Vent time…

I have something that is foremost on my mind. Something that has bothered me for the past few years on and off and has come to my attention yet again. Soooo, I just need to vent for s moment….

Why are people so judgmental and stick their noses into other people’s business?? Either they think they are helping or they assume they see and know something that is only partial on the surface, not knowing the whole story. Then they stick their unwelcome noses into someone’s business!

I am seriously tired of people butting into my business and not knowing the whole story‼️ I just want to say, “What? You’re so bored and unhappy with yours, but you have to make someone else’s life miserable??”

“Go ahead and walk in my shoes for a while, then you will get the picture. Otherwise…My life is MY LIFE…Get a life and butt out of mine!”

Just had to get that frustration out of my head.?

So sorry…thank you for giving me some venting space?xx

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7 thoughts on “Vent time…

  1. I understand how you feel. If people knew I was a submissive I know they would be nosey and ask lots of personal questions acting like they are interested but it would really just be so that they would have a better story to tell when they talk about me. I’m happy…that should be the only interesting thing to anyone. They would just skip over that and focus on the fact that my panties and outfits get picked for me.
    People are so judgmental but I think it is just because they are jealous….

    1. Yes, I agree with you. If people truly knew and understood my life they would most likely be worse. And I also agree with you about the jealousy thing too!
      Thank you❣️xx

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