I both know having someone else show they go through similar things as we do, it helps. ❤️
      Going through counseling to go through and talk through things (along with learning coping skills), reading books to learn and understand, and talking to others are great tools.
      I have always been sensitive and empathetic to others. It’s learning to do the same for myself that is taking time and learning patience to do so.
      Thank you so much‼️xx

  2. It’s frustrating to go up and down again and again. Each time it can feel like you’ll be locked in this way forever – until you realise, in a few days, in a month, that it will pass.

    I’m this way as well. I’ll dwell on conversations until I frustrate myself and no amount of help from anyone will help settle my mind – it’s just something I gotta do on my own.

    What helped me is realising I have beaten it before and come back – I can do it again. And if I can, anyone can. You can too! Hang in there. 🙂

    I’m always around if you need to just vent.

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